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Thursday, March 20, 2014 Volume 3   |   Issue 56
Business is looking up
Money RadioThe rumored South Central and other deals suggest prices are firming up.

One dealmaker tells this NOW Newsletter “We can now look back and see that the Triad sale to Larry Wilson was probably the low point, in terms of multiples.” On that one, L & L Broadcasting not only got a very favorable multiple at the close, it astonished the deal-world by flipping the Fargo cluster, further sweetening the effective multiple. There have been other deals since then, seemingly at multiples up to the 6-times range, and now higher. Now we’ve got the surprising entrance on the selling block of the Engelbrecht family’s South Central radio group. You’re read how Larry Wilson was interested, but so was at least one other party. That party seems to be Carl Parmer at SummitMedia, and yesterday you read here that Summit’s supposedly paying about $74 million for the clusters in Nashville, Knoxville and Evansville. One source tells NOW that their combined cash flow is around $9.3 million. Do the math, and the cash-flow multiple on $74 million comes out around 7.9-times. Another source puts the multiple closer to 7.6-times. In any case, these are well-run properties that are fresh to the market – and if this deal’s confirmed, it sets the stage for an interesting time at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, opening in just 2-1/2 weeks.

Vegas dealmaking has shifted to the Steve Wynn hotels.

For years, the NAB steered the deal crowd – CEOs, lenders, equity people, brokers, lookers, tire-kickers – to the Bellagio. It’s the glamorous hotel featured in the “Oceans 11” series of movies, and it’s still beloved by many NAB visitors. But they’ve mostly moved over to the co-located Encore and Wynn, closer to the Las Vegas Convention Center, and that’s where the private suites are receiving visitors, and where some invitation-only parties are happening. It ain’t cheap, though. You hear complaints about how expensive the suites are, and how being in an “NAB Hotel” brings both visibility and sometimes cost. Five or ten years ago, you could stand in the Bellagio lobby, underneath the famous Dale Chihuly glass sculpture in the ceiling, and count on seeing just about everybody in the dealmaking world. Today, that scene has shifted to the more intimate Wynn and Encore – even more upscale than Bellagio, and probably the permanent new home of the deal crowd.

Alfred LigginsBonuses for the top echelon at Radio One - $1.5 million for CEO Alfred Liggins, $500,000 for founder Cathy Hughes.

That’s just the bonus, not the total compensation, and it represents a $500,000 jump for Liggins over the previous year. The board reasons that Liggins is now shouldering the direct CEO load at the TV One cable channel – and it also cites the stock price rise from 75 cents on January 2, 2013 to $3.79 a share at year-end. No doubt, Liggins is juggling a lot of balls in the air, and his accomplishments included lowering the leverage below 7-times cash flow. You can see all the justifications for increasing Alfred’s bonus from $1 million in 2012 to $1.5 million for last year, in the SEC filing here. As for company founder Cathy Hughes, she’s awarded the same bonus as the previous year, $500,000. Of course bonuses are just part of the total compensation for mother and son. For all of 2012, Cathy’s salary was $726,000 (same as for 2011), and counting that and perks like a company car, her total comp for 2012 was $1,294,562. For Alfred, his total package for 2012, including $64,000 for administrative support and financial services, reached $2,544,761. We should get the 2013 totals for both, plus other execs such as CFO Peter Thompson and Chief Administrative Officer Linda Vilardo, sometime around May.

John GamblingJohn Gambling will un-retire and resume his “gambling” ways on New York radio.

