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Wednesday, July 8, 2015 Volume 4   |   Issue 131
Dealtime in Sun Valley
Private FunctionTime for the annual Sun Valley meeting of media moguls.

Herb Allen of Allen & Co. summons not just media tycoons, but those from the tech and entertainment worlds, too. Though it seems that the topics usually wind up centering around media – and major deals. Soon after the 1996 Sun Valley gathering, Disney bought CapCities/ABC for $19 billion. That was because Disney’s Michael Eisner was able to chat face-to-face with CapCities. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post shortly after the 2013 Sun Valley confab, and the list goes on. The Hollywood Reporter says that one year, “Eisner reportedly learned while hiking at the Allen retreat that Fox Family Channel was about to be sold to a rival, which prompted him to grab the asset for $5.2 billion, roughly $2 billion more than most analysts thought it was worth.” Who’s flying their private jets to Sun Valley this week? The two top execs at CBS, Les Moonves and Joe Ianiello. Things might get awkward if they bump into Philippe Dauman of Viacom, who will sit on the board of the Redstone family trust that oversees both companies after Sumner’s passing. Current Disney chief Bob Iger will be there with COO Tom Staggs. So will the Murdochs, and Apple CEO Tim Cook – and The Reporter’s Paul Bond says the Univision IPO will likely be a prime topic. And if Moonves and/or Ianiello want to talk about strategy re: CBS Radio, a friendly campfire at Sun Valley might be just the place.

Rumors of a CBS-Entercom swap follow a GM’s exit in San Diego.

CBS says longtime San Diego market manager Bob Bolinger “has resigned.” We’ve been speculating here for months about the tantalizing possibilities for CBS and Entercom, once Entercom’s David Field can finally close on his $105 million acquisition of Lincoln Financial Media. It’s a little like when you were a school kid looking at the map of the world on the classroom wall, noticing how well Africa and South America would fit together. That’s Entercom and CBS, in San Diego, Atlanta and Miami. CBS is light in San Diego, with just AC KYXY/96.5 and CHR “Energy 103.7” KEGY. Lincoln has three FMs of its own there (easy oldies “Easy 98.1” KIFM, alternative KBZT/94.9 and country KSON/97.3). KSON’s re-broadcast on North County KSOQ/92.1, but if KSOQ were spun, somebody – Entercom? – would have an instant five-FM cluster in San Diego. Would CBS swap away San Diego – where Bob Bolinger just left the building – to gain another FM in Atlanta, or properties in Miami? It’s all Rumor Mill stuff, but with the recent FCC clearance of the linchpin Entercom-Lincoln deal and Bob’s departure, there’s some plausible scenario-making to be done. Entercom and Lincoln still need DOJ say-so on the deal, but stay tuned.

Latest Nielsen PPMs for L.A. reveal battle scars between urban “Power 106” and “Real 92.3.”

Same as last month, one way to read the box-score is that a winner in this clash is…a third station. That’s CBS-owned smooth R&B “94.7 the Wave” KTWV, which appears to be doing especially well creaming off the top end of the audience, holding onto its #5 spot with age 6+ AQH share. Six months ago the Wave pulled a 2.3 share in the January book, and since then it’s grown 2.6-3.5-3.9-4.4 and this month holds at a 4.2. iHeart’s February talent raid secured the services of 20-year Emmis staffer “Big Boy,” now fronting mornings for “Real 92.3” KRRL, and the numbers there are actually down from the May book. Big Boy’s in 20th place with 6+ listeners and in 16th place with 18-49s. Total week, KRRL moved 3.1-3.3-3.1 in the last three books, while Power/KPWR has gone 2.5-2.8-2.7. Both look better in the narrower demo of 18-34 (Real in second place, Power in fifth). Power 106 still leads the iHeart station in weekly cume. Plenty to chew on with June-book Nielsen PPMs from L.A., New York, Chicago (the Blackhawks win the Cup), San Francisco (Giants fans swarm to their radios) and eight more Day 1 markets. Coming up in today’s Tom Taylor NOW Newsletter.

Glenn Jones“Visionary” media owner/shaper Glenn Jones dies at 85.

