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Find these hot and new products in your
local grocery store's frozen food and dairy aisles this fall!

NEW! Baozza Gooey Pizza Meets Soft Fluffy Chinese Bao! 

Pizza…with a twist! Baozza combines classic pizza flavor with steamed Asian buns known as “bao.” The result is a magical fusion of cheesy gooey delicious pizza fillings inside a soft fluffy bun that’s steamed, not baked. Easy to heat and easy to eat, Baozza uses only the finest quality cheeses, meats, slow-cooked sauces, and Italian herbs. Available in Margherita, Pepperoni, BBQ Chicken, Cheesy Spinach, and Italian Sausage, each bao comes in a microwave-safe steamer bag. 1 min in the microwave = the perfect treat that’s ready when you are…pizza tastes better in a Baozza! For more information, visit

Bridgford Foods Heat & Serve Cinnamon Monkey Bread

Bridgford Foods is pleased to announce improvements to Heat & Serve Cinnamon Monkey Bread. Now with more cinnamon-sweet topping in every bite, in a new and improved ovenable cake pan! These new pans are considered more environmentally friendly, made with greater than 90% reusable, sustainable materials. These recyclable trays provide the same amount of product, with no change to preparation instructions, creating the same great-tasting product experience consumers know and love. Bridgford products are produced in the USA, and made with quality ingredients, such as pure cane sugar and unbleached flour. For more information, visit

NEW! Celentano® 4 Cheese Lasagna Rolls

Enjoy the true taste of Italy with the latest innovative product from Rosina Food ProductsCelentano 4 Cheese Lasagna Rolls. Celentano’s new Lasagna Rolls make serving lasagna for dinner easier and authentically Italian. Each roll features a creamy cheese filling made with a blend of ricotta, mozzarella, Romano, and parmesan cheese. Using tender lasagna sheets, each roll is wrapped tightly and ready to be featured in your next meal. For more information, visit

CRUSH CUBES Organic Herbs  

CRUSH CUBES is launching our NEW organic herb cubes. Our cubes capture fresh, fragrant, natural flavors and nutrients in convenient, easy to use cubes. USDA Organic & KSA Kosher. Never any preservatives. Less than 7 ingredients. Just pop and cook, sauté, bake or blend. Our cubes are safe to eat right from the package! You can add the cubes to a smoothie or salad dressing knowing that we include a heat treatment step for safety. For more information, visit

Ultimate Brownie Batter Dippin' Dots

Experience the taste of fun with Dippin’ Dots. The original beaded ice cream that has been served at your favorite fun places for more than a quarter of a century is now available at grab-n-go locations through the Dippin’ Dots Distribution Impulse Program. Now, try our newest sensation…Ultimate Brownie Batter. “Ultimate Brownie Batter is a craveable combination of creamy Brownie Batter ice cream and rich Brownie Batter pieces! It's a chocolate lover's dream come true!” Imagine the possibilities! For more information, visit

Introducing Graeter's Limited-Edition Elena's Blueberry Pie Ice Cream

Graeter’s Ice Cream’s philanthropic flavor was inspired from a special fundraising event to raise money and awareness for childhood cancer research. Graeter’s creamy, blueberry-flavored ice cream, loaded with real blueberries and pie crust pieces, is named after Elena, a young girl whose tragic battle with pediatric brain cancer inspired the creation of The Cure Starts Now Foundation (a 501c3 Federal Non-Profit) and their worldwide effort to discover a cure for cancer. For more information, visit

Pumpkin lce Cream from Graeter's Ice Cream

Graeter’s Ice Cream’s limited edition Pumpkin Ice Cream embodies the essence of Fall and the holidays, overall, with a flavor that is both sweet and on trend. A traditional and perfect finishing touch of any autumn dinner, our Pumpkin Ice Cream rivals grandma’s pie! Known for our handcrafted flavors and Old-World French Pot process, we introduce Pumpkin Ice Cream as a seasonal fall flavor that is sure to be a new favorite! Graeter’s Pumpkin Ice Cream is available in Graeter’s scoop shops, major retailer freezer cases and online. For more information, visit

