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Tom Taylor Now
Tuesday, March 15, 2016 Volume 5   |   Issue 53
Latest PPM stories
WSKQ - ManhattanNew York’s “Lite” loses the PPM lead (and that’s just one of the February Nielsen PPM stories).

The new toast of the Big Apple – by a tenth of a share for total-week age 6+ AQH share – is SBS-owned Spanish tropical “Mega” WSKQ. Ratings historian Chris Huff says “This is the first time WSKQ has ever led the market in PPM, and the first time it’s led, period, since the diary book of Summer 1998.” In the January book, it lost to iHeart’s AC “Lite 106.7” WLTW by a tenth of a share, and this time the tables are turned. Chris says “WSKQ is only the fourth different station to lead New York in the PPM era, with the others being Lite, [top 40 Z100] WHTZ and [classic hits] WCBS-FM.” Mega’s win ends Lite’s 16-book winning streak. It accomplished that by remaining steady (6.6 to 6.4), while Lite slipped from a January-book 6.7 share to a 6.3. The other thing that clicked was high time-spent-listening – WSKQ ranks ninth in average weekly cume, while Lite still ranks #1.

Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Clinton, Sanders and others may produce a record crop of PPMs for pubradio.

This presidential election season is tearing up the rule book, and it may be that listeners are turning to public radio more (and longer) for the latest. Chris Huff determines that five pubradio news/talkers “matched or broke their PPM ratings records, and several others are new record heights.” That’s just from yesterday’s 12 Day 1 markets. One thing that makes a difference in the Same-Day Ratings emails you got at 5pm Eastern time yesterday is that stations like San Francisco’s KQED are shown. Last month KQED and some other heavy hitters didn’t have their shares released, because of the timing of contract signings between Nielsen, the Radio Research Consortium that handles ratings for many pubcasters, and individual stations. Now we know that KQED ranks third in this February survey – and that Chicago Public Media’s news/talk WBEZ ties its best PPM mark ever. In Dallas, North Texas Public Broadcasting’s news/talk KERA jumps 2.2-2.3-2.8. Some selected commercial talk and news/talk stations are also performing at a higher level, like Cox-owned Atlanta news/talk WSB/WSBB in Atlanta. January’s 9.0-share (age 6+ AQH share) was its highest since November 2008, and it’s a 9.1 in February. Another thing about the Election Effect – Chicago’s all-news WBBM/WCFS again leads the standings, and New York’s all-news “1010 WINS” and WCBS are up. More about the Day 1 Nielsen PPMs coming up in today’s Tom Taylor NOW Newsletter. And watch your email at 5pm Eastern time today for Day 2 markets like Washington DC (watch non-com WAMU), Boston, Detroit, Miami and eight more.

From the Rumor Mill – Is CBS returning the WNEW-FM calls to New York and 102.7?

They belonged on 102.7 for decades before CBS farmed them out to Florida and now Bowie, Maryland. They’re currently on the 99.1 located between Washington DC and Baltimore that CBS Radio began LMAing to Bloomberg the week before Christmas. Of course CBS moved the WNEW-FM calls around to control them, so nobody else could use them in New York. This NOW Newsletter hears that CBS is ready to place them back on New York’s 102.7 – these days doing hot AC as “Fresh 102.7” WWFS. For most of its duration in New York, WNEW-FM was associated with rock. Presumably nothing changes at Fresh except the call letters.

Media Services Group
SiriusXMSiriusXM raises some subscription rates by a buck a month.

Not much notice from the New York-based satcaster, which tells subscribers that “the price of SiriusXM Select and Select Family Friendly packages will increase by $1 per month, effective the next billing date on or after April 27.” There’s more – “Effective this same date, standalone SiriusXM Internet Radio will increase by $1 per month.” Then the company reminds users of the benefits – “We really hope you enjoy the programming we bring you, and that you know you’ll we’ll never stop doing everything we can to transform every ride into a joy ride.” The hikes complement the $1 increases SiriusXM made last June 30 in the tiers called All Access, All Access Family Friendly, Premier, Premier Family Friendly, Mostly Music and News Talk & Sports. None of those are being hiked now – and the ones that weren’t raised last year are getting the $1 increase now. More from SiriusXM here.