“Glenn was a really nice guy who also seemed to finish first.” That’s David Graupner’s riff on Hall of Fame baseball manager Leo Durocher’s famous quip that “nice guys finish last.” Graupner tells this NOW Newsletter about Jones, who bought Dallas-based jingle/music-production house TM Century in 2006. Graupner ran TM Century and he’s not the only person calling Jones a visionary. That’s the word chosen by Jones/NCTI CEO Stacey Slaughter, announcing his passing. She says Glenn was “a man before his time...He transformed the communications, information, entertainment and educational landscape.” In 2008, Glenn sold Jones Radio Networks, Jones Media America and the rest of his Jones Media Group interests to Triton Media Group, backed by Oaktree Capital. That deal was a home-run for Jones. (Some said the Triton deal went for $100 million, in those heady days before the Great Recession.) Jones’ dealmaking began with his first cable purchase in 1967. His Jones Intercable became part of Comcast in 1999, and his Great American Country (GAC) channel went to Scripps in 2004. His interest in radio syndication led him to consolidate satellite-delivered formats beginning in the 1980s. In 1990 he acquired Drake-Chenault, and in 1999 Seattle-based Broadcast Programming. In 2006 came the TM Century deal, and David Graupner says “Although Glenn may be best remembered for his work in cable TV and online universities, he had a major impact in radio, from 24/7 formats to syndicating Delilah and numerous talk shows.” He retained his interest in radio, because one NOW reader reports exchanging emails with him just a few weeks ago. More about Jones from the Denver Post here.

Former syndicated radio host Warren Ballentine escapes prison in a fraud case.

He’s ordered to pay about $141,000 in restitution, and he’ll perform 300 hours of community service and serve three years on probation. But the Chicago Tribune says he “left a federal courthouse [yesterday] appearing grateful, after being sentenced to probation instead of prison time.” The case revolved around his work as a real estate attorney in a scheme that eventually “bilked lenders out of almost $10 million,” says the Tribune. Ballentine says “I’m guilty, but I’m guilty of being ignorant…I’m guilty of not paying attention.” Federal Judge Matthew Kennelly notes that Ballentine was “a relatively inexperienced attorney…he was basically chasing fees wherever he could find them.” His other job was as “The People’s Attorney” on a three-hour daily radio show syndicated by Radio One. It dropped him in February 2013 and Ballentine was convicted last Fall.

Doing Business

Carter Brokaw has oodles of experience in digital and he brings that to his new President of Digital Revenue Strategy post at iHeart. His digitally-dotted bio even includes time as VP/Digital Media at Warner Music Group. Before that he was VP/Corporate Sales at CNET (prior to CBS buying it), then Chief Revenue Officer at both Meebo and online music service Slacker and – most recently – EVP/Sales for Guardian News & Media in the U.S. At iHeart, he reports to President of National Sales Tim Castelli, with a special nod to President of Programmatic and Data Operations Brian Kaminsky. Carter Brokaw’s a graduate of Georgetown Prep and Colgate.

RdioRdio adds stations linked to indie labels, as it and other online music sources compete with the recent splash of Apple Music and specifically its global Beats 1 station. The International Business Times says “Apple Music may have Zane Lowe and Drake, but Rdio announced [yesterday] it’s launching specialty radio stations of its own, helmed by its own stable of tastemakers.” Cooperating labels including Daniel Glass’ Glassnote (one of the first indie labels to cut a rev-sharing deal with iHeart, two years ago), as well as DFA and XL.

A once-dead Kentucky station survives its deceased owner, as the FCC un-deletes the call letters for WKYY Lancaster (1280) and renews the license that expired on August 1, 2012. The April 20 NOW Newsletter laid out the history – that there’s “new information about the previously-unreported death of majority owner Gary L. Renfro of Lancaster Broadcasters.” The administrator of his estate recently filed a petition for reconsideration to have the license reinstated – and the FCC agrees, upon payment of a $7,000 fine. That’s the usual $3,000 fine for failing to file for renewal on time, and $4,000 (reduced from the standard $10,000) for unauthorized operation past the expiration date. Read the FCC decision here.