Kidfresh Chicken Strips

Kidfresh Chicken Strips are made with antibiotic-free white meat chicken, hidden cauliflower, and whole-grain breading. Like all Kidfresh products, their Chicken Strips were taste-tested with picky eaters. They contain 35% less sodium than the leading frozen chicken strip. Available in Homestyle and Ranch-Seasoned varieties, in a 12oz bag. For more information, visit

Kidfresh Real Fruit Pops

Kidfresh Real Fruit Pops are made with real fruit and real fruit juice. Fruit is always their first ingredient and each pop contains 5g of sugar or less, with no artificial ingredients or flavors. Available in two varieties: Strawberry and Berry Cherry Punch, 8ct/12.8 fl. oz. For more information, visit

Kidfresh Wagon Wheels Mac & Cheese

Kidfresh’s best seller, Wagon Wheels Mac & Cheese, is now available in a four-pack value size. Made with hidden veggies, Kidfresh Wagon Wheels Mac & Cheese contains 12g of protein per serving, is a good source of calcium, and is ready in only three minutes. Kids love it and parents love it too! For more information, visit

Lenders is Back, Better and Bagelicious!

Lender’s Bagels are back - and in a big way! The original family bagel is relaunching with a better tasting product, a dramatic new look & feel, and robust media support! Lender’s Bagels have an improved recipe - and now with no high fructose corn syrup. True to the brand’s history, bagels are still boiled and baked for authenticity, and are now available in both the frozen food and dairy aisles for the ultimate in fresh-ready convenience. For more information, visit

Levain Bakery Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies 

Levain Bakery has made its name for 25 years as the purveyor of the crispy-outside, ooey-gooey-inside, giant cookies that have long been on every NYC must-eat list. Last fall, the bakery introduced frozen cookies to grocery markets nationwide. Now, the bakery is adding Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip to its national line-up that already includes flavors like Chocolate Chip Walnut, Two Chip Chocolate Chip, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter and Oatmeal Raisin. Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip is one of Levain’s original (and beloved) cookie flavors, combining rich dark cocoa and semi-sweet chocolate chips for the ultimate chocolate-lover’s cookie. Using the same original recipes as in their legendary bakeries, Levain delivers an authentic bakery-fresh sensory experience at home. With a commitment to quality, the cookies have no additives, preservatives, or stabilizers. The snackable two-ounce sized cookies can be heated at home in just 5 to 7 minutes. For more information, visit or follow the brand on social media @levainbakery.

M&M'S Holiday Fun Cups 

Celebrate the season with ice cream! M&M’S Holiday Fun Cups will bring delicious, colorful fun to any holiday gathering. M&M’S Holiday Fun Cups are made with creamy, vanilla ice cream and a rich chocolate swirl. Best of all, these ice cream cups are sprinkled with red and green M&M'S Minis Candy. With 10 single-serve Ice Cream Cups in every bag, it's easy to share a vanilla and chocolate treat with friends and family. For more information. visit

Monsoon Kitchens Introduces: Authentic on-the-go Indian cuisine! 

Now there’s a meal to grab on-the-go that’ll let your taste buds travel too. Their Basmati Rice Bowls are a delicious dish you can make in minutes, but will want to savor oh-so-slowly to enjoy. Their authentic regional recipes capture the best of home-cooked goodness from half a world way. Find them in your freezer section of your local grocery store. For additional information, visit

Monsoon Kitchens Presents Samosas with Tamarind Chutney 

At Monsoon Kitchens, exploring that exotic and enticing heritage is a mission they're proud to share as THE TRUE TASTE OF INDIA. They invite you to gather your friends and family around the table to enjoy these delicately flaky, spicy bites. Monsoon Kitchen's crisp, crunchy Indian pastries are filled with pure deliciousness and make the perfect appetizer, side, or anytime treat. Find them in your freezer section of your local grocery store. For additional information, visit

Oatly Non-Dairy Dessert Bars 

Oatly offers new non-dairy frozen dessert bars, that are a pretty epic leap forward in food science, especially for people who are thinking of the future and going plant-based but aren’t really in the mood to give up their favorite indulgences. These oat-based treats slip effortlessly into the spot in people’s lives formerly reserved for dairy ice cream bars. Vanilla, Chocolate Fudge, Strawberry Swirl, and Salted Caramel—three to a box! For more information, visit  