Bubba the Love Sponge won’t be called to testify in the Hulk Hogan sex-tape trial.

Bubba Clem’s attorneys said if he were subpoenaed, he’s take the Fifth Amendment to avoid possibly incriminating himself, based on past statements made to state and/or federal officials. Now Bay News 9 says “The judge [in the Tampa-based trial] granted Clem’s wish not to be forced to take the stand, despite [remaining defendant] Gawker wanting to call him as a key witness.” Gawker attorney Michael Berry admits that “We are in a bit of a bind, because Mr. Clem is a pathological, untrustworthy person.” Bubba and his then-wife Heather allegedly urged their friend Hulk Hogan to have sex with her, and there was a tape made of that encounter. Gawker posted it, and is being sued by Hogan (Terry Bollea) for $100 million. Hogan reportedly settled with Bubba for just $5,000. Last week Bubba on his WBRN-FM/98.7 Tampa-based morning show that the case is “not about me, it’s about Hogan and Gawker, and I hope that Gawker has to pay him a lot of money.”

Good Day
iHeartMore “regional” thinking at iHeart.

That is, more Senior VPs were just announced, in both sales and programming, with multi-market duties and possibly replacing some local-market department heads. Let’s start in Arizona, where Phoenix and Tucson make up Region 3 in iHeart’s new geography-based structure. Like other recently re-organized regions, they’ll have a Senior VP of Sales who oversees the efforts in multiple markets. Linda Little is the Regional President for Phoenix and Tucson, and her choice as Senior VP of Sales is somebody who comes from the world of professional sports, not radio. Steve Mullins spent the last two years as Vice President of Corporate Partnerships and Premium Seating for the NBA Minnesota Timberwolves and WNBA Lynx. Elsewhere - At iHeart’s Indy cluster, current market president Rick Green is leaving to become Area President based in Richmond. In the table of organization announced last month, the Area President for Richmond, Norfolk, Roanoke/Lynchburg, Harrisonburg, and Winchester was “TBD” – and now we learn it’s Rick Green. He’ll report to Region 30 president Dennis Lamme. (Back at the Indy cluster, Mike Killabrew is announced as the new Senior VP/Programming, and direct PD at classic rock “Q95” WFBQ and alternative “Alt 103.3” WOLT.) We’re seeing a steady stream of announcements out of iHeart about Senior VPs of sales and programming – part of its new campaign to regionalize management. Also quietly being squeezed again are the rolls of local back-office business managers and workers.

Doing Business

No mercy for the Buffalo Baptist Church in Wyoming, which had pleaded for review of the FCC’s cancellation of its low power FM license at 99.5 in the town of Buffalo, Wyoming. It argued that the Audio Division should’ve waived the one-year-silence rule because it was a “novice licensee” that wasn’t represented at the time by counsel. It also says it acquired then-KBTG-LP when it was already off the air and had been granted a modification of the construction permit. It thought that “superseded the 12-month deadline to return to the air.” But the application for review didn’t have a prayer with the FCC – which noted that the church “received two clear written warnings regarding the impending expiration date” of the license.” The license cancellation and deletion of the call letters (now “DKBTG-LP”) both stand. See the opinion and order here.

Pedal to the Metal SyrahFor L.A.-based webcaster Tom Leykis, “non-traditional revenue” comes from selling a gourmet-level $75-per-bottle California wine named “Pedal to the Metal Syrah.” Tom tells this NOW Newsletter that “in one week, we’ve sold $40,000 worth, with no outside promotion or publicity…all sold to a waiting list made up exclusively of our listeners.” Leykis (“LYE-kis”) says “the bottle itself is a collector’s item, and there is nothing else like it at your local wine shop.” Another way Leykis coaxed money out of his “P1s” – he auctioned off the chance to be “the only and only person to come to Santa Maria, where he will be met by Tom,” introduced to the winemaker, given a tour and allowed to taste the Syrah “right out of the barrel.” More about the wine (and the revenue that flowed in) here.