Impressive turnout of current and former FCC Chairs and Commissioners for next week’s MMTC Access to Capital and Telecom Policy Conference. There’s a “Former FCC Chairs’ Plenary” with Reed Hundt, Michael Powell and Dick Wiley. That’s a week from today on Wednesday, July 15, moderated by Lathen Consulting’s Deborah Lathen. Preceding that is an FCC Commissioners Luncheon, featuring both Republican members of the FCC (Ajit Pai, Michael O’Rielly) and moderated by former Republican Commissioner Deborah Taylor Tate. And on Thursday, July 16, current Democratic Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel appears to talk about one of her favorite topics, “Kids Who Code.” The MMTC was founded by David Honig and others as the “Minority Media and Telecommunications Council.” These days, President Emeritus/General Counsel Honig is mostly busy doing brokerage work in that space. And “MMTC” stands for “Multicultural Media, Telecom and Internet Council.” More about the July 15-16 conference in Washington DC here.

Underwater Radio Station“Sea Radio Station” is Neutrogena’s startling underwater promotion in Puerto Rico – surprising vacationers with the Spanish tropical programming of local “La Nueva X” WXYX Bayamon. The brains at DDB Latina Puerto Rico were wrestling with the challenge of marketing a suntan lotion that continues to work underwater. They wondered about what other things don’t usually work underwater – and thought of radio. MediaLife says DDB’s using “a special waterproof receiver made by Oceanears, the kind marine biologists use to communicate with dolphins.” You’ll know you’re in the right area because they tagged a buoy with the Neutrogena logo.

Former NY Times media journalist Bill Carter will host an interview show for SiriusXM on its Insight Channel 121. Last year SiriusXM said so long to interviewer (and former NPR Morning Edition anchor) Bob Edwards, and Carter may fill some of that space. He says “the thing I have enjoyed most in my career has been the opportunity to talk to fascinating, funny and news-making people.” He’ll welcome “performers, writers, producer and executives who are shaping the culture today.” Carter spent 25 years at the Times before accepting a buyout, and these days he contributes to The Hollywood Reporter and CNN. More from The Reporter here.

Media Services Group

NHL Philadelphia Flyers renew with Greater Media, in a relationship that began hastily, after the 2011-2012 season. As it turned out, both the Flyers and NBA Sixers left CBS Radio’s all-sports WIP-FM (94.1) for a new home at rival “97.5 the Fanatic” WPEN, because they felt crowded out by Eagles football. At Greater Media, if there’s a conflict with live games, The Fanatic stays with the Sixers and the Flyers will clear on rock WMMR (93.3), says the Philadelphia Inquirer. The renewal is “multi-year,” per Greater Media, extending to promotional work with classic rock WMGK (102.9) and variety hits “Ben FM” WBEN-FM (95.7).

Cumulus stock touches a multi-year low again and “CMLS” closed below $2 a share. The $1.90 intraday low occurred just before lunchtime, and eventually the price pulled up to a three cent loss to close at $1.99. It was down 1-1/2 percent on the day, with no particular news about the company. CEO Lew Dickey reports his second quarter results on Thursday, July 30. Also declining yesterday on no apparent news was the normally-quiet Salem. Its “SALM” stock was off 6%, down 40 cents to $5.96. Meanwhile, Pandora, facing question marks after the noisy launch of Apple Music, closed below the $15 level for the first time since March.

Nielsen PPMs

Day 1 Nielsen June-book PPMs –

New York – With the top seven stations repeating their exact positions from the May book, the action is further down. It’s a nice June book (May 21-June 17) for Univision’s Spanish talk WADO, which cracks the 1-share barrier for the first time this year. On the strength of morning drive, it’s up from a 0.4 share with age 6+ AQH in Nielsen’s Holiday book to (more recently) a 0.7 for April, a 0.9 for the May book and now a 1.1 for June. That ties it with Disney’s all-sports “ESPN 98.7” WEPN-FM (1.2-1.5-1.1) and New York Public Radio’s classical non-com WQXR (1.2-0.9-1.1). Up top, there’s iHeart’s #1 AC “Lite” WLTW (7.9-7.6-7.0), CBS Radio’s classic hits WCBS-FM (6.3-6.5-6.6), Emmis’ urban WBLS (4.9-6.0-6.0), SBS’ Spanish tropical WSKQ (5.7-5.5-5.2), and iHeart’s top 40 “Z100” WHTZ (5.2-5.6-5.7). That’s the best showing for Z100 since August 2013, and that’s your top five. iHeart’s urban “Power 105.1” WWPR-FM is up to a PPM-best 3.7-3.9-4.2. Emmis’ urban “Hot 97” WQHT is steady (3.8-3.6-3.8). But it’s an unsteady moment for CBS hot AC “Fresh 102.7” WWFS (2.9-2.9-2.4). Likewise for Univision’s Spanish contemporary “X96.3” WXNY (3.0-2.7-2.4). Cumulus country “Nash” WNSH is flattish, 1.7-1.7-1.8. In talk, there’s Cumulus talker WABC (1.7-1.5-1.7) and iHeart’s talk/Mets baseball WOR (1.6-1.7-1.7). When it comes to average weekly cume, AC “Lite” continues to lead both New York and the U.S., at an estimated 5,661,200 Tri-Staters.


