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AWD works to support and promote the work, visibility, and professional development for female directors through a variety of programs including screenings, educational events, and networking events both for their members, and the general public.

Wonder Woman's Words Of Wisdom 
Patty Jenkins -- Guest of AWD

AFI DWW alumna Patty’s first success was the female superhero short film "Velocity Rules," which was the Short Film Winner at Telluride Indie Fest 2001. Through the AFI Kodak Connect Program she met Brad Wyman who helped her produce "Monster," which won Charlize Theron the Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role.

Patty Jenkins directed several episodes of television before being sent the first draft of the script to "The Killing." Working on the pilot with show runner Veena Sud, Jenkins learned to genuinely be open to other people's ideas and suggestions. However, she adds, "If it’s your own movie you shouldn’t have to entertain other people to that extent."

"When you are doing an episodic show you are looking at how they designed it and then adhering to it. I’m not setting the tone, I’m only following tone. How do they cut, how quick are the shots, how independent do those shots need to be. I’m kind of studying, 'How do you work?' On "The Killing" I designed it to be what I wanted it to be, which was filmic. If it’s the right fit you do it like a feature: picking your DP, casting together, screening, and bouncing ideas off of people."

"With hundreds of millions of dollars of other people’s money, it's like the director is managing a corporation. You are in the middle, not at the top. You are the CEO in the middle, you have all the heat coming down and all the artists coming up. You have to be managerial, thoughtful, fair, make people feel listened to, and manage it all."

"The most important thing about Visual Effects is knowing when the decision will be made, what a shot will look like. Sometimes it’s months before you start shooting and so that’s the thing to be most watchful of -- knowing what you want but also really staying on top of when you need to make that decision."

Photography by Marina Luna

Award Season

AWD members Stacy K. Black and Shea E. Butler won Best Female Filmmaker, as a team, for their web series "Trouble Creek." 

Shea E. Butler also won Best Crime Drama with her screen play “Recoil” and she received the AOF Women In Film Award 2017 for her multiple achievements.
Maggie Mahrt won Best SciFi with her short "Unbound" and Cameo Wood won Best VFX with her short "Real Artists." Below with HollyShorts founders Nichole Castro, Daniel Sol, and Theo Dumont.
Justine Raczkiewicz won Best Female Director with her short "Waste."
Eva von Schweinitz won Best Short with "Heads Or Tails" at the Los Angeles Diversity Film Festival.
Short Film Screenings
Six Letter Word
"Heads Or Tails" written and directed by Eva von Schweinitz will screen in the #29 Comedy Shorts Block at The Long Beach Indie International Film Festival.

The Cinemark at the Pike Theater
99 South Pine Ave., Long Beach, CA 90802
Friday, September 1, 2017, 1:40 PM
Click here to buy tickets
Eva von Schweinitz just won Best Short Film at the Los Angeles Diversity Film Festival. Eva offered two free tickets to the #29 comedy shorts block to AWD members.
Photography by Maurine Dodge
"Shelby's Vacation" directed by Vickie Sampson is playing at Chicago's Reeling Festival.

Landmark's Century Centre Cinema
2828 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60657

Sunday, September 24, 2017 at 7:15 PM

Click here to buy tickets

Submission Deadlines

For answers to the most commonly asked questions about submitting to the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, download this FAQ document. Please read the Rules & Regulations thoroughly before submitting your project. Deadlines dates for 2018 festival consideration:

Shorts VR and Episodic:
Late Deadline: September 15th
Late Deadline: September 18th

Click here to begin the application process through Withoutabox.

The Athena Film Festival at Barnard College is a weekend of inspiring films that tell the extraordinary stories of strong, bold women leaders from all walks of life – stories of ambition, courage, resilience, and moxie. 

In an attempt to remedy the dearth of female characters and misconceptions about female-led films, the Athena Film Festival has created the Athena List, an annual slate of between 3-5 screenplays with female leaders or strong female protagonists that have yet to be made into films.

SUBMIT FOR FREE to both by September 30th

Important Announcement ABOUT SUBMISSIONS
for AWD Members 
If you are an AWD member and are submitting to the Sundance Film Festival 2018, or the Athena Film Festival/Athena List email Nikki Braendlin by September 10th with the TITLE OF YOUR FILM, DIRECTOR'S NAME (must be an AWD member), CATEGORY, LOGLINE (one or two sentences only). 
From The Heart Productions
If you are an AWD member and applied to the AFI DWW program, email Lagueria Davis with your name (submissions closed August 31st).
From The Heart Productions

Win, Shoot, Get Score with Roy W. Dean Film Grant

Applications are now being accepted for the fall Roy W. Dean Film Grant. Winner receives $3,000 cash, $30,000 in film services to shoot and finish their project, including a film score!  Grant seeks films that are unique and contribute to society.  Projects can be documentaries, short films, features, or web series.

Award winning composer David Raiklen will give the grant recipient $15,000 in theme music and score for their project.  David recently provided music for the Emmy award and Roy W. Dean Grant winning documentary “Mia: A Dancer’s Journey."  Emmy award winner Charlie Canfield will donate $6,000 in animation services to the winner.

Other prizes include a hard drive from G-Technology, one week DSLR camera package rental from Birns & Sawyer, and 25% discount on conform and deliverables services from Light Iron, and much more from many heartfelt donors.  