Syndicator/entrepreneur Tom Kent pens another “open letter to the radio industry,” as he did last year about what deregulation and Wall Street did to the radio industry. This one’s about the “shocker” (he’s kidding) that “not one broadcast company was listed” among Fortune’s top 100 Best companies to work for. Kent says “why aren’t we empowering our employees to be all they can?” Kent is encouraged by Cumulus, “who had a top-down culture [and] is now trying to reverse that philosophy and is giving its programmers and managers at the local level more autonomy.” For Kent, “the paradigm should always be this, and in this order – Audience, employees, product and sales…Here’s to making our employees our most valued assets. Without them, we are nothing.”

The two giant national home-improvement chains bought over 49,500 national radio spots last week, in the national radio ad rankings from Media Monitors. Spring is here, and that prospect pushes Home Depot from #11 (two weeks ago) to #2 (last week), buying 29,221 spots. Rival Lowe’s rises from #19 to #8, with 20,360 spots. But nobody’s near the sheer volume of GEICO insurance – an easy #1 at 40,684 spots, up from 39,479. Meanwhile, Walgreens pulls a disappearing act, from #1 two weeks ago (50,129 spots) to nowhere on the Media Monitors top 100. So the latest top 5 is GEICO, Home Depot, McDonald’s, the non-revenue iHeart campaign, and AutoZone.

DMR Interactive
Nielsen PPMs

Day 1 February-book Nielsen PPMs –

New York installs a new champion for a month, and at least with age 6+ total-week AQH share, it’s Spanish Broadcasting System’s tropical “Mega 97.9” WSKQ. It wins partly because iHeart’s AC “Lite 106.7” WLTW is off, and because Mega stays consistent. It did a 5.3 share in the Holiday book, a 6.6-share in the January PPM – and now a 6.4. While the post-Christmas letdown for Lite is 12.8-6.7-6.3. Compare that to WLTW’s year-ago 7.4 share for January and 7.0 for February, and you see Lite’s been lighter for a couple of months. (The year-to-year Holiday book comparison is also lighter – 13.5 in late-2014, and a 12.8 in late-2015.) Third this time is CBS Radio’s classic hits WCBS-FM (5.1-5.3-5.5, but ranking seventh in mornings and eleventh at night). Fourth is Emmis urban WBLS (5.4-5.2-5.3). Its Steve Harvey is tied with all-news WINS for first place in mornings. Fifth is iHeart’s top 40 “Z100” WHTZ (4.5-5.0-4.7) and then sixth is CBS all-newser “1010 WINS” (3.1-4.1-4.2). The urban situation is iHeart’s “Power” WWPR-FM (3.7-4.4-4.1) versus Emmis’ “Hot 97” WQHT (3.1-2.8-3.2). There’s a gain for CBS all-news WCBS (2.5-2.7-3.1), a slip for Cumulus hot AC WPLJ (2.8-2.7-2.5), and a sideways number for Cumulus country “Nash” WNSH (1.9-2.1-2.0). Average weekly cume for AC “Lite” is on-par with last year, at an estimated 5,133,200.

KOSTLos Angeles – The January book’s notable rise in Spanish radio shares doesn’t hold. iHeart’s AC KOST is still #1, 12.3-5.9-5.7. (That’s versus a February-book 5.2, a year ago.) Big jump for top 40 sister “Kiss FM” KIIS (4.4-4.7-5.5). It wins mornings, afternoons and nights, and this is its best month since February 2014. Third is CBS classic hits KRTH (4.3-4.7-4.7), fourth is iHeart hot AC KBIG (4.7-4.8-4.5) and fifth is CBS smooth R&B “Wave” KTWV (4.1-4.3-4.2). Then we run into the softer collection of Spanish shares, like Univision’s Spanish contemporary KLVE (4.2-4.5-3.9). Scanning down the list for other Spanish players, there’s Univision’s Spanish variety hits KRCD (3.2-3.5-3.3) and SBS regional Mexican KLAX (3.3-3.0-2.9). The grinding urban faceoff is iHeart’s “Real” KRRL (2.6-2.9-3.0) and Emmis’ “Power 106” KPWR (2.7-2.6-2.8). The classic rock contenders are tied - Cumulus’ KLOS (2.0-2.4-2.6) and Entercom’s “Sound” KSWD (2.6-3.0-2.6). CBS all-news KNX (3.0-3.2-3.3) edges out iHeart’s talk KFI (3.3-3.2-3.2) as the leading talk-based station. iHeart’s Rush Limbaugh-starring talk KEIB edges up, 0.5-0.6-0.7. In alternative rock, the rivalry tightens between CBS’ KROQ (2.8-3.0-3.1) and iHeart’s strengthening “Alt 98.7” KYSR (2.4-2.6-2.9). AC KOST leads the cume column at 3,675,400.