The third-generation WOR (710) morning host left in December and seemed headed for the good life in Florida, but there were rumors he was talking with Salem about contributing to its conservative talk “970 the Answer” WNYM Yesterday morning the Post’s Michael Starr said they were chatting about an 11am-1pm slot for him and then yesterday afternoon the Daily News had the announcement from Salem. “Answer” GM worked with Gambling at WOR, when the Buckleys owned it, and he reveals his recruiting technique – “I begged and begged, and it paid off.” Gambling can remain in Florida during the cold months and do his show from there – or when he’s in New York, he’ll be working from the WNYM studios. The Answer took over the former WOR studios in lower Manhattan, after Clear Channel moved WOR in with its other stations. Salem recently hired comedian Joe Piscopo to do mornings at “The Answer.” So it’ll be Piscopo, 6-9am, SRN’s Mike Gallagher, 9-11am, John Gambling, 11am-1pm, and SRN’s Dennis Prager, 1-3pm. To fit Gambling in, both Gallagher and Prager have an hour shaved off their New York City clearances – a choice Salem has made in some other markets, to accommodate a local show (or Sean Hannity). Start date for John Gambling is April 14.

Portland, Oregon’s displaced progressive format finds a (small) home at KXRY (91.1).

The non-commercial station is one of the few remaining Class D FMs, and it’s licensed for just eight watts. Though the station is going from -48 feet - that's negative 48 feet - of Height Above Average Terrain to 281 feet above. It’s also moving its antenna location, which will help. That’s a long way, coverage-wise, from the last place where Portland talker Carl Wolfson did mornings. That was on Clear Channel’s progressive talk KPOJ at 620, which blasts 25,000 watts daytime and 10,000 watts at night, and these days is known as “Fox Sports 620.” Portland’s new outpost for Wolfson and progressive talk is licensed to Common Frequency Inc., and the lineup includes Wolfson from 7-9am and the syndicated Thom Hartmann, who was once a local Portland talent heard on KPOJ. That station was one of the early conversions to progressive talk a decade ago, when Air America launched. It turned in some of the format’s strongest numbers anywhere, but Clear Channel reportedly felt sports would be an easier sell. How is KPOJ doing in sports? It notched a 0.7 share with age 6+ AQH in the February Nielsen ratings. More about the new progressive KXRY from the Oregonian, here.

Watching the FCC –

◊ Nashville’s fight over the fate of 91.1 ends – maybe. It appears this $3,350,000 deal is finally cleared to close. Three years ago, Vanderbilt Student Communications signed a two-part deal with Nashville Public Radio that led to student-programmed variety WRVU (91.1) changing to classical, under new calls of WFCL. But a determined band named the WRVU Friends & Family objected to both the MPA (management and programming agreement) and the asset purchase agreement related to an eventual purchase worth $3.35 million. They allege that Vanderbilt Student Communications engaged in unauthorized transfer of control (a serious charge), among other violations. More recently, the Friends group challenged license renewal for the Vanderbilt University-connected station, which is still being LMA’d by Nashville Public Radio. Now Audio Division Chief Peter Doyle denies the objection by the Friends group, grants license renewal to Vanderbilt Student Communications - and grants the transfer to Nashville Public Radio, here. As part of the original deal, WRVU lives, online and on the HD3 channel of WPLN (90.3).

◊ Applications for new LPFMs dismissed in L.A., San Diego, Reno, Omaha and five other situations, says the latest FCC Actions list. Apps are dismissed for a new 101.5 in Los Angeles, sought by Iglesia de Cristo-Ministerios Elim. For 101.1 down in San Diego, which both Rice Church of America and Dennis Newsome filed for. 97.7 in Reno, for Ministerio Palabra de Vida. For 101.5 in Omaha, for Gospel Music Omaha. And for several others, including a new 100.7 in Portland, Oregon.

◊ Seven Low Power FM applications granted, mostly in smaller towns. Outside Las Vegas, Talkradio of Pahrump is granted 106.9 for Pahrump, Nevada. Table Setter Neighborhood Radio gets 104.9 in Kokomo, Indiana. Huntley Community Radio has 101.5 in Huntley, Illinois. Senda Vida Ministries has 107.3 in Douglas, Georgia. Friends of Community Radio now has a grant for 101.3 in Asheville, NC. Stillwater County Disaster and Emergency Services has 100.7 in Park City, Michigan. And Ludington Area Catholic School gets 103.9 in Ludington, Michigan. See the latest grants here.