KRTHLos Angeles – It’s another virtual three-way tie at the very top, and you could even call it a four-way tie. CBS Radio’s classic hits “K-Earth” KRTH ekes out a win (5.2-5.1-5.2) over iHeart’s hot AC KBIG (5.1-5.1-5.1) and sister AC KOST (4.9-4.5-5.1). Throw in iHeart’s top 40 KIIS (5.4-5.0-4.9), and you have the “compression” the PPM brought to the former diary ratings. Fifth is CBS Radio’s smooth R&B “94.7 the Wave” KTWV, 3.9-4.4-4.2. Sixth is Bonneville’s classic rock/”Mark in the Morning” flagship “Sound” KSWD, 3.9-3.9-3.7. (Cumulus rival KLOS rises to its best since September 2012, going 2.0-2.4-2.7.) iHeart’s eighth-ranking talk KFI is the highest-appearing talk-based station, 3.4-3.5-3.5. Saul Levine’s “Go Country” KKGO does its best number since December 2012, 2.2-2.4-3.0. To recap the urban battle opened by iHeart, its “Real 92.3” KRRL holds 3.1-3.3-3.1, versus Emmis’ “Power 106” (2.5-2.8-2.7). Hot still out-cumes Real, with about 2.25 million folks a week. The Dodgers help iHeart’s all-sports KLAC at night, but the total-week number holds 0.9-1.0-0.9. That ties KLAC with iHeart’s custom-made home for Rush Limbaugh, talk KEIB, with its third-straight 0.9 share. Cumulus talker KABC holds 0.5-0.4-0.4. Hot AC KBIG pulls L.A.’s highest weekly cume at 3,728,900.

Chicago – The Stanley Cup-winning Blackhawks help propel Tribune’s talk WGN up into fourth place, 3.4-3.3-4.3. WGN wins the evening daypart, and mornings are stronger, too. Ahead of WGN is this trio – iHeart’s urban AC “V103” WVAZ (6.9-6.8-6.5), Hubbard’s hot AC “Mix” WTMX (5.2-4.8-5.0) and CBS Radio’s all-news WBBM-AM – splitting from its FM simulcast for Cubs baseball – going 5.4-5.3-4.6. WBBM’s usual partner WCFS/105.9 stays with all-news during the games, and moves 2.2-2.4-2.1. Fifth is iHeart top 40 “Kiss” WKSC (4.0-3.9-4.1). Nice move for CBS classic hits “104.3 K-Hits” WJMK in sixth place (3.5-3.5-4.0). That’s WJMK”s best-ever PPM. It’s a soft book for CBS’ tenth-ranked rhythmic “B96” WBBM-FM (4.0-3.7-3.3). The country scorecard shows CBS “US99.5” WUSN in fifteenth place, 2.7-3.0-3.7. iHeart’s new challenger “Big 95.5” WEBG (the former regional Mexican WNUA) may’ve found its level, 2.0-2.4-1.9. In the sports world, there’s CBS Radio’s “Score” WSCR with the White Sox (2.5-2.0-1.9) versus Disney’s WMVP (1.8-2.1-1.5). Cumulus talker WLS is flat, 1.1-1.1-1.1. Chicago media blogger Robert Feder says that with its new 1.6 share, “nobody’s laughing now” at Weigel-run classic hits Me-TV FM. It appears on a low power TV Channel 6 leased from Venture Technologies and run as a complement to Weigel’s Me-TV. Weigel’s Neal Sabin says there is “passionate engagement” by listeners and its website is here. Chicago’s cume champ, drawing over 2.4 million listeners a week, is top 40 “Kiss.”

