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10 Ontario Rivers Protected from 19 Hydroelectric Projects

The Ontario Rivers Alliance (ORA) is celebrating a major victory in the protection of 10 Ontario rivers that have been under threat from 19 proposed hydroelectric projects.   Actions taken by the ORA and its members have led to what was considered to be impossible – the termination of 19 Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) Contracts.....  more. (Photo:  Ivanhoe River - by Mark Clement)
Minister's Decision on Wabagishik Rapids GS

It was quite the roller-coaster ride - first we received the Minister's decision approving the Wabagishik Rapids hydroelectric proposal with conditions, and a few weeks later we received the results of our Freedom of Information Application indicating that all 19 of Xeneca's Feed-in-Tariff Contracts had been terminated a year ago.  Read our letter to Minister Murray here
Terminated FIT Contracts

The Ontario Rivers Alliance filed a Freedom of Information Application with the IESO in February of 2016 to obtain the following list of terminated Feed-in-Tariff Contracts: here
ORA Intervening in EE Pipeline Hearing

The National Energy Board has granted Ontario Rivers Alliance (ORA) intervenor status in panel hearings regarding the Energy East Pipeline application.... more.
The Dark Side of Hydroelectric - GHG Emissions

One of the most popular energy sources for Canada and globally has been hydroelectric power generation, and the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, and British Columbia are big fans of this particular energy source.... more.


Hillsburgh Dam, Upper West Credit River

ORA has partnered with Trout Unlimited Canada, Credit Valley Conservation, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, and the Izaak Walton Fly Fishing Club, on a project to decommission the Rudd Dam, just downstream of the Hillsburgh Dam.... more.
Energy East Pipeline - through Algonquin Territory

Ontario Rivers Alliance was very pleased to have Rosanne VanSchie make a presentation on behalf of Chief Lance Haymond, of Kaboawek First Nation ( formally Eagle Village) at our 12 June 2016 General Meeting in North Bay.   Presentation here.
Report on Safety Trust Forum in Alberta

Ontario Rivers Alliance held a General Meeting in North Bay on Sunday, 12 June 2016, where Dr. Alan Hepburn, a member of our Board of Directors, reported on his attendance at a recent Pipeline Safety Trust forum in Calgary.  Presentation here.
Cumbrian River Restoration Strategy
Stormwater Pollution The Dirty Truth 

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