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Tuesday, January 9, 2018 Volume 7   |   Issue 6
Tom Taylor Now
iHeart taps the ATM again
Skyview Networks
iHeart ATMFor cash, iHeart hits up Clear Channel Outdoor.

This time iHeart’s going for $30 million, compared to the $25 million it withdrew from its subsidiary last Fall. Though it’s not exactly a simple ATM withdrawal, and it’s probably going to incite more unrest among the creditors. Here’s the maneuver – last Friday, Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings told its parent iHeart Communications that it intends to “make a demand for repayment on January 24 of $30 million outstanding” under a 2005 note. When CC Outdoor gets the $30 million, it will pay out a special cash dividend on January 24 to shareholders of Outdoor’s Class A and B stock. And since iHeart owns 89.5% of CC Outdoor, it will receive $26.85 million. The last time iHeart called this play, a Wall Streeter told this NOW Newsletter it was like “a struggling adult demanding that their kid take a hammer to their piggy bank.” At that time, the result was “$25 million less debt for the parent.” This time it’s $30 million less debt, and nearly $27 million in cash from the ATM window. Where does the other $3.15 million go? To the public shareholders of CC Outdoor, as the company explains in Monday’s SEC filing here. iHeart’s being crushed by more than $20 billion in debt, and pulling levers like this for relatively small amounts of money adds to the impression that things are tight – very tight.

In the Cumulus Chapter 11 case, the U.S. trustee raises five objections.

Mainly, he says there’s not enough information in the Disclosure Statement for the Joint Reorganization Plan for some creditors “to make an informed choice” about whether to approve it. Yesterday’s NOW lead story about the upcoming February 1 court date talked about “the adequacy of the disclosure statement.” And that’s what U.S. Trustee William K. Harrington takes aim at. He outlines five problems, starting with why the plan “treats two different classes [of creditors] as unimpaired” – when in fact their legal rights would be “impaired” when it comes to approving the plan. (They’d be treated as going along with its terms, offering a “release.”) It’s complicated stuff. Though Harrington’s fifth objection is pretty plain-spoken – why doesn’t the plan state that the lawyers aren’t limiting their own liability? That’s per the New York Rules of Professional Conduct. The U.S. Trustee asks the court to “deny the approval of the Disclosure Statement” – presumably as leverage to get it re-written. The overall shape of the Cumulus Chapter 11 bankruptcy re-organization still looks like the lenders (plus management), versus objections from the holders of the $610 million in face value of notes. The noteholders would own 16.5% of the post-Chapter 11 Cumulus.

Cumulus CEO Mary Berner steps into the industry spotlight at the Country Radio Seminar.

Now about 27 months into the job, Berner’s kept a relatively low profile – and certainly has plenty to do, helping to manage the company’s Chapter 11 process. But Cumulus owns dozens of country stations, and through Westwood One is a syndicator of long- and short-form country programming. It also sponsors the annual “Nash Next” talent hunt, and has the “Nash” and “Nash Next” brands plus the “Nash Country Daily” site. And Cumulus partners with Big Machine Label Group – so it has multiple connections to country. Berner will be interviewed by Emmis manager Charlie Morgan, at a Tuesday, February 6 session sponsored by “Parenting Today’s Teens.” Cumulus was Berner’s introduction to leading a radio station group, since she came out of the world of magazine publishing to succeed Cumulus co-founder Lew Dickey. The next Country Radio Seminar runs Monday, February 5 through Wednesday, February 7, at Nashville’s downtown Omni Hotel. (Same hotel that hosted the 2016 NAB/RAB Radio Show.) More about CRS 2018 here.

Garrison KeillorThe case of Garrison Keillor still isn’t settled – he’s in mediation with Minnesota Public Radio.

Keillor himself posted that news on his Facebook page, that there have been two days of mediation talks at a Minneapolis law firm. And he told the Associated Press there’s a third session on Thursday – though he wouldn’t be commenting until the process is over. Minnesota Public Radio confirmed that the two parties “are talking about issues related to the transition of their business relationship.” And when MPR dumped Keillor just after Thanksgiving, it was much more than a content provider cutting a talent. Keillor was not only a signature talent and content-pumper, he and MPR have quite a tangle of “business relationships.” Some folks suspected that the allegation of sexual misconduct involving Keillor innocently placing (he said) a hand on a woman’s bare back provided MPR with a chance to sever all ties. At first Keillor seemed philosophical. Then he started questioning why he’d been fired without a full investigation. MPR’s position is that the allegations “were fully investigated.” There was another disturbance in the Prairie Home galaxy yesterday – Keillor won’t be appearing at the Kennedy Center’s Concert Hall on May 11, says the Washington Post. He was booked for “an evening of storytelling.” Don’t be surprised if there’s an alternate D.C. venue announced for Keillor – who’s not ready to stay home, not just yet.