San Francisco – Given the market’s adoration for the World Series champ Giants, it was only a matter of time before Cumulus all-sports KNBR (and the team’s flagship) circled the bases and claimed the market lead. It’s up 4.8-5.1-6.2. That pushes CBS Radio’s all-sports KCBS and its FM partner down to second, 6.3-6.3-5.9. There’s a major traffic jam in the #3 to #7 slots, beginning with a three-way tie at identical 4.4 shares. There’s iHeart AC KIOI (4.2-4.6-4.4), CBS top 40 KMVQ (4.2-4.3-4.4) and sister hot AC “Alice” KLLC (4.5-4.2-4.4). Right behind is cume leader KOIT, the Entercom AC (4.8-4.8-4.3) and then Northern California Public Radio’s non-com news/talk KQED (4.2-4.1-4.2). Headed downhill are iHeart’s rhythmic KMEL (4.3-3.9-3.6) and Univision’s Spanish variety hits KBRG-FM (3.7-3.4-3.2). It’s another up-month for Entercom’s rhythmic AC “Q102” KRBQ (2.6-2.9-3.1). Another negative month and all-time low for Cumulus news/talk KGO (1.6-1.4-1.2). Country sister “Nash 92.3” KSJO is stuck, 0.9-0.7-0.8. KOIT’s market-leading cume is 1,564,300 – and no doubt it wishes for higher time-spent-listening.


Dallas – Mostly status-quo in the Metroplex, led by iHeart CHR “Kiss” KHKS (7.6-7.8-7.2). There’s a big drop to #2-ranked hot AC sister “102.9 Now” KDMX (5.4-5.1-4.8), and then tied for third you’ve got CBS classic hits KLUV (4.7-4.9-4.6) and Cumulus country “Wolf” KPLX (4.7-4.7-4.6). There’s a tie for fifth place between Salem’s contemporary Christian KLTY (4.4-4.2-4.4) and iHeart classic rock KZPS (4.6-4.7-4.4). Things are tight in the urban world, led by Hymen Childs’ urban “K104” KKDA-FM (3.4-3.8-3.4). Then comes sister “Smooth R&B” urban AC KRNB (3.5-3.3-3.1), followed by Radio One’s urban KBFB (3.3-3.1-2.8) and its classic hip-hop “Boom 94.5” KSOC (2.6-2.4-2.1). The leading talk-based station is Cumulus talk WBAP (2.4-2.5-2.5). CBS news/talk KRLD (2.1-2.4-2.3) stays close to ’BAP, while all-sports cousin “105.3 the Fan” KRLD-FM leads that format in Dallas (1.8-2.0-2.4). It has the baseball Rangers, and it’s ahead of the Cumulus-owned “Ticket” KTCK (1.6-2.1-1.9) and Disney-owned/Cumulus-managed KESN (1.4-1.4-1.2). CHR “Kiss” leads in cume at 1,877,800.

KODAHouston – iHeart AC KODA tops the market in both cume (over 2.3 million) and AQH share, going 7.4-7.7-7.6. Second is Cox country “93Q” KKBQ (6.1-6.2-6.1), just ahead of Univision’s regional Mexican KLTN (6.2-6.2-6.0). Fourth is Radio One’s urban AC “Majic” KMJQ (dropping 6.8-6.5-5.5) and fifth is Cox classic rock “Eagle” KGLK/KHPT (6.4-5.6-5.2). Leading talk station is iHeart’s talk KTRH (3.6-3.6-3.9), while Radio One’s very first classic hip-hop “Boom” KROI, introduced last October, holds 1.8-1.6-1.9.