Chicago – All-news WBBM/WCFS has a bigger lead than it did last month, just by being consistent. It’s a steady 6.8-6.8-6.9. (‘BBM is #1 in every daypart except nights and weekends.) Tied for second are Hubbard’s hot AC “Mix” WTMX (4.2-5.2-5.5) and iHeart’s urban AC “V103” WVAZ (5.8-6.0-5.5). (V103 is #1 on weekends.) Fourth is iHeart’s hot AC/former all-Christmas WLIT (13.9-4.7-4.5). That’s better than the year-ago January-4.5 and February-4.1. And this time WLIT is #2 in middays. From fifth-on-down is where the Chicago PPMs get crowded. There’s iHeart’s urban WGCI (3.5-3.5-3.8), sister top 40 “Kiss 103.5” WKSC (3.4-3.7-3.7) and Tribune’s talk WGN (3.3-4.2-3.6). The sports rivalry is tight, between Disney-owned/ESPN-run all-sports WMVP (1.9-2.3-2.5) and CBS “Score” WSCR (2.0-2.6-2.4). Remember that the Score is taking over the Cubs from sister WBBM – which won’t be splitting up its simulcast with 105.9 during baseball season. The White Sox are moving from the Score to Cumulus talk WLS (1.6-1.8-1.8). It’s a PPM record-tying number for Chicago Public Media’s non-com news/talk WBEZ (2.1-2.4-2.7). And here’s a shout-out for Weigel-LMA’d easy oldies WRME, on the audio of a low power Channel 6 TV signal (1.4-2.2-2.4). Chris Huff consults the historical records and says “The 2.4 is the largest share ever for a TV6 ‘Franken FM’ in any PPM market.” The Windy City’s leading cume station is top 40 “Kiss,” at nearly 2.2 million.


San Francisco – CBS all-news KCBS/KFRC wins mornings and weekends and takes the overall week (5.4-5.8-6.2). Second, and doing better than last year’s post-Christmas letdown, is Entercom AC KOIT (10.4-5.6-5.4). KOIT wins middays. Third (and visible once again as a subscriber) is Northern California Public Broadcasting’s news/talk non-com KQED. It moves 4.9-5.2-5.1 total week, and finishes first-place in PM drive). Waiting in the on-deck circle for another year of Giants baseball is Cumulus all-sports KNBR (3.7-4.4-4.3). Fifth is IHeart’s rhythmic KMEL (3.8-3.7-4.0, and first in nights), and right behind is sister rhythmic “Wild” KYLD (3.5-3.6-3.9). “Largest share for regional Mexican KSOL since December 2012,” says Chris Huff. The Univision station’s up 2.7-3.4-3.6. iHeart’s classic hits KOSF (“Biggest hits of the 80s and more/Big 103.7”) is back, 1.5-1.9-2.4. No bittersweet surprises in the farewell book for Cumulus-LMA’d country “Nash 92.3.” KSJO is flat, 0.8-0.9-0.8. AC KOIT holds the cume lead at 1,816,100.

KHKSDallas – Reclaiming first place from CBS Radio’s all-Christmas classic hits KLUV is iHeart’s top 40 “Kiss” KHKS (6.0-6.0-6.3). KLUV falls back to second (10.6-6.6-6.1). Third place is a three-way tie between three very different stations - iHeart hot AC “102.9 Now” KDMX (3.8-4.2-4.5), Hymen Childs/Service Broadcasting’s “Smooth R&B 105.7” KRNB (4.3-4.8-4.5) and iHeart classic rock KZPS 3.9-4.1-4.5). The two Cumulus country stations are “Wolf” KPLX (4.3-4.6-4.3) and KSCS (2.6-2.7-3.1). Leading talk-based station is Cumulus talker WBAP (3.1-2.9-3.1). Politics may be helping North Texas Public Broadcasting’s news/talk non-com KERA (2.2-2.3-2.8). The all-sports rivals are Cumulus “Ticket” KTCK-AM/FM (2.0-2.5-2.7), CBS Radio’s “Fan” KRLD-FM (2.6-2.9-1.8) and Cumulus-run/Disney-owned KESN (1.1-1.4-1.1). Chris Huff says the Ticket’s 2.7 is its highest since February 2014. Liberman’s recently reformatted Spanish contemporary “La Luna 98.3” KBOC (0.9-0.7-1.9), which shows its best share since the Holiday book of 2011. CHR “Kiss” holds the Metroplex cume lead at roughly 1.775 million.