Effective date for ending two FCC cross-ownership rules – February 7.

Those are the 42-year-old NBCO (“Newspaper-broadcast cross-ownership rule”) and the “radio-television cross-ownership rule.” Some folks – even some dealmakers – doubt there will be much interest in new local-market combinations of radio and local daily newspapers. But a couple of NOW Readers insist that there’s pent-up demand. That probably won’t be at the large-market level, but in smaller markets. The FCC recognizes the parlous condition of many daily papers and believes that the ability to combine newsrooms and back-offices might help both mediums. Now with the publication of the FCC decision in the Federal Register, we have an effective date for erasing the two rules – Wednesday, February 7. As attorney/blogger David Oxenford points out, February 7 is also the effective date easing up some TV-ownership rules. And the Commission is opening up for comments on the long-discussed “ownership incubator.” A onetime minority tax certificate program was scrapped in the 1990s, partly because of suspected abuses by established owners, and this time the FCC wants to eliminate potential loopholes.

Radio Broadcasters of ChicagolandToday at 4:29 Chicago time, another market-wide roadblock by the Radio Broadcasters of Chicagoland.

This time it’s a one-minute interview with a very happy radio user of more than 30 years. Roy Spencer’s the owner of Perma-Seal Basement Systems (think severe Chicago Winters and then the Spring thaw). He’ll be heard across more than 40 Chicago-area stations in a coordinated pro-radio campaign. Matt Scarano chairs the RBC Committee of the Illinois Broadcasters Association, and he says “Perma-Seal is a terrific partner of the Chicago radio industry.” Last year the Chicagoland group did something similar with leaders of local auto dealer groups and also the CEO of Wintrust Financial. RBC also did roadblock fundraisers for the American Red Cross – and a 30-minute live “Radio Town Hall” with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. For those in other markets – these events cost very little money to produce and always seem to generate attention. Dennis Lyle is president/CEO of the IBA.

Doing Business

K-Love parent EMF says it’s “reluctant to challenge the activities of another broadcaster” - but in the case of a silent Oregon FM, it says “there appear to be no activities to challenge.” (That’s legal humor.) You can’t renew a license that had automatically expired for failure to broadcast over the preceding 12 months – and you can’t transfer the license, either. Educational Media Foundation asserts that Cascade Community Radio hadn’t operated KTFH Lees Camp, Oregon/88.7 since September 27, 2016 – even though Cascade filed a Resumption of Operations notice a year later. EMF says it visited the site and “found no evidence of any operating facilities.” So it tells the Commission that #1, the license for KTFH should be declared as expired, and #2, Cascade shouldn’t be able to transfer it to Rogue Radio, as it tried to do in late December. Cascade told the FCC it needed to hand off the license to comply with the ownership rules. In a followup, it said KTFH had signed off “and is voluntarily surrendering its license.” One other angle here – EMF admits that KTFH was blocking its ability to upgrade its own KZRI, also at 88.7 and licensed to Sandy, Oregon.

Salem expands and re-names its events and promotions division, under Dan Nelson, the new “Director of Salem Events and Marketing.” And that’s the new brand of the former National Promotions Department – “Salem Events & Marketing.” Salem President of Broadcast Media Dave Santrella says “Events have become a major area for revenue growth” – and further, that Christian and conservative-talk specialist Salem creates events that are “unique to the audiences we serve.” Salem created the National Promotions Dept. in 2013.