Day 3 Nielsen February-book PPMs –

Portland, Oregon – Portland likes its pop music, whether it’s on an AC, hot AC or CHR. The post-Christmas ratings deflation leaves Clear Channel’s AC “K103” KKCW still on top. The 15.1 share in the Holiday book is a memory, followed by the 8.1 in the January book, and now a 7.5 for February. (Nielsen’s “February” ran January 30-February 26, pretty close to the calendar month.) #2 is Oregon Public Broadcasting’s non-com news/talk KOPB-FM, 6.9-7.4-6.9, followed by the country station that didn’t get damaged by K103’s all-Christmas playlist. That’s Alpha’s KUPL, 6.3-6.6-6.4. (Entercom’s country “Wolf” KWJJ is now recovering, 3.2-4.2-4.5.) Then you get to the rest of the pop-music stations. Clear Channel’s top 40 “Z100” KKRZ is fourth, 5.6-5.9-5.5. Sister classic hits KLTH follows, 3.6-5.2-5.4 (also recovering from the Christmas smothering). Then Entercom’s hot AC “Buzz” KRSK, 4.8-4.9-4.8. One more station is shaking off all-Christmas, and that’s Entercom’s “We play everything” KYCH (“Charlie”), 3.5-3.0-4.3. In talk, there's Alpha’s news/talk KXL, 4.1-4.0-4.2, and CC’s news/talk KEX, 2.0-2.2-2.4. Top cume station in the Rose City is AC K103 at a Nielsen-estimated 671,400.

WPEGCharlotte – Urbans don’t usually show the effects of all-Christmas, but CBS Radio’s urban “Power 98” WPEG had slipped from the mid-7 shares in the Fall to 5.9 for the holiday book. Since then it’s up 6.2 and now 7.1, grabbing the lead from urban AC sister WBAV (7.4-7.0-6.9). Third place goes to CBS country sister WSOC, 5.7-6.7-6.6. While tied-for-fourth-place CBS Top 40 “Kiss” WNKS (3.7-5.1-5.8) does its best share since August 2011. The other 5.8 share belongs to Radio One’s R&B oldies “Old School” WOSF, 5.7-5.7-5.8. Greater Media’s hot AC “Link” WLNK is off, 5.3-4.1-3.4. CHR “Kiss” shows you more of that good February performance, taking the cume lead at 540,700.

Pittsburgh – Lots of the shares in this very compressed market are grouped in the 7’s and the 4’s, and that means that a slight drop (5.7-7.6-7.1) brings CBS Radio’s news/talk KDKA down from the #1 spot last month to #5. On top is Clear Channel’s classic hits “3WS” WWSW, 13.6 (all-Christmas) to 7.6 and now 8.1. Second place is classic rock sister WDVE, 7.4-6.5-7.9. Third place is the Steel City/Frischling variety hits “Bob” WRRK, 6.3-7.5-7.5. Nice recent climb for Clear Channel’s top 40 “Kiss” WKST, 6.4-7.0-7.2. (It was in the mid-5-shares last Fall.) In sports and talk, there’s CBS’ “Fan” KDKA-FM, 3.0-3.8-3.2., CC’s WPGB, 2.1-2.1-2.4 (recovering from a morning show change) and Essential Public Media’s non-com news/talk WESA, 1.8-2.3-2.1. CHR “Kiss” leads in cume at 618,800.