Unique to this grant is each applicant for the grant receives a consultation on his/her project from a member of From The Heart Productions which sponsors the grant. 

Deadline for submission is September 30th.
Click here to apply for the grant 

For more information, please email or call 805-984-0098.

International Academy of Web Television Awards

The International Academy of Web Television Awards is offering our AWD members $25 OFF submissions. 

ABOUT THE AWARDS:  The IAWTV is now a division of The Caucus for Producers, Writers & Directors. The Caucus mission is “Leading the evolution of television by providing a creative forum for Producers, Writers & Directors to explore the issues of the ever-changing landscape of content and exhibition.” The IAWTV Awards support this mission by rewarding shows that expand the boundaries of independent television. 

The IAWTV Awards have been credited with launching Hollywood careers. Julian De Zotti, co-creator of “Whatever Linda” said, “Winning an IAWTV Award opened the door to our development deal with The Mark Gordon Company to turn our series into an hour-long TV show.”

The 5th IAWTV Awards, a celebration honoring the best in streaming series will start at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, October 4, 2017, in the Ahmanson Ballroom at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles. The Red Carpet will start at 5 p.m. The entire ceremony will be streamed live online.

To submit, check your inbox for instructions, or email Nikki Braendlin.

Interested in attending the IAWTV Awards show in October? Click here for Early Bird tickets 

AWD Craft Enrichment Series

The Alliance of Women Directors & CBS Television Present

The Art of Directing Television

Friday, September 29, 2017

Sponsored by Glenfiddich Single Malt
Showcasing Episodes Directed by: Anna Mastro and Marta Cunningham

More Details Coming Soon. Seating will be limited, so be on the lookout for the invitation.

Upcoming AWD Event
'The Future is Female'
Round Table

AFM Studio, Loews Hotel

Sunday, November 5, 2017
5:00 PM – 6:30PM
It is no surprise that Wonder Women is the highest grossing action movie in 15 years. Women make up over half of the world’s population, and are a driving force in theatrical box office as well as television, cable and digital viewing. This Roundtable will highlight how female-driven stories can expand your audience and profitability. Our panel will explore the benefits of developing strong female leads and hiring women directors, producers and writers for your next mega-hit.
Presented in partnership with the Alliance of Women Directors.
Moderator: Wendy Calhoun, Writer/Producer, EMPIRE, NASHVILLE, JUSTIFIED

AWD Tour Bus
AWD partnered with New Filmmakers Los Angeles to showcase AWD members' diverse visions in a block of shorts. The audience was wildly receptive and it was fantastic to see our members' work back to back to back! Congratulations to the chosen filmmakers!
From Left to Right: Rebecca Feldman with "Irving," Morgan Dameron with "Come Here Often?,"  Cameo Wood with "Real Artists" and Danishka Esterhazy with "The Singing Bones." Not pictured: Justine Raczkiewicz with "Waste."
Kate Rees Davies asked a panel of working industry females about the challenges women face in today's film & entertainment business. The discussion centered around the theme "Can the myth that 'women cannot handle big budget movie making' be dispelled?"
Kate Rees Davies with Panelists Cindy BaerAlexis Ostrander, Sarah J. Cornelius, Producer - Whitewater Films and Sarah Phillips.

Upcoming Workshops
Film Powered
Panel & Mixer
Finding, Choosing & Hiring A Director of Photography

Co-Presented by Alliance of Women DirectorsInternational Collective of Female Cinematographers and Light Iron, this event will feature a moderated panel discussion and Q&A with 3-4 feature film directors and television show runners including Trish Sie (PITCH PERFECT 3) (check back here as others are confirmed) and Cinematographer Nancy Schreiber, ASC, the only woman to receive the ASC President's Award. Panel will be moderated by Jen McGowan (KELLY & CAL). Topic of discussion will include: the finding, upselling and hiring of cinematographers.  

The goal of this event is to help DPs better understand what goes into their selection and hiring, to introduce Producers & Directors to women DPs and to get Producers & Directors to better understand how to look at & frame DP's work so they can get women DPs greenlit more often.

After the panel there will be a mixer where drinks will be provided.  ICFC DP reels will be played on a loop in the background at the venue.

Everyone in attendance will be given color-coded name tags reflecting the filmmaker’s primary role of Director, DP, Producer or Other, to facilitate networking. 

Thursday, September 21, 2017, 7 PM - 10 PM

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Found In The World Wide Web

Patty Jenkins hits back at James Cameron: 'He doesn't understand Wonder Woman' by , August 25, 2017

NBC to Hire More Women Directors With "Female Forward" Initiative by Bryn Elise Sandberg August 3, 2017
Meryl Streep, Oprah Winfrey-Funded Writers Lab Selects Projects by Gregg Kilday, Aug 3, 2017


The End of Film Territories in Europe is Closer Than You Think!

Illeana Douglas, Renaissance Woman by , October 30, 2016
5% Of Profits Gifted To AWD
Elizabeth Blake-Thomas will gift 5% of the profits from her book to AWD. 

Arabella is a thirty-year-old mother who is happily married until she makes the discovery that her husband has been seeing another woman. With Christmas around the corner she decides to keep her knowledge a secret, to ensure that their daughter has the best Christmas ever. The only way she can get through it though, is to make sure her husband thinks he's going insane.
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Jill Von D
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