Perla Puff-Pastries
Italy’s famous Perla Puff-Pastries are now available in compact retail boxes (6 pieces each) for the frozen aisle. Perfect for the appetizer, dessert or breakfast section. Your customers will be amazed with how easy it is to bake a mouthwatering masterpiece in their home. Straight from the freezer to a preheated 375°F oven and bake for 25 minutes. Made using clean energy. Kosher Certified. Non-GMO. No Preservatives, artificial flavors, hydrogenated fat or trans fats. All-natural ingredients, vegetarian, egg free and no yeast. True Italian style, take & bake and well stuffed in all its parts. For more information, visit

Plant-Based Revolution Gelato Desserts

Revolution Gelato makes plant-based gelato and mini pies that taste better than dairy using clean, simple ingredients. The vegan brand has won multiple taste awards for its products including “Best Dairy” and “Best Dessert.” Revolution Gelato is available at select retailers in the Eastern US and online. This year, Revolution Gelato is taking their defiantly dairy-free movement to the next level with the launch of a transformed look and richer taste at a lower price point. Enjoy! Join the plant-based revolution at

Sambazon Frozen Acaí Smoothie Pops

Sambazon Frozen Acai Smoothie Pops are an organic and healthy low-calorie frozen treat with a refreshing blend of exotic Açaí in an easy to enjoy frozen pop filled with antioxidants & electrolytes. Dairy-Free & No Sugar Added. Available in 2 flavors: Blueberry and Strawberry Banana. For more, visit

Sambazon Ready to Eat Acaí Bowls

Sambazon Frozen Organic and vegan Açaí Bowls are ready to enjoy in minutes. Their açaí berry blends are complete with granola topping for the perfect Açaí bowl experience. The bowls are made with recyclable 100% plant-fibers & compostable materials. Available in 3 flavors: Berry Bliss, Amazon Superberry, and Peanut Butter Power. For more information, visit

Introducing Yaya's Garden's Vegan and Vegetarian Entrées

All-natural, non-GMO ingredients and powerful plant-based protein come together and create authentic Greek vegetarian cuisines in a new way with Yaya’s Garden. The brand’s passion to bring handmade, healthy and adventurous meals is demonstrated in each of its ten entrée varieties. Of the vegetarian options launching in Whole Foods, Moussaka is a rich, Greek casserole, while Pastitsio represents a luscious Greek lasagna. The remaining entrées – all vegan – include Melitzana, the brand’s take on a Greek, baked eggplant dish, and Gemista, a Greek take on the stuffed pepper and tomatoes. For more information, visit 

Introducing New Yaya's Garden Vegan Soups and Sides

Yaya’s Garden’s new line continues to position the brand as the premium, quality leader for frozen entrées, soups and sides in the eyes of today’s worldly shopper. Yaya’s Revithia soup is an aromatic chickpea soup enriched with lemon and olive oil that gives the dish a tangy flavor. The Fasolada is a delectable and satisfying soup with bold Greek flavors that accent the flavorful taste of the simmered white beans. And, the Phakes is a simple, yet comforting lentil soup with tomato sauce, olive oil, onion, vinegar and bay leaves that come together for an exquisite taste. Yaya’s Garden's Spanakorizo is a creamy, luscious risotto made with fragrant and rich Greek spinach, rice, onion, dill and olive oil. The Briam is an oven-baked ratatouille of summer vegetables, sweet and flavorful zucchini, eggplant, sliced potatoes and tomatoes. Finally, the ultra-savory Fasolakia consists of tender braised green beans combined with full-flavored and fresh tomatoes and carrots tossed in olive oil. For more information, visit 