Sacramento – What a streak for Entercom’s #1-ranked CHR “End” KDND – 7.0-7.8-8.4. That’s its best topline share ever in PPM. Second place goes to sister classic rock “Eagle” KSEG with its best share since August 2011, 5.9-6.4-7.1. While it’s hard to see any different in the change-out of FM simulcast partners for Clear Channel’s talk KFBK-AM/FM, 5.4-5.7-6.0. (Last fall it reeled off months like 5.9-6.3-5.9.) It’s a recent high for Entercom’s rock KRXQ, 4.8-4.8-5.7, tied with CBS AC KYMX, 9.2-5.8-5.7. How about the country faceoff? There’s CBS’ KNCI, 4.0-4.0-3.8, Entravision’s “Wolf” KNTY, 2.5-2.7-3.5, and Clear Channel’s KBEB, with a second-straight 0.9 share. It’s the former simulcast signal of KFBK, now country “B92.5.” How about sports? There’s CBS Radio’s KHTK, 2.0-2.0-1.9 and Entercom’s “ESPN 1320” KCTC, 2.5-2.5-1.7. CHR “End” snatched the cume lead away from AC KYMX last month and keeps it, with 607,700 people.

San Antonio – Tejano has generally cooled off, but don’t tell that to listeners of Univision’s “Tejano & Proud” KXTN, 3.8-5.3-5.7. That’s its largest share in the PPM era. Up-top, you’ve got Clear Channel’s country “KJ97” KAJA, 6.6-7.7-7.6, then Univision’s rhythmic “98.5 the Beat” KBBT, 6.9-6.9-7.1, followed by Cox’s classic hits KONO-FM (now flying solo), 6.1-6.7-6.7. Next is KJ’s rival, Cox country “Y100” KCYY, 6.6-6.1-6.2, and a fast-recovering Cox AC KSMG, 4.5-5.5-5.9. There’s more pop music on CC’s CHR “Mix” KXXM, 4.6-4.9-5.5. Cox’s “Country Legends” KKYX finally achieves a 2-share, going 1.5-1.9-2.0. KONO-AM, now split off from its FM sister, does a 0.2 share in sports, looking up at CC’s “Ticket” KTKR, 1.2-1.5-1.1 and L&L’s recently-acquired “ESPN San Antonio” KZDC, 0.7-0.8-0.5. The two country FMs have the cume lead – “Y100” at 626,300 and KJ97 at 608,300.

Media Services Group

Cincinnati – You expect Clear Channel’s talk WLW to be on top, and it is, 9.6-10.4-9.7. (No doubt they’re waiting for the Reds’ home opener against the Cardinals on March 31.) Then come Cumulus classic hits WGRR, 6.2-8.2-8.0 and Hubbard’s country “B105” WUBE, 6.5 to 7.1 and now a strong 7.8. Sister hot AC “Q102” WKRQ pulls its best share since last July, 6.2-6.5-7.5. Cumulus classic rock “Fox” WOFX-FM gains speed, 3.2-4.3-4.7. Cincinnati Public Radio’s non-com news/talk WVXU rises to its best showing in the PPM era, 3.3-3.9-4.1. B105’s country competitors look like this – Cumulus “Nash FM” WNNF goes 2.7-3.4-2.6 and Hubbard’s “Wolf” WYGY paws ahead 2.2-2.1-2.4. Cincy’s leading cume station is not #1-ranked WLW (it’s #7 in cume), but CHR “Q102” at 572,900.

Lake 106.5Cleveland – CC’s classic hits “Majic” surrendered its usual lead in the January book and is once again second behind variety hits cousin “Lake.” So it’s “106.5 the Lake” WHLK, 7.9-9.2-8.9 and then Majic WMJI, 9.5-7.6-8.4. (Majic’s 29-year morning stalwart John Lanigan will be leaving next week, succeeded by Mark Nolan.) Third place goes to Clear Channel’s country WGAR, 7.0-7.2-6.7. CBS Radio’s top station is AC WDOK, 8.9 (all-Christmas) to 6.2 and now sideways to 6.1. A low number for Radio One’s urban AC WZAK, 6.8-7.2-5.6. Ideastream’s non-com news/talk WCPN rises 1.9-2.6-2.8 for its highest share since the September book of 2011. AC WDOK is Cleveland’s highest cumer, at 514,400.

