WAEE Bulletin -December 2013

WAEE Bulletin

December 2013

A Celebration of Excellence in Environmental Education Awards Banquet
WAEE's first joint Excellence in EE Awards Banquet and Ceremony was a smashing success! We had a full house at the Aldo Leopold Nature Center. It was a beautiful venue and an example of what we can accomplish when we collaborate. The night was full of inspiration for me - we have so many people doing great things in our state. Thank you to everyone who made it happen and everyone who was there to support EE happening throughout the state. Now I am looking forward to yet another great WAEE event, the Winter Workshop. I hope to see you there!

Molly McKay

2013 Awards Banquet Chair


January 24-26, 2014

WAEE Winter Workshop
at Treehaven

August 13-15, 2014
WAEE Annual Conference 
in Stevens Point, WI 


Save The Date

January 24-26, 2014
at Treehaven
Tomahawk, Wisconsin

Registration is open.

The program will be up on the website soon!

Join the state organization as they host their annual professional development and networking workshop in Tomahawk, WI.  Enhance your portfolio, share your skills, expand your knowledge, and help enhance environmental education in Wisconsin. Be a part of this amazing workshop by sharing your work with others. 
Workshop Theme: Survival or Revival

Survival:  How do you survive winter?  How does Nature survive winter?  What great survival stories related to EE do you have to share? What can you do to help your organization survive (grant writing, garnering community support, etc.)?  What adaptations have helped your EE programs survive and prosper?
Revival:  What revives you about winter?  How do you stay sharp and focused?  What techniques do you have to help infuse new life into a program?  What new ideas would you like to share?

Save The Date

WAEE Annual Conference August 13-15 2014.
The annual conference will be a collaborative effort between WAEE and Green and Healthy Schools.

Call for presenters! Due by February 15th, 2014
This year’s conference theme is “40 Years of Collaboration.”
Share your success story of collaboration related to:
  • Increasing Environmental & Sustainability Literacy
  • Reducing Environmental Impact & Costs
  • Improving Health & Wellness

Reclaim your holidays!

Ways to Clear the clutter and have a more meaningful holiday!
• Consumable gifts—Iowa wines, cheeses and breads or an assortment of jams and jellies or fair trade chocolates—are all great gifts. 
• Experiential gifts, like tickets to a game or passes to a show or zoo, won’t add to the clutter, provided the recipient doesn’t bring home tons of memorabilia. 
• Another option is to give a gift that allows the recipient to give money to a charitable cause they are passionate about. Simply write a check with everything filled in except the “pay to the order of” and give this share check to someone on your gift list. 
• If your family celebrates the spirit of service during the holidays--or is open to the idea—numerous charities will appreciate your financial gift. 
• To reduce the sheer amount of stuff generated during the holidays, give a green gift, like energy saving light bulbs or water-bill reducing showerheads.

LEAF courses for Spring 2014

Human Influence on Wisconsin's Forests

NRES 623--1 Graduate Credit
Course Fee:  $65 (assumes scholarship granted)
Web-based course examines Wisconsin’s forest resources and the role our forests play in our past, current, and future ecological, economic, and social well-being. Course designed for educator who wants to acquire the background necessary to teach their students about Wisconsin’s forests.  This course runs from March 24th to April 28th.
Registration Deadline: January 24th
Find more information and a registration form on the LEAF professional development calendar.
Forestry Education in the K-12 Classroom
NRES 620- 1 graduate credit

Course Fee: $85 (assumes scholarship granted)
Get the convenience of online learning with the benefit of an interactive day spent with peers. LEAF’s hybrid workshop teaches you key forestry principles, demonstrates teaching techniques, and gives you great activities so you can easily integrate forestry education into your indoor or outdoor classroom. 
For your convenience, three sections of this course are being offered this spring.  Each includes approximately one month of online coursework in addition to the face-to-face meeting.  Choose from:

  • Crivitz, Saturday, March 29th.
  • Greendale, April 5th
  • Necedah, April 5th

Find more information and a registration form on the LEAF professional development calendar.

Christmas Shopping on Amazon?
Read this:

Shopping on Amazon Benefits NAAEE!

Did you know that shopping on could benefit NAAEE? Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase to the charity of your choice and why not choose NAAEE? This is a great time to start! Check it out:



Updates from the WAEE Board

Chair Update

As we wrap-up this year and my time as WAEE Chair comes to an end, I reflect on the past year in my own rendition of the “Twelve Days of Christmas.” I call it “The 12 Months of WAEE Chair.”
On the 1st month of WAEE Chair, my true Board gave to me: 3 new WAEE board members (Stefan, Scott, and Emily, you all ROCK!)
On the 2nd month of WAEE Chair, my true Board gave to me: Exhibiting at the WWEC (Western WI Ed Conference in La Crosse)
On the 3rd month of WAEE Chair, my true Board gave to me: A board meeting in Stevens Point
On the 4th month of WAEE Chair, my true Board gave to me: Planning, planning, planning
On the 5th month of WAEE Chair, my true Board gave to me: SPRINGGGG RETREEEEAT @ CONSERVE (Thank you Corky McReynolds for helping with strategic planning and Stefan for hosting.)
On the 6th month of WAEE Chair, my true Board gave to me: Fiscal budget approved (and in the black!)
On the 7th month of WAEE Chair, my true Board gave to me: EE Capacity Grant Written (and later approved for $30,000!!)
On the 8th month of WAEE Chair, my true Board gave to me: Awesome Goodwill Fashion Show (at WAEE annual conference in La Crosse.)
On the 9th month of WAEE Chair, my true Board gave to me: MEEC Presentation in Iowa (Thanks to board members for helping present in my absence while baby Schuller was born.)
On the 10th month of WAEE Chair, my true Board gave to me: WAEE at NAAEE (in Baltimore)
On the 11th month of WAEE Chair, my true Board gave to me: Awards Given in Middleton (Congratulations again to all awardees and thanks to an outstanding planning team.)
On the 12th month of WAEE Chair, my true Board gave to me: A new WAEE website on the way.
Being part of the WAEE Board has been a great experience. I am so grateful for all the people I have worked with this past year. I will remain involved as passed chair and an active member. See you at Winter Workshop!!
Happy Holidays & Peace to you all,
Susan Schuller
WAEE 2013 Chair
Goodbye to our 2013 Chair Susan Schuller. Susan has been a great chair. She is always willing to give guidance and is dedicated to WAEE. She even maintained her duties as chair during maternity leave. Thank you Susan for all your hard work this year and for helping WAEE remain successful.

Hello to our incoming 2014 Chair Stefan Anderson. Stefan is the head of school at Conserve School. He has been an active member of WAEE and is always willing to help. We are so fortunate to have him coming into the chair role. Thank you to Stefan.
Please vote on by-law changes by December 22nd. 
There are seven proposed bylaw changes. Current bylaws can be viewed on the WAEE Website at
TO VOTE on the proposed bylaw changes, please go to will be open for 30 days (closing on December 22, 2013). You may only vote once. The link to the survey is also available on the website at

The Board of Director Election has come to a close. We will be introducing new board members in next month's newsletter. Thank you to the membership for voting. Thank you to David Eagan for compiling the results.
Rural Solid Waste Management Grant

December 31, 2013
Previous grants have ranged up to $300,000
Approximately 35
This U.S. Department of Agriculture grant was created to
evaluate current landfill conditions to determine threats to
water resources. Funds will help provide technical assistance
and/or training to enhance operator skills, reduce solid waste
streams, and develop and implement closure, future land use,
and safety and maintenance plans.
Private nonprofit organizations; public bodies;
Native American tribes or groups; and academic institutions

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