SalemFor Salem, new GMs in Philly and Nashville, and a new corporate position of “VP/Local Digital.” That’s filled by Jamie Cohen, who’s built digital sales efforts for Gannett’s USA Today Network, the Chicago Sun-Times (Wrapports, Aggrego Service), ReachLocal and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. He now brings his laptop to Salem Media Group. Cohen’s a product of Rollins College, just outside Orlando, and has recently called St. Louis his home. At Salem’s Philadelphia operation, previous GM Gregg Stiansen is succeeded by Lorenzo Caldara. Stiansen was only the second GM Salem had ever had in Philadelphia (December 15, 2016 NOW). He left last Fall to join Adams Outdoor Advertising, and his replacement is Caldara. Lorenzo put in 25 years at talk/classic hits “NJ 101.5” WKXW Trenton. His new responsibilities at Salem are conservative talk WNTP/990 and Christian teaching WFIL/560. In Nashville, Kevin Anderson is promoted from GSM to GM at a truly multimedia shop. There’s the contemporary Christian “Fish” trimulcast of WFFI/93.7, WFFH/94.1 and southeast-of-Nashville WBOZ Woodbury/104.9. Also Singing News Magazine and the contemporary Christian-targeted And Salem Music Networks (“Today’s Christian Music,” “The Word in Praise” and “Solid Gospel”). Kevin’s been with Salem since 1995.

No doubt the calendar has turned to 2018, given the ranking of last week’s national radio advertisers from Media Monitors. All the traditional New Year’s markers are there, like tax prep and tax-relief clients. Up from #30 to #10 is Optima Tax Relief. #63 is Community Tax and #68 is U.S. Tax Shield. Though some big names like Turbo Tax, H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt are missing. Another important post-holiday ad category is about getting back in shape, and there’s #22 Planet Fitness and #24 Weight Watchers. The auto business has pulled back, with the Tier 2 Nissan Dealer Association (#10 to #54) the only new-car advertiser in the top 100. Repeating at #1 is GEICO insurance (58,238 spots). Up from #15 to #2 is Home Depot (52,125), while national retail chain JCPenney holds (#5 to #4). And Vistaprint – business cards for a new business? – jumps #35 to #8.

Nielsen PPMs

Latest Nielsen diary-market books for Fall 2017 –

Commentary on the Day 2 markets, and here’s the fine print, up-front – we’re comparing age 12+ total-week AQH shares from the Spring, Summer and now Fall books. Nielsen’s “Fall” ran September 14 to December 6, and uses 7-day diaries. Just like the PPM data we get to see, Nielsen releases to the public only the shares of stations that subscribe. Let’s start in market #53 –

Richmond – This is 11 consecutive #1 books for Radio One’s urban AC “Kiss” WKJS/WKJM – and it’s a walkover (9.9-8.6-11.0). Here’s ratings-tracker Chris Huff - “The 11.0 topline share is the largest for Kiss in seven years, since Fall 2010.” Three months ago we said things were getting tight between Kiss and Richmond’s #2 station, but that’s no longer true. New #2 is SummitMedia’s country “K95” WKHK (5.6-7.0-6.7). Third now is Entercom’s hip-hop “Beat” WBTJ (6.4-8.1-6.4). Remember that Richmond is one of the “swap markets” between iHeart and Entercom, which is how Entercom entered Richmond. It also has fourth-place AC “Mix” WTVR (4.5-4.2-6.2). Fifth is Radio One’s urban WCDX (5.5-5.3 and another 5.3). The “second five” – Radio One’s gospel “Praise” WPZZ (5.4-5.8-4.9). Entercom’s top 40 “Q94” WRVQ (4.2-3.9-4.4). News/talk WRVA (Entercom, 4.5-4.4-3.8). Hot AC “Play” WURV (Summit, 3.0-3.9-3.7). And Summit’s classic rock WKLR (4.0-3.5-3.1). At year-end, Alpha announced the sale of its last two Richmond FMs to Commonwealth Public Broadcasting – this is the farewell book for classic country “Hank” WWLB (2.1-2.7-2.1) and classic hits WBBT (1.5-1.6-1.2). Educational Media Foundation bought Alpha’s former country simulcast of WLFV/WARV-FM, and its not-for-profit CCM “K-Love” posts a 1.1 share on those signals.

WJMZGreenville-Spartanburg has kept the same top three for the last three books. Those are Summit’s urban “Jamz” WJMZ (9.0-9.0-8.9), and then iHeart’s two country stations, WSSL (6.3-7.6-6.2) and WESC (5.8-6.8-6.1). New in fourth place is Entercom’s AC WSPA (3.3-4.5-5.9, the largest share since Fall 2010). Fifth is Entercom’s WYRD-based talk simulcast (5.5-4.6-5.0). Entercom also has #6 WFBC (CHR, 5.4-4.5-4.6). Summit has urban “Hot” WHZT (3.8-4.2 and another 4.2). The rest of the second five is Entercom’s rock WTPT (2.9-3.9-3.5), iHeart’s hot AC WMYI (3.6-4.1-3.4), and Salem-owned/Earth Broadcasting-LMA’d classic hits “Earth Radio” WRTH/WLTE (3.7-3.1-3.3). Salem also has conservative talk “94.5 the Answer” WGTK (1.6-1.6-3.1).

