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Perfection is the enemy of the good. - Gustave Flaubert

I’ve been struggling with yoga. And I don’t use struggling lightly.
All I can think about is how much I loved yoga last fall. When I was at my lowest weight. When I was running high mileage. When I was awesome.
For the last few months, that has plagued me. From the first downward dog to my final savasana.
“You would be better if you didn’t have this belly in the way.”
“Why can’t you straighten your legs? You could before your let yourself go.”
“You’re in child’s pose again? What are you even doing here?”
But at practice earlier this week, I actually set an intention that meant something.
Perfection out. I was not going to expect perfection. I wasn’t going to expect anything. I was just going to let myself be where I was and who I am.
For the entire class, my breath was focused. Contentment in. Perfection out.
Contentment in. Perfection out.
Contentment in. Perfection out.
Contentment in. Perfection out.

It was one of the best practices I’ve ever experienced. I even fell asleep – like “I thought I might have snored” asleep – during wall-supported sitting pose. It was magic.
I made it that way. There was nothing special. Typical instructor. Typical class. Typical poses. My attitude – my expectation – was what was different. I met myself be where I was. I appreciated myself.
And it was glorious. I was glorious.
I am glorious.

I’m Krissie and I am a coach that looks at the big picture to help you create a life you will be proud of. Together, we can create momentum toward your health and wellness goals. I am an ILCT trained life coach. I am also a RRCA Certified Running Coach and lead LexRunLadies. I love the opportunity to offer life, accountability, and running coaching individually or in a bundle. Information about packages and offerings can be found at


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Discovery Sessions

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