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Starting July 31st, we have pre-taped services. You are invited to watch it on YouTube or join us at the church on Sundays, to watch the service together.

The service will be in the Lounge

Newsletter for August 14, 2022

The Worship Service link below will be active on
Sunday August 14, 2022

CLICK HERE FOR Worship - Sunday August 14th, 2022
In-Person Fellowship Hour After Worship
Please join us for some lemonade after the Sunday Worship Service
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421 St Paul St Kamloops, V2C 2J7.
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 The Deadline for all Newsletter Pieces is Wednesday Evening.
Friday, August 19th
Ukrainian Welcome Dinner
Our next monthly Ukrainian Welcome Dinner is
August 19th at 6:00 PM
We wanted to reach out and ask for your assistance. We are requesting volunteers to sign up for teams:

  • Meal-Prep (please arrive by 1:00 PM)
  • Set-Up (please arrive by 4:00 PM)
  • Food-Service (please arrive by 5:00 PM)
  • Clean-Up (please arrive by 5:00 PM)

Volunteers are requested to wear ALL BLACK. Please email to sign-up for the team you would like to assist. Thank you so much for your help!
KUC Together

Join us every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday (after service) at 11:00 AM for our virtual coffee hour on Zoom, hosted by the lovely Jayne Martin!

Here is the link: Kamloops United Church Zoom Meetings

Password if required:


Ethan's Artwork for the week
Hello there, my name is Ethan Renfrew. I have been given the honor of exploring Climate Change this summer and showing my thoughts to you through art. Every week or two, you will be presented with an art piece, as well as a portion of research findings as I explore Climate Change and learn more about it. This can be in the form of a fact about Climate change, or a way you can help protect your community or environment from its effects.

This is being done to both bring awareness as well as share some insight into the topic in a way that is both enjoyable and beautiful. I will be asking questions along the way in the eNews about your thoughts, and I hope you will engage with me, as I am excited to learn what you think throughout the Summer.

Artist Statement:
For this week, I chose to talk about how climate change affects the world around us and why it’s important to talk about. For this week's art piece I wanted to use a familiar or common idea when discussing climate change. I had a number of ideas for the topic of climate change's negative effects and I eventually used the one shown. My goal was to give some form of awareness but still convey an idea of scenic beauty. I chose an art style of pencil and blue watercolor to replicate the simplicity that this scene would have in real life.


Sometimes climate change is hard to talk about without looking at the negative effects it has on our world. One of the main effects of climate change is that it’s been shown to be affecting the rate at which ice melts each year in colder regions. This is caused by greenhouse gasses (eg. carbon dioxide) warming the atmosphere, the general cause for climate change. This also results in changes to the weather both in timing and intensity such as heat waves, flooding, and droughts. This can impact certain areas of the earth, and in turn affect the animal and plant-life that inhabits earth. By causing seasons to change at irregular times, this can have an impact on the survival, reproduction, and seasonal instincts found in animals and plants. These are ways that climate change can impact the world around us and why it is an important topic to discuss.

Some greenhouse gasses are natural and help keep the planet hospitable and stop it from being at freezing temperatures.

Sources of information:


Do you feel that climate change isn’t talked about enough or that it’s talked about too much?

Please email your answer to
Ethan's artwork is available for viewing at the church on Sunday, after Worship
Kamloops Pride Parade 2022

Kamloops United Church will be PIE on August 28th

Finally, once again KUC will have the opportunity to be Public, Intentional, and Explicit about our Affirmation and desire for justice for Two Spirit & LGBTQIA+ folks. As we have in previous years, members of the KUC community will be participating in the Kamloops Pride celebrations. It is so important for the KUC faith community to publicly show up and support this celebration. And, it’s also a lot of fun! This is an event for everyone and all of us!

Please join us on Sunday, August 28. Of course, we hope to have as many as possible marching with the KUC banners in the parade, but there will also be a need for KUC volunteers who are willing to stay behind to mind the KUC booth at Riverside Park.

The marching begins at 11 a.m. and the “After-Party” in Riverside Park starts at 12 following the parade. Please note that the route has changed slightly. Plan to march with us and bring your family and friends! Next week, we’ll post again and ask folks to indicate how they would like to participate.

Many thanks,
Chris Dolson (she/her)

Check this link for activities throughout Pride Week!
Sharing and Caring, Sunday August 28th

Sunday, August 28, 2022, at 7 pm via Zoom


password (if required) is gratitude

Sharing & Caring is loosely based on the UK’s The Listening Café

During this listening hour, participants will be paired off randomly into Zoom breakout rooms. For the first five minutes, one participant will be “sharing” (even silence is welcomed) while the other “caring” participant will mute themselves and listen without judgment and without offering solutions or trying to fix anything.

At the end of the five-minute mark, the “caring” (listening) party will simply state, “I heard you” and then the roles will reverse for another five minutes. Afterward, we will regroup, assess, and repeat.

“Those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.” Proverbs 11:25b
CFJC Video Clip about PIT Stop
While some people are feasting on a rack of ribs at Ribfest, the PIT Stop campaign aims to lend a helping hand to the community for their free rib feast...

Check out the Video Clip about PIT Stop on CFJC link below:

[VIDEO CLIP] PIT Stop program helps people in transition escape the heat for Sunday rib feast

Thrift Shop Sales this Summer!!!
We would like to request for empty egg cartons, for the golf balls.
Please leave the egg cartons at the church office and we will be grateful, thank you!  
Vancouver Queer Film Festival Night
Picture Credit: VQFF

We are pleased to be holding our first VQFF Film Night with Kamloops Pride and PrimeTimers of Kamloops!

Where:  Kamloops United Church, 421 St. Paul Street Kamloops BC
When:  Saturday, August 13th, 7 to 9 pm 

The Vancouver Queer Film Festival, one of the oldest in western Canada, is set to begin on August 11th and will run until August 21st this year.  The theme of this year’s festival is Make it Yours.  The festival is offering many of its films online in British Columbia through video-on-demand.  On Saturday, August 13th you are invited to attend a two-hour free screening of a collection of shorts from the festival.  The event is being organised by Kamloops Pride and Prime Timers Kamloops.  With over 90 films being featured, the evening is meant to provide a sample of all that the festival has to offer.  At the film night, your hosts will explain how you can enjoy watching more films over the course of the festival.  The link for the festival program and online tickets can be found at  Free popcorn and pop will be provided! Come join us for a fun night of queer films!

Limited seating so please RSVP with name and number in party:

~ John, Jesse, and Joe

What are you reading this week?
Our Activities Coordinator, Shakshi Paul picked up the latest copy of her favorite magazine, National Geographic from Kamloop's Public Library. The Nat Geo's August 2022 issue has a big spread on Stonehedge, and it sure is fun to read!

What are you reading this summer?
To share your reading material email
This week your editor is Shakshi Paul

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