Buffalo runs the counter up to 32 straight quarterly wins – 8 years – for Townsquare’s country WYRK (11.2-9.7-10.7). New in second place is Townsquare’s urban WBLK (7.9-9.2-7.9), just beating out Entercom’s news/talk WBEN (8.0-9.3-7.6). Fourth is Cumulus classic rock WGRF (7.1-7.0 and another 7.0), and then there’s Entercom’s hot AC “Star” WTSS rising high (4.3-4.9-6.5). That 6.5 is Star’s best since way back in Fall 2003, says Chris Huff - 14 years. The second five – sports/NFL Bills flagship WGR (Entercom, 4.0-3.6-5.8). Top 40 sister WKSE (6.5-7.3-5.4). Classic hits WHTT (Cumulus, 6.3-5.8-5.2). Alternative sister WEDG (2.8-3.8-4.2). And Townsquare’s AC “Mix 96” WMSX (3.4-3.1-2.7).


Monmouth-Ocean looks strange without Townsquare’s hybrid talk/classic hits “NJ 101.5” WKXW Trenton, but it’s not a subscriber in this market. Instead, Press’ the “Thunder Country” simulcast of WKMK/WTHJ appears first (4.7-3.5-4.2). Sister classic hits/classic rock “Boss” WWZY is next (1.3-3.5-3.9). Townsquare has AC WOBM-FM (3.8-3.0-2.9) and hot AC “Point” WJLK (4.2-3.6-2.8). Its classic rock “Hawk” WCHR-FM (1.9-1.9-2.6) is tied with Beasley’s rocker WRAT (2.6-3.1-2.6). Press has CHR WBBO (1.8-1.6-2.2). And it’s a bad Fall book for Beasley’s classic hits WJRZ (2.1-3.4-1.3). Press, Townsquare and Beasley are the only three subscribers – and note that we miss seeing all the New York-market stations that spill into Monmouth-Ocean.

Rochester can’t quite bring itself to hand Entercom’s country WBEE a third straight #1 (10.3-10.3-9.4). New in second place is iHeart’s news/talk WHAM (7.3-7.6-8.2). Third is Monroe County Broadcasting’s urban WDKX (8.5-9.2-7.5), followed by Entercom’s classic rock WCMF (6.3-6.5-6.2) and iHeart’s classic rock/talk “Radio 95.1” WAIO (5.0-4.4-5.1). From there, the field is Entercom’s top 40 WPXY (4.4-3.7-4.2), iHeart’s top 40 “Kiss” WKGS (2.6-3.0-3.1), Entercom’s variety hits “Buzz” WBZA (3.8-2.5-2.9) and iHeart’s hot AC “Drive” WDVI (3.2-3.8-2.3).

Birmingham easily makes the streak 65 straight #1’s for Summit’s urban AC “Kiss” WBHK (10.2-10.3-10.4) – a very consistent topline. Next is urban sister WBHJ (8.3-7.4-8.4). There’s a third-place tie between Summit country WZZK (6.6-7.4-5.6) and iHeart’s AC “Magic 96.5” WMJJ (4.2-4.-5.6, a seven-year best). Fifth is Summit classic rock “Eagle” WBPT (5.1-7.0-5.4). The next five – Sports WJOX-FM (Cumulus, 4.1-4.0-4.9, for SEC football-time). Urban AC sister “Hot 107.7” WUHT (4.0-4.1-4.8). And three iHeart stations – top 40 WQEN (5.0-5.6-4.4), country “Bull” WDXB (5.1-4.4-3.8). And talk WERC (3.3-3.0-3.3). The three Nielsen subscribers are Summit, iHeart and Cumulus.

