Practical Tips for Busy Children's Leaders

Showing Value 

Do the students I teach know that I value them? How do I show them that they are important? It is often the little things we do that speak the loudest.

Practical Tip

Here are two simple ways to show value to your students.  1.) Acknowledge a student’s birthday by singing “Happy Birthday” and giving him a small inexpensive gift such as a pencil. Or, acknowledge a student’s birthday by sending him a birthday card. 2.) Have a fair way of giving every student an opportunity to help you in the class. Print each student’s name on a separate 3 x 5-inch card and place all the cards in a small box at the front of the class. When an opportunity arises for a student to help you, ask the student whose name is first in the box. Then place the card behind the other cards. When another opportunity arises, choose the next child whose name is showing in the box. This plan keeps you from playing favorites. Be sure to thank the children for their help.
Valuing our students helps us develop a closer relationship with them. It is within the context of a good relationship with them that we are able to disciple them and help them move toward the goal of knowing, loving, and obeying God. 
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Hebrews 10:25
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