Practical Tips for Busy Children's Leaders


Do our students just hear stories about people who lived and died a long time ago or do they understand they need to respond by putting God’s truth into practice in their own lives?

Practical Tip

As you teach the story of the wise man and the foolish man (Matthew 7:24-27), challenge the children to respond by committing to obey God’s Word and depending on God to help them obey. Help the children to understand that a wise person not only hears God’s Word but also obeys it. To do otherwise is to be foolish. Discuss times when it is hard for them to obey and the results of their disobedience. Have the children identify a time when it is hard for them to obey. Place small rocks on a table and have the children commit to obeying God’s Word in those times when it is hard for them by taking one of the rocks and placing it in their pocket. Give them time to pray silently, asking God for help in obeying. Encourage the children to carry the rock in their pocket daily as a reminder to obey God’s Word and depend on God for help in obeying. 
Children can respond to God’s truth, but we need to give them practical ways to respond. We cannot assume that they will automatically know how to put God’s truth into practice. By giving them a specific way to respond, we are helping them move toward the goal of knowing, loving and obeying God.
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Psalm 119:10
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