WZKXBiloxi-Gulfport votes country “Kicker 108” WZKX into first place (8.5-6.0-6.7). But note that Biloxi and Lafayette, Louisiana (below) are both two-book-a-year markets. So the 8.5-share is from Fall 2016, the 6.0 is from this Spring, and the 6.7 is from the latest Fall book. Dowdy-owned sister WGCM-FM, doing classic hits (7.2-6.5-6.1) is tied for second with urban WJZD (7.2-5.0-6.1, owned by WJZD Inc.). Fourth is Dowdy’s CHR “95.3 the Gorilla” WZNF (3.9-4.5-5.9) and fifth is iHeart’s AC WMJY (4.9-4.5-5.3). Three stations share the #6 rank - iHeart’s talk WBUV (3.6-5.0-4.7), and Alpha’s rock WCPR (6.9-3.9-4.7) and rhythmic AC sister WGBL (4.7-3.9-4.7). Close behind is Alpha’s variety hits “Bob” WQBB (4.4-5.5-4.5). Tenth is yet another Alpha station, top 40 “107.1 the Monkey” WXYK (4.4-3.7-4.2) – so yes, Biloxi has both a Gorilla and a Monkey.

Lafayette, Louisiana has five subscribers in this two-book-a-year market, with the largest cluster shares held by Townsquare and Cumulus. As it happens, they own the stations tied for the 12+ lead -Townsquare country “Dawg” KMDL (7.6-9.0-7.5) and Cumulus urban “Q95.5” KRRQ (6.7-6.7-7.5). Very close to them is Cumulus urban AC KNEK (5.6-5.3-7.3). Then you’ve got Townsquare’s urban “Hot” KHXT (6.5-5.6-6.5) and a fifth-place tie involving Cumulus top 40 KSMB (5.9-76.3-5.7) and Townsquare AC KTDY (4.8-5.5-5.7). Seventh is Townsquare’s talk KPEL (4.9-3.5-4.6), followed by Delta’s urban AC “Z105.9” KFXZ (3.8-3.7-3.9), Cumulus country KXKC (3.2-18-3.6) and Third Partner’s classic hits “Big 102.1” KYBG (6.2-4.3-3.4).

Point To Point
Formats & Branding

Adios, “Jose” – Out of nowhere, Entravision zaps the Spanish variety hits package named “Jose” in 12 markets, says Radio Insight. That includes the southern California trimulcast of KLYY Riverside (97.5) and the 103.1 twins of KDLD Santa Monica and KDLE Newport Beach. They’ve been switched to another Entravision brand, its regional Mexican “Radio Tricolor” programming. (As if there wasn’t plenty of regional Mexican radio to be found in L.A. and Riverside-San Bernardino.) The new morning show on that trio will be Los Metiches, formerly the afternoon drive “LMShow” that cleared on many of the “Jose” stations. Also dropping Jose for Radio Tricolor is Albuquerque-market KRZY Santa Fe/105.9. How about the other ten Jose’s? They’re now re-channeled to Entravision’s year-old Spanish soft oldies “Suavecita,” Entravision installed that on a different Southern California trimulcast (the one at 107.1, encompassing KSSE Arcadia, KSSD Fallbrook and KSSC Ventura) just over a year ago (December 5, 2016 NOW). Entravision must be comfortable with it. Suavecita has replaced “Jose” in Denver (KMXA/1090 and KJMN/92.1). Phoenix (KDVA/106.9 and KVVA/107.1). Las Vegas (KRRN/92.7). Sacramento (KXSE/104.3). Stockton-Modesto (KCVR/98.9 and KTSE/97.1). El Paso (KINT/93.9). Monterey-Salinas (KSES/107.1). Palm Springs (KLOB/94.7). El Centro, CA (KSEH/94.5). And the Rio Grande Valley (KNVO/101.1).

Lineup changes at San Francisco talker KSFO/560 by Cumulus – looks like Premiere’s Sean Hannity moves from 6pm-9pm back to 9pm to midnight. That bumps Premiere’s Glenn Beck from late evenings. Replacing Hannity in the 6pm-9pm slot is Dave Ramsey, newly added to the station (as Ramsey’s 600th affiliate).

Salem drops conservative talk on Boston’s “1260 the Buzz” WBIX to lease the station out to Portuguese-language “Nossa Radio USA,” says Radio Insight. That leaves Salem looking for another place to clear its Salem Radio Network lineup of talent like Hugh Hewitt, Mike Gallagher, Dennis Prager, Jay Sekulow, Michael Medved, Joe Walsh and Larry Elder. Salem bought then-WMKI/1260 from Disney in 2015 and converted it to talk. Until a year ago, Nossa Radio USA cleared its Portuguese lineup on WMVX Methuen/1570 (now Spanish-language WCCM).