Galbani Lactose Free Mozzarella Cheese
Recognizing that more and more consumers have adopted “free-from” diets to better support their health and lifestyle goals, Galbani is introducing Lactose Free Mozzarella Cheese. This new addition to our lineup offers all the same things you love about our Whole Milk Mozzarella cheese, just without the lactose. So now you can enjoy mozzarella cheese again on all of your favorite dishes from pizzas, to pastas, and so much more! From Galbani, Italy’s #1 cheese brand. For more information, visit
New Good Culture Lactose Free Cottage Cheese
Good Culture’s Lactose Free Cottage Cheese maintains the brand’s high-protein, simple-ingredient, thick and creamy promise – without the lactose. Simple ingredients like fresh milk from pasture-raised cows and gut-friendly live and active cultures are brought together to make a thick and creamy cottage cheese that can be enjoyed by all, even those with the most sensitive tummies. Plus, it delivers 14g of protein per serving, and is keto-certified. For more information, visit
New Good Culture Lactose Free Sour Cream
All the good, none of the lactose. Good Culture believes ridiculously good cultured dairy should be enjoyed by everyone. So we set out to create a lactose free version of the products we know and love. Good Culture’s Squeezable Lactose Free Sour Cream Pouch and Lactose Free Sour Cream Tub are lactose-free versions of the brand’s decadent, simple and cultured sour cream. They uphold our promise of simple ingredients by combining pasture-raised milk, cream, live and active cultures, and a lactase enzyme that naturally breaks down lactose, creating a lactose free experience that can be enjoyed by all. For more information, visit
New Good Culture Squeezable Sour Cream Pouch
Baby cheeks. Stress balls. This pouch. All things you can squeeze. Skip the spoon and go right for the good stuff! Now you can enjoy our ridiculously good sour cream without a spoon. Good Culture’s Squeezable Whole Milk Classic Sour Cream Pouch is a mess-free, spoon-free solution that makes sour cream easier and more convenient than ever. Their Squeezable Whole Milk Classic Sour Cream is made with just four simple ingredients: pasture-raised milk sourced from small family farms, cream, enzymes, and gut-friendly live and active cultures. That’s it. Good for you, good for the planet and good for animals. That’s Good Culture. For more information, visit

HomeMaker Premium Orange Juice
HomeMaker has always taken pride in bringing quality with a smooth great flavor to all of our products. Their 89oz HomeMaker Premium OJ is just more of the same. Packed 6-89oz jugs per case, it is guaranteed to satisfy the biggest thirst for flavor, without that annoying bitter aftertaste. They only use Valencia oranges in their juice because they believe you deserve the best. For more information, visit

NEW! International Delight Iced Coffee REESE'S
The magical taste of REESE’S Peanut Butter Cups is now in your iced coffee. International Delight REESE’S Peanut Butter Cup Flavored Iced Coffee is a refreshing and ready-to-drink beverage with a just-right balance of creaminess to coffee. It’s made with real milk, cream, and cane sugar for a delicious taste you won’t forget. For more information, visit

Just Crack an Egg NEW Omelet Rounds
With Just Crack an Egg Omelet Rounds, you’re only a minute away from delicious, fluffy omelets packed with savory meats, real cheese, and chopped veggies! These omelet rounds are not only super convenient and can be easily eaten anywhere, but are also protein-filled (15-20g of protein) to power you through your busy days. Plus, you can feel good about them as they are made with cage-free eggs and have NO artificial flavors, dyes, or preservatives. Flavors include All American, Three Meat, Classic, and Broccoli Cheddar. For more information, visit

La Vaquita Butter
La Vaquita has expanded from cheese and cremas to the butter category with its recent launch of salted and unsalted 8-ounce butter. Made with pure cow’s milk with no added growth hormones and no artificial ingredients, La Vaquita Butter offers a fresh, creamy flavor for a variety of cooking and baking needs. The wraps used on the sticks are labeled with tablespoon measurements for ease of use and are also compostable. La Vaquita Butter is available at select retailers in Texas. For more information, visit