Houston – It’s a larger lead for iHeart’s post-all-Christmas AC “Sunny” KODA (11.9-7.2-7.8). Second is Radio One’s urban AC “Majic 102” KMJQ (6.6-6.8-6.7). Third again is Cox classic rock KGLK/KHPT (5.7-5.9-5.7). Fourth is the flagship of the non-commercial Christian broadcaster that just committed to pay $10 million for a second full-market Houston signal. The owner is KSBJ Educational Foundation, and its contemporary Christian non-com KSBJ holds nicely (4.9-5.3-5.2). (On the new signal, they’ll program the Christian hip-hop/rock “NGEN” service.) Close behind KSBJ is Univision’s regional Mexican KLTN (4.8-5.4-5.1 total week, and second in morning drive). A faster rhythm for iHeart’s “93.7 the Beat” KQBT (3.2-3.4-4.0). Radio One’s original classic hits “Boom” station, “Boom 92” KROI, is a year-and-a-half into the format and holds, 1.3-1.2-1.4. The country landscape is Cox’s “93Q” KKBQ (4.7-4.7-4.4), CBS Radio’s “Bull” KILT-FM (3.7-3.8-4.3) and Cox classic country “Legends” KTHT (2.5-2.9-2.9). iHeart’s talk KTRH (3.5-3.8-4.2) is back the levels of last Fall (perhaps because of politics). Houston’s cume leader is again AC “Sunny” KODA, at 2,335,900.

Atlanta – Cox news/talk WSB/WSBB wins the total week, propelled by wins in morning, midday and afternoon drive dayparts. It’s literally in double digits from 6am to 7pm. The total-week number is 7.9-9.0-9.1. Second is CBS urban “V103” WVEE (8.1-7.9-8.6). Third is another Cox station, urban AC “Kiss” WALR (6.7-6.8-7.1). Fourth is Cox AC “B98.5” WSB-FM (5.6-5.1-5.5) and fifth is Radio One’s urban AC “Majic” WAMJ (5.4-4.1-4.9). Remember that its former simulcast partner WUMJ is off doing a separate classic hip-hop “Boom,” and it’s up 0.9-1.1. The country story is iHeart’s “Bull” WUBL (3.6-3.7-3.7) and Cumulus “Kicks” WKHX (3.3-3.6-3.4). CBS Radio’s all-sports “92.9 the Game” WZGC suffers from the end of football season (3.6-3.4-2.1). Chris Huff says Atlanta Board of Education-owned non-com news/talk WABE achieves its largest share since October 2014 (2.5-3.1-3.3). Salem’s contemporary Christian “Fish” has a bad case of the post-Christmas blues (5.0-3.1 and another 3.1). Nice month for Cox classic rock “River” WSRV (3.6-3.9-4.4). AC “B98.5” clings to the cume lead at nearly 1.38 million.

Damsky Wells Broadcast Advisors

Philadelphia – Jerry Lee Radio’s AC “More FM” WBEB easily holds first place, even after a colossal Christmas share (16.3-7.8-7.9). It’s #1 in middays, afternoons and weekends. CBS Radio’s classic hits WOGL is second (6.2-5.9-6.2) and then comes Greater Media’s classic rock WMGK (4.8-5.5-6.0). Fourth – perhaps benefiting from the political chatter – is CBS all-news KYW (4.2-5.5-5.9). The two-way tie for fifth is between Greater Media’s rock WMMR (4.3-5.5-5.5) and iHeart’s urban AC WDAS-FM (4.8-5.0-5.5). ‘DAS-FM wins the nighttime daypart. The sports bracket is CBS Radio’s WIP (4.3-5.0-4.1, and rarin’ to go with Phillies baseball) and Greater Media’s WPEN (2.4-3.3-3.1). Though ’PEN tops WIP in afternoon drive. CBS talker WPHT improves 1.4-1.7-2.6. The big AC, More FM, is the top cume station at 1,825,900.