Talk Shows
On The Block

KFMCSome real Midwestern radio pros are involved in the $800,000 sale of an AM/FM in Fairmont, Minnesota, about an hour southwest of Mankato. Seller Woodward Broadcasting has owned the stations for about 40 years, while buyer “City of Lakes Media” includes veterans like Matt Ketelsen, who’s both managed for Linder and held pieces of radio companies like Blooming Prairie Farm Radio and Main Street Broadcasting. Lynn Ketelsen also has pieces of Blooming Prairie, Main Street and Bold Radio Inc. While David Linder’s involved with “City of Lakes Media.” A voting trust led by Randy Zellmer is an equity owner of Blooming Prairie, Main Street, Bold, Ketelsen Radio and Minnesota Valley Broadcasting, which has a large cluster in Mankato-New Ulm (and now this new entity, City of Lakes Media). City of Lakes Media is acquiring “Ag Country” KSUM, a thousand-watt full-timer at 1370 that Woodward’s owned since the late 1970s. And “Real Classic Rock” KFMC, a class C1 at 106.5 that Woodward’s owned almost that long.

EMF keeps loading up on signals around Austin for its contemporary Christian “K-Love” format, now paying $325,000 for a translator at 92.9. Educational Media Foundation’s current Austin-area arsenal includes full-power KLLR Dripping Springs (91.9), KYLR Hutto (92.1), the construction permit for an Austin translator at 92.3 (K221GC), and KVLR Sunset Valley (92.5). Notice that the translator it’s buying from Colorado-based owner/engineer Kevin Youngers is also in the “92” range on the FM dial – at 92.9. It’s K225CA, a 250-watter licensed to Del Valle, Texas that Youngers put on-air several years ago. The buyer indicates that it will rebroadcast KVLR. EMF bought KVLR back in 2012 for $750,000. South of Austin, EMF also offers K-Love on KMLR Gonzales at 106.3.

Two translators in very different parts of Texas sell for a combined $100,000. The signal of the 96.5 licensed to Roma (K243BO) is literally looking at the Rio Grande River, across from Ciudad Miguel Aleman. It will rebroadcast Paulino Bernal’s Spanish Christian KUBR San Juan, Texas (1210). While the translator at 92.9 licensed to Hillsboro is about an hour south of Dallas along I-35. K225CE will rebroadcast Siga Broadcasting’s Spanish Christian KHFX Cleburne (1140). Seller of both translators is Wendolynn Tellez, and the buyer is the not-for-profit Centro Cristiano de Vida Eterna. It’s led by Hector Guevara and promises to pay Tellez $5,000 a month for eleven months, and then a balloon payment of $45,000 to finish the payoff.


Dave Hintz circles back to radio, this time as the marketing director for Cleveland-based syndicator/content provider Envision Networks. Cleveland is also where Dave was head of promotions for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. Before that he worked at two Ohio stations, and led promotions for and the Sandusky State Theatre. His connection to Envision was through the Conclave Board of Directors, which has long counted Envision principal/CEO Danno Wolkoff as a member. New contact info for Dave – 216-831-3761 and

RTK Media, Inc.
You Can't Make This Up

Bob WoodNot on the playlist – Bob Wood, these days the proprietor of Bob Wood Voiceovers, extends our string of “Oops stories” with a tale about doing nights on KQV Pittsburgh – “It was a KQV ‘Heavy Weekend,’ when we played certain album tracks. I thought I had cued an approved cut, but instead played ‘Working Class Hero’ by John Lennon, which I hadn’t heard before. Well, it starts, and I know it’s wrong, so I plan to bail at the first opportunity. By then, John is into the second verse, and the audience hears, ‘Till you’re so f---ing crazy you can’t follow the rules.’ Oops. Jingle. New song. I saw my job fly away on wings, I really did. We had ten listener lines, and a ‘telephone kid’ answering the phones, which all blinked. The kid calls back to the studio, ‘Did you hear?..’ I reply, ‘No, you didn’t.’ Later, he told me half the calls were upset, and half were ‘Right on!’ Amazingly, management wasn’t listening, and I kept my job.” Okay, confession time – what’s your own favorite true radio story, the one that could only happen in this business? Email “You Can’t Make This Up” –

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• Ability to think both analytically and creatively
• Skilled in PowerPoint, Word and Outlook
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