Philadelphia – Jerry Lee’s AC “More FM” WBEB recovers its mojo, 6.5-5.8-7.2. Second is CBS classic hits WOGL (6.0-6.8-6.9) and third is iHeart’s urban AC WDAS-FM, 5.7-5.6-5.8. Fourth is Greater Media classic rock WMGK (6.0-5.7-5.6), followed by sister rock WMMR (4.9-5.1-5.5). CBS acquired country WXTU in last Fall’s swap with Beasley, and it’s moving 4.9-5.7-5.4. CBS all-newser KYW goes 5.4-5.3-4.9, while revamped sibling top 40 “Amp” WZMP (former “Wired 96.5”) grows to its best share since the Wired days of September 2013 (2.7-3.0-3.6). Soft book for iHeart’s alternative “Radio 104.5” WRFF (4.8-4.8-4.0), and same down-trend for Radio One’s classic hip-hop “Boom 107.9” WPHI (3.0-2.5-2.1). It’s a “between” time for all-sports here, with CBS-owned WIP off (4.8-4.3-3.5) and Greater Media’s “Fanatic” holding 2.0-2.1-1.9. AC “More FM” added nearly 250,000 cume from the May book, up from 1,623,100 to 1,867,400.

Atlanta – Best book for CBS urban “V103” WVEE (8.5-9.0-9.2) since August 2012. Second is Cox urban AC “Kiss 104.1” WALR (6.4-6.6-7.1), followed by talk sister WSB/WSBB-FM (7.4-7.3-6.8). The Fish is swimming strongly, meaning Salem’s contemporary Christian “Fish” WFSH (6.2-6.5-5.9). Fifth is Cox AC “B98.5” WSB-FM (6.3-6.1-5.6). Then we get to the country players, beginning with iHeart’s sixth-ranked “Bull” WUBL (4.6-4.9-5.3). Cumulus rival “Kicks” WKHS is #11, 3.4-3.4-3.8. Cumulus news/talk WYAY is flattish, 1.3-1.2-1.4. That’s just ahead of CBS-owned all-sports “Game” WZGC (2.1-1.8-1.3). Dickey-owned “680 the Fan” WCNN and its translator don’t subscribe to Nielsen, so we don’t see their numbers. AC “B98.5” is lighter in share but still the heavyweight in cume at just over 1.4 million.

Sun & Fun

Nassau-Suffolk – The #1 and #2 stations are New York-market players. #1 is iHeart CHR “Z100” WHTZ (6.2-6.2-6.1) and second is CBS Radio’s all-sports “Fan” WFAN-AM/FM (5.8-5.5-5.0) – with the Yankees. Third is Connoisseur’s Long Island-based AC WALK-FM (6.8-6.0-4.9). CHR Z100 leads in cume at just over 750,000.

KLLYRiverside-San Bernardino – Another slip for Entravision’s top-ranked Spanish variety hits “Jose” KLYY (10.4-9.5-8.6). It had soared as high as a 12.2 share in the February survey. Second among the subscribing stations is Inland Empire’s classic hits KOLA (4.5-4.3-5.9) and third is iHeart’s rhythmic KGGI (5.0-4.8-4.5). Nice jump for Liberman’s regional Mexican “Que Buena 96.1” KRQB (3.0-3.3-4.4) – now ahead of Univision’s L.A.-market regional Mexican KLVE (4.8-4.7-4.0). Classic hits KOLA leads in cume at 654,900.

San Jose – Giants-propelled all-sports KNBR almost unseats local AC KBAY, but not quite. Digity’s AC KBAY leads (7.2-6.6-6.5) Cumulus-owned KNBR (4.7-5.0-6.4). Third is Univision’s Spanish variety hits “Mas Variedad” KBRG-FM (5.3-5.3-5.4). Fourth and dropping is CBS Radio’s San Francisco-market all-news KCBS-AM/FM simulcast (6.0-6.5-5.2). Fifth is Digity hot AC KEZR (5.5-5.5-5.0). S.F.-based Cumulus talker KSFO continues to find adherents down in San Jose (3.3-3.8-3.4). Wondering about the country faceoff between local Empire and Cumulus, with “Nash?” Empire’s KRTY improves 2.6-3.0-4.0, while Cumulus-leased “Nash 92.3” KSJO slips 2.0-1.6-1.3. Southern California Public Radio’s non-com classical “KDFC” service (KOSC/90.3, KXSC/104.9 plus a translator at 90.3) gains 1.6-2.3-2.5. AC KBAY is the cume leader at 451,700.