Nassau-Suffolk – NY-market CHR “Z100” WHTZ (iHeart) wins on the Island, 5.3-6.1-5.9. (Its Elvis Duran wins mornings, and Z100’s also first in afternoon drive and weekends.) Second is Connoisseur’s hot AC/formerly-all-Christmas WALK-FM (10.1-6.4-5.5). Third (and no doubt pumped for the Yankees’ season) is CBS Radio’s all-sports “Fan” WFAN-AM/FM (4.1-5.8-4.9). Fourth is Connoisseur’s classic hits “Max FM” WBZO (3.6-4.2-4.7). That’s its best topline since September 2012, helped by a win in middays. With a weekly cume of about 670,000, CHR Z100 leads that category.

KBRGSan Jose crowns a new #1 this month, and it’s Univision’s Spanish variety hits “Mas Variedad” KBRG-FM (5.9-6.1-6.6). That’s its largest share since December 2013, and first #1 finish in a year and a half. Second place among the listed stations is Cumulus all-sports KNBR (5.6-6.5-4.9) and third is Alpha Media’s recently-acquired AC KBAY (8.9-5.8-5.1). Fourth is SF-market CBS all-newser KCBS/KFRC (4.4-4.8-5.0), and fifth is Alpha’s hot AC KEZR (4.4-5.0-4.9). Note that Nielsen doesn’t release the San Jose share – no doubt considerable – for Northern California Public Broadcasting’s non-com news/talk KQED. We’ll be watching in future months to see the impact of Cumulus pulling the plug on its LMA’d KSJO, the former “Nash 92.3.” In this last week, it earns a third straight 1.5 share. Empire’s in-market country rival KRTY is up, 3.6-3.6-4.1. Cumulus SF-market talk KSFO has been enjoying a charmed life in the South Bay, but this time it deflates, 3.3-4.1-2.6. Cume leader is the hot AC station, KEZR, at nearly 450,000.

Riverside-San Bernardino shows mostly status quo, with Entravision’s Spanish variety hits KLYY winning (6.0-6.0-6.4). Tied for second we’ve got iHeart’s rhythmic KGGI (4.2-4.6-5.0) and Inland Empire’s classic hits KOLA holding 4.9-5.3-5.0. CBS country “K-Frog 95” KFRG lands in fourth place (4.5-4.9-4.8). Most owners of the big L.A. stations that spill into Riverside don’t subscribe for this book, but Univision does, for Spanish contemporary KLVE (4.2-5.1-4.8). A happy month for LC Media’s R&B oldies “Old School” KQIE (2.1-1.9-2.7). Likewise for All Pro’s revamped hot AC “Hot 102.3” KHTI (1.0-2.0-2.2). Classic hits KOLA leads in weekly cume with nearly 670,000.

Middlesex-Somerset-Union – No doubt politics – with Governor Chris Christie a headline state and national story – helps boost Townsquare’s talk/classic hits “NJ 101.5” WKXW (7.5-8.9-9.1). That’s its largest PPM share ever in this market, and its new post-Jim Gearhart morning show makes double digits. (NJ 101.5 is also where Christie hosts a monthly “Ask the Governor” show.) Second overall (and #1 in middays) is Greater Media in-market AC “Magic” WMGQ (6.8-6.3-6.4), followed by iHeart’s out-of-market classic rock “Q104.3” WAXQ (4.2-4.5-4.7). iHeart’s New York-market AC “Lite” WLTW is fourth here, 11.2-6.8-5.2. Virtually tied for the cume lead are CHR Z100 (417,400) and AC Lite (413,300).

Look for Day 2 PPMs in your mailbox today at 5pm Eastern time, in the Futuri-sponsored Same-Day Ratings email. Markets include Washington DC, Boston and Detroit.

