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Summer Camp

For five weeks this summer, 40 children from Lincoln Heights enrolled in our summer camp. We were blessed with four interns and three certified teachers to lead our day to day activities and lessons. They all did an amazing job leading the children and applying the gospel to their lives. Each day started in worship which set the tone for the entire program. Even the school security guard felt the presence of God throughout the day. An inspector who came to review our program, said the first thing she noticed was how calm it was in the building, even with 40 children. She observed each activity and was blown away by the atmosphere of joy among the children and the staff. Throughout the five weeks, the children were exposed to a variety of activities and experiences all developed to display the gospel and engage their minds. Thank you to all who served and contributed to our Summer Camp Campaign. We believe our summer program will have a lasting impact on the children we served.


Our approach to Parent Outreach allows us to not only serve the parents, but also serve alongside of them. Parents have helped us in a number of ways over the summer, including volunteering at our Back to School Carnival, helping with the summer Parent Dinner, and also serving in regular daily activities. Through all of this they have expressed a deep appreciation for playing a more key role at Daybreak and feel empowered by their service. While doing parent interviews, Dawn Timmons said that her service hours were helpful by giving her something worthwhile to do. She noted also how much the children appreciate the presence of their parents at DayBreak.

Our vision for Parent Outreach is to develop parents who are more involved with their children’s education, their community, and with God. At our summer Parent Dinner, we took some healthy steps in this direction. Michael Dickens, a pastor from Solid Rock Church, came to the dinner to lead a discussion on parenting. The parents were challenged with the truth of the gospel and how the gospel can inform their parenting. They had a healthy discussion that allowed them to engage with their fellow community members and to grow in their understanding of each other. We hope that with each event like this, we will be able to help parents become Christ followers and leaders in their community so that they will teach their children to do the same.

13th Annual Back to School Carnival

In partnership with several other community organizations, DayBreak held its 13th annual Back to School Carnival on August 24th – just two days before DC students went back to school! It was a beautiful day and well attended event. We saw over 1,000 community residents spend their Saturday in the park enjoying games, prizes, rides, food and music. In addition, we distributed almost 500 bags of school supplies. A special thank you to Pastor Devin Turner and Revolution Church for coordinating the music and presenting the gospel! 

Click here for more photos from the Carnival.

After School Program

With every new season, we have the opportunity to provide new learning experiences to the children in our after school program. We look forward to doing so this fall through reading partners, various enrichment clubs, academic “exploration zone” classes, and "power hour," our daily homework time. Our hope is that through these varied experiences, we’ll reinforce the idea that learning is fun and collaborative, a time of exploration rather than consumption. We will be joined by new staff members and are excited to welcome new volunteers into the Daybreak community. Please pray for the students, volunteers, and staff as we begin the program next Monday, September 23rd.


Volunteers are a big part of the DayBreak Family. In July, we held volunteer appreciation brunch, and it served as an encouraging reminder of all of the ways individuals have invested their time and resources into DayBreak. Corrinne Callins is one of those individuals. We asked her to share about her experience as a volunteer and why she would encourage others to get involved.
When did you start volunteering at DB and why?
I started volunteering at Daybreak in October 2012. At the time, I was coming out of a period of overwhelming discontentment with living in the DC metro area. I had prayed and told God that I would go wherever He wanted me, expecting that He would send me overseas. Instead, He changed my perspective by showing me that he has blessed me here to do His work here. I chose to volunteer with Daybreak, because I used to be a teacher, and missed working with kids.

What is your role at DB?
I am a reading buddy.
What has been one of your most meaningful experiences in your role as a volunteer?
I would say any time spent with my reading buddies is the most meaningful, because I can show them love just by showing up each week to read with them, and that is something they can count on.

How have you grown since being a part of the DayBreak family?
Before I started helping at Daybreak, I was apprehensive about making long-term commitments with my free time. I’ve learned not to be intimidated by long-term time commitments and to make them a priority. I also think volunteering at Daybreak has helped me grow closer to God, because it's one thing I can do to live life according to His will.

Why would you encourage others to be a part of DayBreak?
I would encourage others to be a part of Daybreak because it’s great kingdom-building fun! You’ll never regret the time you spend with the kids, and its impact will carry over into eternity!
We could not do what we do without individuals like Corrinne. As we prepare to open our doors for another year of After School Programming, and as we seek to pair all of our children with mentors, consider praying about becoming a part of nurturing children and strengthening families in the community of Lincoln Heights. While our biggest needs are for Reading Partners and individuals to assist children with homework during our After School Program, a full list of ways to get involved can be found on our website.

Get Involved!

DayBreak desires to see the families of Lincoln Heights know Christ and glorify God with their lives. We do this through consistent and sustainable programs and dedicated volunteers. Please pray for all of our volunteer needs to be fulfilled and consider your role as a potential volunteer.

Our current volunteer needs are:
Mentors: Make a BIG impact by mentoring a child from Lincoln Heights!
Our after school program starts September 23. We need homework helpers, reading partners, and extracurricular activity leaders.

Interested in becoming a DayBreak volunteer? Visit our website for more information!

Mark your calendars!

What: Volunteer Information Session
When: Saturday, October 5 10:00 am - 11:00 am
Where: DayBreak
Details: Interested in volunteering at DayBreak? Come to this info session to learn more about our programs and what volunteering at DayBreak looks like
What: Turkey Outreach
When: Saturday, November 23
Where: DayBreak
Details: During our Turkey Outreach event, we enter the homes of hundreds of Lincoln Heights and Richardson Dwelling residents to share the love of Christ and deliver turkey dinners. We have hundreds of boxes to deliver and need your help!
What: Christmas Store
When: December 14, 2013
Details: At the Christmas Store, parents can purchase gifts for their families at a tenth of the cost! This  gives parents a sense of empowerment in providing Christmas for their families while giving us an opportunity to share the true meaning of Christmas: Jesus Christ!

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