Salt Lake City – Classic hits is booming here with Clear Channel’s KODJ up 3.8-6.1-6.3 to its best PPM share yet. It ranks #4, behind two Bonneville stations and a Clear Channel sister. #1 is Bonneville’s AC “FM 100.3” KSFI, 19.3 (Christmas) to 8.4 and now 7.7. Sister news/talk KSL-AM/FM is next, 6.4-7.0-7.0. Then CC’s top 40 KZHT, 5.6-6.8-6.9. Nice ski lift-ride for Clear Channel’s talk KNRS-AM/FM, 4.7-5.6-6.1. Four sports stations jostling elbows here, and none makes it to a 1-share this time. Miller’s KZNS (0.9-1.2-0.9) and Dell Loy Hansen’s KALL (0.9-1.2-0.8) are the leaders. The Wasatch Front’s cume leader is AC “FM100.3” at 633,800.

Las Vegas – It’s the first #1 finish for CBS Radio’s hot AC “Mix” KMXB since last March, and it’s steady, 5.7-6.5-6.5. There’s a tie for second place between Clear Channel’s AC “Sunny” KSNE (all-Christmas 14.2 to 6.8 to 6.0) and Lotus’ Spanish variety hits KWID (6.1-5.9-6.0). Beasley’s re-branded “Old School” rhythmic oldies KOAS is fourth and apparently settling in, 4.5-5.0-5.1. The country stations are coming back. Beasley’s “Coyote” KCYE goes 2.1-3.5-3.7 and CC’s KWNR is up 1.7-1.9-2.8. Given the strong performances of contemporary Christian non-coms in places like Orlando, watch out for Faith Communications-owned KSOS, 3.1-3.5-4.1. The sports leaders in a crowded market are Lotus-owned KWNN, 1.9-2.1-1.7 and Spanish sports sister KENO, 1.2-1.5-1.2. Hot AC “Mix” is not only #1 in AQH share, but cume, too (at 491,700).

Kansas City – The country leader (and #1 overall) is Wilks’ KFKF, which keeps some glow from its unusual all-Christmas playlist to hold 11.4-7.9-9.0. Second is Carter’s urban KPRS, 6.9-6.9-7.0, and third is Cumulus classic rock “Fox” KCFX, 6.6-65.8-6.2. This is a recent high for Cumulus classic hits KCMO-FM, 3.7-4.7-4.9. As for the other country stations, there’s Wilks-owned “Q104” KBEQ, 4.9-4.5-4.7, and Entercom’s WDAF on a downward swoon, 6.4-4.9-4.1. KC’s cume leader is CHR “Mix 93” at 479,300. That’s Clear Channel’s KMXV, ranked #4 in AQH share.

WWKAOrlando – A 9.0-share for Cox country “K92” WWKA, and you’d have to go back into the Arbitron diary rating vaults to find its previous 9-share. It was Fall 1998. It’s a clear #1 this time, going 5.9-6.9-9.0. Second is urban AC sister “Star” WCFB, 7.0-6.9-7.6, then the local Central Florida Educational Foundation’s non-commercial contemporary Christian “Z88.3” WPOZ, 8.9-7.1-7.5. Another CHR-wave success story is #4-ranked “XL 106.7.” Clear Channel’s top 40 WXXL does its best PPM share since January 2012, 5.4-6.6-7.2. Nice up-trend for Cox’s AC/classic hits WMMO, 4.5-5.1-6.2. In talk, there’s guy-talk “Real Radio” WTKS-FM, 4.7-5.4-5.0, and talk WDBO-FM (3.8-4.5-4.4). Central Florida’s cume leader is the CHR, XL106.7, at 532,700.