Formats & Branding

iHeart creates more room to “Rumba” in Tampa, further crowding Beasley’s Spanish tropical “Maxima 92.5” WYUU Safety Harbor. It’s only been a week since iHeart put tropical “Rumba” on 106.5/Sarasota, and Radio Insight reports that it’s already supplementing the Class C2 signal of 106.5 with a translator at 100.3, north of Clearwater. Sometimes iHeart leases translators for these chores, but it owns W262CP Bayonet Point outright. It’s feeding the translator from the HD2 signal of country “US 103.5” WFUS Gulfport. “Rumba” bumps the translator’s previous alternative “Alt 100.3” format. Meanwhile, new call letters for Sarasota’s 106.5, from WLTQ to WRUB. (Over in Orlando, iHeart runs a highly-rated tropical “Rumba 100.3” named WRUM.)

A simulcast ends in northwestern Tennessee, where owner Forever South gives the FM its own format – country. The new “Dyer County Country” WDYE is a Class A at 94.3 licensed to Dyer, Tennessee. It was previously simulcasting with co-owned WTJS Jackson (1390) as the “TJ Network.” Radio Insight “WDYE changed call letters from WTJJ in January, in preparation for” the change. The AM still has an FM presence on Forever South-owned translator W231BU at 94.1, licensed to East Union.

On The Block

KPTRAt 90 years of age, Ric and Rozene Supple of Palm Springs cut back (a little) on their station ownership. In January they closed their $3 million sale of hot AC “Mix 100.5” KPSI-FM and country “98.5 the Bull” KDES to Alpha Media. Now they’re donating “Progressive Talk 1450” KPTR to a local college. Desert Community College District/“College of the Desert” has over 10,000 students, some studying journalism, and it will take over the 960-watt full-timer, converting it to non-commercial operation. Local philanthropists, film festival sponsors and arts promoters Ric & Rozene still own talk-formatted KPSI/920 and talk KWXY Cathedral City/1340. The Desert Sun profiled the Supples last year, including their plans for the Film Noir festival and “Cinema Diverse.”

Houston’s KCOH/1230 sells for $1.8 million cash, to Roberta Rose Ramirez’s Pueblo de Galilea LLC. When the original KCOH at 1430 was sold to La Promesa Foundation in early 2013, the African-American-focused talk and music format (and call letters) shifted to 1230, owned by Liberman Broadcasting. Jesse Dunn had a two-year lease with Liberman, and when it ended last Spring, he left and began leasing another station (KJOZ Conroe/880). Ben Hall stepped into the breach and took over the lease for 1230, but he left after his failed bid in last Fall’s mayoralty race. At that point, Liberman began simulcasting 1230 with its own regional Mexican “La Ranchera” KEYH Houston/850 and KNTE Bay City/101.7. Now Liberman’s selling KCOH outright, to Ramirez. It’s authorized for 1,000 watts daytime/410 watts at night (and was the market’s original top 40 KNUZ, later doing country, standards and other formats). What happened to the KCOH format? Ben Hall took it online, says the Houston Chronicle, then recently said he was scouting for an FM signal, perhaps a translator. Broker on the sale of KCOH – NY-based John Saunders for the buyer.

Paperback Experts

Cheryl Salamone heads back East to run the Adams Radio stations in Salisbury-Ocean City, on the Delmarva Peninsula. The New Jersey native’s most recently been Townsquare’s Regional VP for Tri-Cities Washington and Yakima, and Adams says Cheryl “doubled event revenue” there. Her stations created the “Scaregrounds Haunted Attraction,” produced UnTapped Blues & Brews, and various events with the city of Yakima and the Tri Cities Regional Chamber of Commerce. Before Townsquare, she managed for New Northwest in Tri Cities, and was a GM for Clear Channel in Greensboro, NC and Yakima. She began her radio career at the former Sconnix group and was corporate controller there. At the Adams cluster that includes rock “93.5 the Beach” WZBH, Salamone succeeds original Adams GM Phil LoCascio (December 2, 2015 NOW).