Middlesex-Somerset-Union – NY-market classic hits WCBS-FM edges out “New Jersey 101.5” WKXW. CBS Radio’s WCBS-FM rises 5.9-6.0-6.4, ahead of Townsquare’s hybrid talk-weekdays/classic hits-weekends WKXW (6.4-6.8-6.3). Third is iHeart’s NY-market AC “Lite” WLTW (6.7-6.3-5.9) and next is iHeart top 40 “Z100” WHTZ with a rope-like 5.5-5.5-5.5. Cumulus country “Nash 94.7” airs on Newark-licensed WNSH, and it’s up in its backyard, from a 2.5 in January and February to a more recent run of 3.6-4.0-4.2. Top 40 “Z100” wins in cume at 476,500.

Syndication network
On The Block

$7 million cash is the price for two AMs and an FM in Nebraska, and they’re especially valuable to buyer Flood Communications because of how they lock into its other interests. Last year (August 20, 2014 NOW), Flood paid Connoisseur $4.7 million cash for regional Mexican “Radio Lobo 97.7” KBBX Nebraska City, which mated well with Flood’s news/talk “Big Apple Radio” KNCY Nebraska City (1600) and country “US92” KUSO Albion. Now it’s time to meet the newest family members of Flood Communications, in its transaction with seller Rick Siebert – classic hits/full-service KWBE Beatrice, with 530 watts fulltime at 1450. Oldies KGMT Fairbury at 1310, with 500 watts daytime/95 watts after dark. And “Best Country” KUTT Fairbury, a C1 at 99.5. Northpine adds the fact that Flood is “also in the process of buying low power TV stations in Beatrice, Columbus, Norfolk [Nebraska], Grand Island and Hastings.” Broker on the three-station radio deal between seller Rick Siebert and Flood – the Nebraska nonagenarian Dick Chapin.

You Can't Make This Up

BriefcaseTo look important, you carried a briefcase - A NOW reader recalls "A fellow I worked with in the 1970s, who brought a briefcase to work every day. There were many jocks walking around in those days with briefcases, and they'd talk about 'The research' and sound smart and knowledgeable. But what this guy was doing with his briefcase was stealing records. I visited him at his house several times, and he had a room in the basement that was nothing but 45s, all four walls, from ceiling to floor. He probably had more discs than many radio stations, and he just kept carting that stuff home, day after day. The station itself later burned down, but that's another story." Remind you of your own favorite true radio story? Email “You Can’t Make This Up” –

Take 2 – Happy to report that contrary to yesterday’s story about the original WBIX Boston, its onetime principal Brad Bleidt didn’t die from his 2004 suicide attempt. One NOW reader says “He was tried, convicted and served time” on a Ponzi-scheme charge. And he’s now contributing to the world again. The reader says “His LinkedIn profile says he’s the Internship Coordinator at the Urban Scholars Program at UMass Boston.”

Need to fill a job opening? Use the Classified section of this daily Tom Taylor NOW management newsletter. Your contact is Kristy Scott - or phone 818-591-6815. Look for the Nielsen Day 2 June-book PPMs in your email at 5pm Eastern time today, and see you back first thing tomorrow with analysis of those 12 markets - Tom


WBRP FM – Talk 107.3 FM in Baton Rouge, LA is looking for a morning show board op/producer. This position requires constant attention to detail in regards to time and content, as well as phones and uploading shows to web.
You must be an excellent team player and focused to successfully air a smooth broadcast. This is a Live and Local show that discusses local events/issues/politics etc. Interest in those things are helpful.

• Must be willing to work early morning shift (6am-9am, Monday-Friday & Some Weekends)
• Proven ability to multi-task effectively
• Experience with DAD Systems preferred but not required.
• Ability to accept direction and be flexible with changes
• Ability to find, record, and edit audio / quick learner (will be learning Adobe Audition if unfamiliar).
• Willing to accept responsibility and work under moderate supervision while resolving varied problems.
• Work effectively in a team environment
• Project an appropriate professional appearance and demeanor.

NO PHONE CALLS – EOE/Women, Minorities/Disabled encouraged to apply.
If interested send Resume/Aircheck/Social Media links to:


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