Columbus – Nobody touches Clear Channel’s top two. Those are CHR WNCI, 10.8-11.6-10.6 and country WCOL, 8.5-9.8-9.9. The third place station is more than 3-1/2 shares down, and that’s Radio One’s urban “Power 107.5” WCKX, 6.4-6.6-6.2. You’re seeing a growth curve for CC’s talk WTVN, 3.3-4.4-5.4. While the local One Connection’s non-commercial contemporary Christian “River” WCVO has to be reckoned with, 5.0-5.2-5.2. No surprise that the big CHR is the cume leader. That’s WNCI at 596,300 folks in the capital city of the Buckeye State.

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Doing Business

Geraldo Rivera to have an online store and mobile access, based around his general fame and his 10am-noon show on New York’s WABC (770). That’s courtesy of a new arrangement with provider Blast Applications, which “is responsible for promoting Geraldo’s upcoming online store that will feature innovative and one-of-a-kind products that will soon be available for purchase nationwide.” In business terms, this will be a revenue-sharing deal, involving both online access to the radio show and other goodies. More from the Blast release here.

Radio Mercury Awards 2014Want to enter a great commercial in the Radio Mercury Awards and maybe win significant cash? There’s the $50,000 Best of Show award, the $6,000 and $3,000 cash prizes for radio campaigns, and more. The Mercury folks have just extended both the eligibility period and the entry deadline. So anything that was “broadcast, on-air or digitally, in the 16 months between January 1, 2013 and April 23, 2014” is eligible. The April 23 date means you can do your taxes, dream up a brilliant spot (or find one that ran during the period) and submit it. More on the Radio Mercury “call to entry” page here.

TuneIn will carry WestwoodOne’s extensive coverage of the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament, 67 games in all. The online tuning guide also has the Division 1 Women’s Final Four, the Men’s “Frozen Four” (college hockey) and more college games. It’s available at the “Catch The Madness” section of TuneIn here.

On The Block

Chico’s 1340 AM sells again, this time to Radio Santisimo Sacramento, for $300,000. Less than 18 months ago, Tom Huth bought then-KEWE Oroville (1340) and KCKS Hamilton City (101.7) from Deer Creek Broadcasting for $525,000. He changed the call letters on both stations and began simulcasting an adult alternative format named “Radio 101.7.” The latest development is Huth filing to split off the AM, now known as KNTF, and dealing it for $300,000 to the not-for-profit Christian group from Sacramento. It already owns Spanish Christian KCVV in Sacramento at 1240. The Chico-market station it’s buying runs 1,000 watts fulltime at 1340, and it will be converted to non-commercial operation. Seller Tom Huth’s taking the $300,000 sale price in all-cash, and he retains nearly a dozen other stations around northern California – including the 1340’s simulcast partner, the former KCKS that’s now KVXX.

Around Asheville NC, Saga pays $100,000 for a couple of future FM translators. One of them will provide an FM home for Saga’s all-sports “ESPN 1310” WISE Asheville. The translator is W288CQ at 105.5, which is re-licensing from west-of-town Waynesville to Asheville, running 250 watts. The other one is probably the next “Metro station” for Saga, rebroadcasting an HD Radio multicast of rock “101.9 The Mountain” WTMT Weaverville. What’s the format hole in Asheville, one of the hippest places in the Southeast? We’ll see what Saga can do with a 100-watt translator licensed to Clyde, legally known as W251BW. Seller of both construction permits is Georgia-Carolina Radiocasting, led by Art Sutton, and the price is $100,000 cash.

Another spot on the dial to find sports around Charlotte, with the $125,000 closing of Don Curtis’ deal to buy a translator at 100.3. Seller was Isothermal Community College, which had been using W262BM Charlotte to extend the reach of its one-of-a-kind hybrid AAA/bluegrass/roots music WNCW Spindale (88.7) into the Charlotte market. But the college takes the money from Curtis’ Eastern Airwaves and sells him the translator. The FCC filing indicates it will rebroadcast “ESPN 730” WZGV, owned by HRN Broadcasting. Broker – Bob Heymann of Media Services Group. Curtis previously closed on another translator that’s rebroadcasting WZGV, and that one’s at 94.7.