Mike Scott has worked at and/or programmed Detroit stations like classic hits WOMC/104.3, AC WNIC/100.3 and country WYCD/99.5. He’s recently served as the ops manager for Kroll Communications in Flint (bet he’s got some stories about the water supply), and will be taking up his new job in Lansing, with Midwest Communications. Market manager Patrick Pendergast oversees stations like rock “Q106” WJXQ and classic hits WLMI/92.9. Jeff McCarthy is VP/Programming for Midwest.

You Can't Make This Up

Michael Jordan #23 Jersey“What a faux pas” for a job candidate – Matt Sammon, Director of Broadcasting for the NHL Tampa Bay Lightning, emails to say “I recently had a few interviews scheduled with intern candidates who couldn't make it to our Spring Intern Fair, and I was upset with the first candidate when he was running late for his 10:30am appointment. That was strike 1. So I took my 11 o’clock appointment early, and when that meeting was done, I saw my 10:30 interview subject in the lobby of our HR office - in full Michael Jordan jersey get-up. I'm not just talking about the top, he had the basketball shorts too, and a bright red sunburn, apparently from too much one-on-one in the sun during his break. The kid went to school in Chicago, loved sports, and was genuinely a good person. But wow, what a faux pas. The funny thing is, if I did a phone interview with him, and went just by his resume, he would have gotten consideration for the position. He chose the wrong day to be like Mike.” Mike offers more details about the episode and dispenses some wisdom about job interviews on his MattSammonSayz Tumblr blog here. Got your own job interview story, from either side of the desk? Email it to “You Can’t Make This Up” –


First thing every morning after 4am Eastern, the news about radio in one place, waiting for you any time. That’s this Tom Taylor NOW Newsletter, and when you think about it, tell a friend. He or she might be interested in being clued every day, too. Got a product or service to promote to the radio industry? Our Kristy Scott can come up with solutions. Same with your urgent need to fill a vacancy, using our Classified section. Kristy's at or phone 818-591-6815. Julius Caesar had a tough day with the Ides of March, March 15 – but you’ll be fine. See you back first thing tomorrow - Tom

Broadcast Affiliations Manager

Radiate Media, the leading independent provider of traffic data, on-air TV traffic graphics and digital traffic products, is seeking a Broadcast Affiliations Manager.


• Identify TV and radio station prospects
• Pitch potential new clients
• Develop proposals
• Negotiate contracts
• Visit existing clients to showcase new product releases
• Maintain market-specific client list and schedule of regular station visits
• Flexibility to travel is required: 20-30%.


◊ Five years’ in television, radio or media sales or affiliations
◊ Knowledge of the latest trends in media technology
◊ Excellent presentation and negotiation skills
◊ Working knowledge of television and/or radio broadcast business models
◊ Strong MS Office skills including Word, Excel and PowerPoint are required
◊ 4-year college degree
◊ Management experience is desirable
◊ Existing relationships in broadcast industry is a plus

Benefits include medical, dental, vision, life insurance and long-term disability

Qualified applicants should email their resume to:

Radiate Media


Successful 8-station cluster in desirable East Coast market needs Controller / Business Manager with sharp computer & accounting skills. Knowledge of all aspects of general ledger, monthly close, balance sheet & P&L prep, A/R, A/P, fixed assets, benefits, cash management, payroll, budget & annual audit activities required. Familiarity with Mas-90, Marketron & ADP with minimum 5 years hands-on operational accounting experience preferred. This is a long-term position with a well- known privately-owned radio group. New facility, heritage stations, great staff, excellent compensation, immediate opening. Respond in confidence to:


Radiate Media the only independent, traffic solutions provider is looking for you. Radiate Media provides comprehensive advertising platforms using Traffic, News, Weather and Sports sponsorships in 171 cities across the country. Radiate Media is currently looking for a Radio and TV sales pro to sell our National Broadcast Sponsorships. The position is Account Executive, reporting to the Sr. VP of Sales. We want someone who has advertising sales background – broadcast and/or interactive. Someone who has the ability to work with a team and also can work independently. Someone that is accountable for results and follow through, has exceptional communication and presentation skills – both verbally and written. Responsibilities include developing a client base through research, lead follow-up or cold calling. Experience utilizing media research tools such as Strata and Arbitron is a must. Send your resume and introduction letter to

Radiate Media is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer

Radiate Media

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