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4x Expansion of FM Reach!

After months of work and discussions, it is now official: XRAY.fm has earned the opportunity to broadcast throughout greater Portland at 107.1 FM. That's in addition to our current frequency in East Portland, 91.1 FM. The map below shows just how significant the expansion is. Still, we promise to stay humble and hungry--we’re not acquiring a $5 million commercial signal, and there will still be shadows within the coverage circle. But this is a big opportunity, roughly quadrupling our FM coverage area. We’re putting together a plan to gather the resources, buy the equipment, and perform the engineering to make it happen, and if you want to help, let us know.

And thank you! With your help, we have programmed 168 hours per week, begun streaming worldwide at XRAY.fm, launched on 91.1 FM, returned some legendary shows to the airwaves, introduced exciting new talents, launched membership, PSA and underwriting programs, and are gathering the building blocks to last. We are working to build a station worthy of our community. We’ll keep working. We can make this happen together.

Thank You!

We'd like to give a very special thanks and acknowledgement to the volunteers and MetroEast board members of KZME. Many of KZME’s best shows will be added to strengthen the XRAY.fm lineup. People like Dave, Ellene, Michele, JBJ, Cliff, James, Kristin, and more will make the XRAY family stronger, bigger, smarter, kinder, more experienced, and more creative. With their help, we’ll work to grow and shine a light on Portland’s creative community. 

Try the Android App! 

Our Android app is free to download on GooglePlay. Just search for XRAY.fm, or click this link: http://bit.ly/xrayandroid. iPhone users, hold tight, we’ll have something for the Apple crowd very soon!

Totes around the World

As our signal grows, so does our global reach. Here are some tote bag pics XRAY.fm listeners have been sending in from around the world! Send yours to info@xray.fm. Totes are available for purchase at all XRAY.fm sponsored events, and are an XRAY.fm member perk (sign up here: http://xray.fm/donate). 

XRAY.fm Member Profile

Susan Galaviz was sitting with her family around the kitchen table, combing through their cell phone bill. The bill was higher than usual, and Susan and her husband Manuel were convinced the overage was due to her fifteen year-old’s Instagram habit. 

“But as we were looking through the bill, all of a sudden everyone’s fingers were pointed at me!” Susan says. “The problem is that I listen to XRAY.fm every morning through my phone, so it’s my data usage. Now I’m more restricted than ever! They know I’m the culprit.”

Susan and Manuel, a physician, are progressive activists, organizing a range of activities from health care immunizations for migrant farmworkers to fundraisers for Planned Parenthood. They’ve also been tremendous supporters of XRAY.fm since the station’s founding, hosting fundraisers and organizing other events to benefit the station. 

“As soon as we knew it was really real, it was so exciting!” Galaviz says. “I share it on Facebook, and I’m always telling people, and I do the big email blasts. The whole reason we supported it is because the more we support XRAY.fm, the more they can do! We looooovvveee Carl in the Morning, but also the music! It’s such a breath of fresh air not to hear the same thing over and over again. No standard playlist is a great concept.” 

We want to thank Susan and her family (and their higher data bills) for supporting XRAY.fm!
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