NEW Oikos Blended Nonfat Greek Yogurt. Yogurt so creamy and full of fruit, you might need a fork.
Introducing... new Oikos Blended Nonfat Greek Yogurt. Sublimely thick, epically creamy, and made with real fruit – it may forever change the way you feel about yogurt. Oh, and it’ll almost definitely change how you eat it: with a fork. Oikos Blended Nonfat Yogurt is crafted with fresh milk from family-owned farms (over 95% of the Oikos Blended milk comes from acres included in Danone North America’s Regenerative Agriculture program) and a passionate pledge to shake up the yogurt quo in six crave-worthy flavors: Strawberry, Blueberry, Peach, Cherry, Vanilla Bean, and Anything But Plain. Open wide to discover just how delicious “different” can taste. Oikos. The creamy one with the fruit chunks. For more information, visit
Petit Pot Oatmilk Chocolate
Give in to the incredible creaminess of the plant based Petit Pot Oatmilk Chocolate. This rich chocolate treat is sure to surprise and delight. Petit Pot was founded in 2014 by French Pastry Chef Max to appeal to dessert lovers who are dissatisfied with mass-produced, processed dessert with additives, preservatives, and artificial ingredients. Max created perfectly portioned organic desserts that are deliciously rich & creamy, including a plant-based line. Now, we are bringing the first-to-market oatmilk pudding! For more information, visit
Sambazon Dragon Fruit Juice
The smooth exotic taste of Dragon Fruit (Pitaya) paired with mixed berries, and an enjoyable zest of ginger. A multi-serve organic, dairy-free blend with prebiotics & adaptogens. No sugar added. For more information, visit

Silk® Functional Almond Creamer
Turn your good morning into a truly great morning with Silk Functional Almond Creamer, the dairy-free creamer with delicious flavor and lusciously creamy taste! Our craveable Vanilla Latte creamer has 4g of protein in every 4tbsp serving (8%DV)* and our Salted Caramel creamer has all that AND Vitamin A to help support your immune system. Pour in this plant-based creamer knowing it’s dairy-free, gluten-free, free of artificial flavors or colors from artificial sources, and Non-GMO Project Verified. It’s easier than ever to add some deliciousness into your daily routine. Mornings just got a lot smoother with America’s #1 plant-based creamer brand**. For more information, visit

*See nutrition information for protein and added sugar content.  **Leading brand based on national sales data

Three Bridges Breakfast Sandwiches
Three Bridges Breakfast Sandwiches are the great tasting, high-quality, refrigerated breakfast option you and your family have been craving. These new breakfast sandwiches are high in protein to get your day started right, and they are perfect for people on-the-go. Three Bridges Breakfast Sandwiches combine a fluffy cage-free egg base, creamy rbST-free cheeses, and ABF & uncured meats, all ready to be assembled between wholesome multigrain bread. Try all three flavorful breakfast sandwich options: Country Style Sausage, Southwest Style, and Chicken Sausage made with Egg Whites. Each package contains 2 mini sandwiches that can be conveniently prepared in your microwave oven in just 50 seconds. For more information, visit

Truly Grass Fed Natural Creamy Butter Sticks Salted
Truly Grass Fed Irish Butter is produced from a velvety, rich milk that makes exceptionally tasty, sweet and creamy butter that’s gold in color and truly beyond compare. Made with pasteurized sweet cream and salt, Truly Grass Fed’s salted butter sticks are perfect for spreading on toast, cooking, or baking. Theircows are pasture raised, grazing on lush grass at least 250 days a year on small farms in Ireland and are Certified Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World. Non-GMO Project Verified, growth hormone rBST-free* and antibiotic free. For more information, visit
*No significant difference has been shown between milk from rbST-treated and non rbST-treated cows.
Truly Grass Fed Natural Creamy Butter Sticks Unsalted
Truly Grass Fed Irish Butter is produced from a velvety, rich milk that makes exceptionally tasty, sweet and creamy butter that’s gold in color and truly beyond compare. Made with pasteurized sweet cream, Truly Grass Fed unsalted butter sticks are perfect for spreading on toast, cooking, or baking. Theircows are pasture raised, grazing on lush grass at least 250 days a year on small farms in Ireland and are Certified Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World. Non-GMO Project Verified, growth hormone rBST-free* and antibiotic free. For more information, visit
*No significant difference has been shown between milk from rbST-treated and non rbST-treated cows.
Truly Grass Fed Naturally Creamy Spreadable Butter
Truly Grass Fed Irish Butter is produced from a velvety, rich milk that makes exceptionally tasty, sweet and creamy butter that’s gold in color and truly beyond compare. Made with pasteurized sweet cream and salt, this naturally softer butter offers spreadability straight from the fridge without any oils or additives. Their cows are pasture raised, grazing on lush grass at least 250 days a year on small farms in Ireland and are Certified Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World. Non-GMO Project Verified, growth hormone rBST-free* and antibiotic free. For more information, visit
*No significant difference has been shown between milk from rbST-treated and non rbST-treated cows.
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