Is this what the next four years will be like?
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Is this what the next four years will be like?

JANUARY 27, 2013
Sad figureSince the November election, conservatives have not been feeling triumphant.  When I go to my thesaurus to find antonyms for triumphant, I discover all sorts of words accurately describing the conservative state of mind:  sad, unfortunate, unhappy, unlucky, untoward, and upset are but a few of the words describing the current conservative paradigm.

Progressives are, of course, much more upbeat, because their man won.  Their victory, though, has about it the smell of failure.  (Or as Tacitus stated so much more aptly of Roman wins "they make a desert and call it peace.") 

Burning building in LondonA Progressive victory is a disheartening compound of ambition, distraction, uglification and derision.  They celebrate the massacre of children, because they believe it will bring about "gun control," unmindful of the fact that gun control routinely leads to an increase in violent crime, including murders.  And no, I don't want to hear that tightly gun-controlled Britain has a lower gun homicide rate than America.  Britain has always had a lower rate.  What's much more telling is that, when Britain disarmed its law-abiding citizens, its own violent crime rate, including its gun homicide rate shot up.

Bloody fingerprints in BenghaziProgressives were delighted to assist in the fall of Middle Eastern tyrants such as Qaddafi or Mubarak, but seem unperturbed by the fact that these tyrants were at least nominal US allies or neutrals, while their replacements are violently hostile to the US.  While this hostility may not bother the Progressives, they should at least be disturbed by the fact that these new Islamist tyrannies treat their citizens even more brutally than the prior tyrannies did.  The Progressives managed to push those poor Muslim masses out of the dictatorial frying pan into the much hotter Islamist fire.

Wall Street SignObama and his friends assure Americans that their economic plans will bring about an America in which everyone enjoys this nation's bountiful blessings.  Americans buy this fable, despite the fact that the economy has stagnated or worsened under Obama, with the only beneficiaries being Obama's personal friends and the same Wall Street that Obama has spent five years demonizing. 

We conservatives know why we're unhappy and why we're worried about more of the same in the upcoming four years.  What I wonder is how Progressives can look beyond the fact that they won the election and also proclaim themselves happy.  What's there to be happy about?  A poor economy, an increasingly violent world, the rise of tyrannies? 

It seems to me that, in the next four years, absent a Republican takeover of the Senate in 2014, combined, of course, with a continued hold on the House, not only conservatives will be unhappy, but so will Progressives.  Reagan's revolution worked because it actually worked.  Obama's revolution will change things, but we can only hope that it encourages a retreat from, rather than an advance to, his operating principles.
Even in Marin, people are stocking up on ammo
Big 5 is a sporting chain that spreads across the 12 western states.  It has a couple of stores in Marin County.  I went into one a few days ago and saw this notice posted on the front door:  (Read more here.)
A French military victory in Mali — and a dismal American record
The Malians are thrilled, as they should be, and the French should be pretty darn proud themselves:  (Read more here.)
Statism not only controls and, ultimately, kills people, it destroys their humanity
A few months ago, I read a wonderfully written, totally depressing book called, Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin. In it, author Timothy Snyder graphically described the way in which, during the 1930s and 1940s, the lands to the East of Berlin and West of Moscow were turned into killing fields the likes of which had never been seen.  (Read more here.)
A man with a Renaissance mind envisions a resurgent Republican party with a strong popular narrative
I have to be honest here:  Before I read After the Crack-Up, Lee Habeeb’s and Mike Leven’s article urging the Republican party to develop a strong and appealing narrative line, I’d heard of Lee Habeeb, because he’s published at NRO before, but I’d never heard of Michael Leven.  (Read more here.)
Only Progressives could believe that robots will destroy the economy
The newest Ivy Tower Leftist explanation for the economy’s disastrous jobless recovery riffs off of Obama’s remark a couple of years ago about the disastrous effect of ATMs.  You remember that, don’t you?  (Read more here.)
New York Times public editor keeps straight face while saying she doesn’t know reporters’ political orientation
Hot Air caught the New York Times public editor stating — with a straight face yet! — that she really has no idea what political viewpoint informs their writing.  Maybe this screen shot, from today’s online edition, will help her:  (Read more here.)
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