Worth Reading

WQHTBillboard goes “Behind Hot 97’s new VH1 reality show,” and we learn how WQHT programmer Ebro Darden pitched it to Emmis and others – “the more people see our faces and get to know us, the more – hopefully – people want to turn on the radio.” Monami Entertainment is producing the show that debuts March 31, and it says it’s been pitching the idea to Hot 97 for years. Darden knows it’s not an automatic – “’The Wizard of Oz’ was amazing until you saw it was a nerd moving the gears.” More from Billboard here.

Worldwide, “music sales fell in 2013, even as streaming revenue increased.” The New York Times’ Ben Sisario says bottom line, “income from online streaming services like Spotify, Pandora and YouTube is growing rapidly, but not enough to lift the music industry into growth overall.” Ben’s looking at the 2013 report from the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry. In fact, the total worldwide revenue from all sources of recorded music fell by 3.9%, year to year, to $15 billion. Compare that to 1999, when recorded music was worth $27.6 billion. Sisario says the somewhat gloomy picture of a 3.9% drop in 2013 looks much better if you pull Japan out of the equation. Digital sales are barely a blip on the screen there, with Sisario saying “80% of sales there are still physical.” Read the Times story here.

“Growth of streaming keeps U.S. recorded-music market stable,” around $7 billion last year. Brad Hill at RAIN distills the RIAA report on 2013 recorded music sales in the United States, and says “streaming has contributed a continually escalating percentage of revenue since 2007,” especially since 2011. By last year, streaming was 21% of the earnings for recorded music in the U.S. It’s a nuanced picture, since different kinds of services pay different rates. Read the RAIN report here.

Cigar Dave

Beverlee BranniganBeverlee Branigan has been serving as interim GM for Journal Broadcast Group in Wichita, filling the corner office vacancy left by the departed Eric McCart (March 5 NOW Newsletter). Now the longtime ops manager for Journal-Wichita rises to become the permanent VP/GM there, at stations such as country KFDI (101.3). She keeps her other recent promotion – to VP/Programming at the corporate level. Beverlee reports to Journal’s EVP/Radio Steve Wexler. Her building's probably still on a high from their recent successful campaign to have the Wichita Mid-Continent Airport named after former President Dwight D. Eisenhower. That was the work of the morning show on Journal's classic rock “104.5 the Fox” KFXJ.

Len Weiner has helped sports radio in the U.S. for years, at ESPN Radio Network, at ESPN affiliates in Boston and Chicago, and most recently as VP/Programming for the Genesis Communications stations in Florida. He also put in time at Chicago’s legendary WGN radio. Len’s next assignment takes him to Miami as program director for “The Ticket.” That’s Lincoln Financial Media’s relatively new simulcast of WAXY-AM/FM (790/104.3). Maureen Lesourd is LFM’s Senior VP/general manager for Miami, who welcomes Len starting Monday.

You Can't Make This Up

WFVA MemoCollections are a pain, right? Another funny-sarcastic memo from long-ago WFVA Fredericksburg general manager Vince Genson, found in a desk by Centennial market manager Mark Bass. You may remember the recent one, where Vince joked that about the upcoming Christmas party that “There will be food & booze available because I can’t stand any of you sober.” Now here’s Vince, on the subject of “Bad Debt” – “Even though it may seem to some that we are running a non-profit organization, it has been one of my frivolous goals to change that. When you take the time, the gas, the production time, the logging time, the checking time, the billing time, for a commercial to run on the would seem to me that you would add one more small part of time, to collect your money. This year, we have had to write off $12,505.28 of bad debt. The commission on that would have been $1,875.79, money out of your pockets as well as the station’s. Would it be unreasonable on my part to sort of insist that we pay some attention to this little detail? I would not want to send you to another station to work, with such a bad habit. Your cooperation is looked forward to, with my heart-felt bottom-line mentality. You’re welcome. Vince.” Got your own true radio story? Email “You Can’t Make This Up” –

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