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3 types of talkers you should actively reach out to

Most of the time, your talkers will come from the everyday actions you take to be a great business -- they recommend their friends because they really like you. But sometimes you have to be more proactive about earning those talkers and getting them to spread the word.

Here are three types of talkers you should go out of your way to impress:
Experts and enthusiasts
Harsh critics
People with a cause

1. Experts and enthusiasts

Budweiser invited beer writers from across the country to Idaho for a three-day behind-the-scenes event. The goal was to show these enthusiasts and beer experts the complex process that goes behind making sure their beer tastes consistently like Budweiser with every batch. It's not their usual massive marketing campaign, but it reaches an important group of people talking to a new audience for Budweiser.

2. Harsh critics

Arby's recently scored some major points for making a tribute video to someone who might be considered their nemesis: retired Daily Show host Jon Stewart. In it, Arby's plays back highlights from his show over the years where he's delivered zingers like, "Arby's: Why Not Challenge Your Stomach to a Fight?" and "Come for the Tweets. Run from the Meats." What other company would feature an entire minute of insults they've received? One that knows people appreciate a company with a good sense of humor. Your critics are talkers too, and sometimes, embracing their criticism can lead to positive word of mouth.

3. People with a cause

A group with a cause is a great group of talkers. When people are passionate about something, they're also vocal about it. It's why brands like Shock Top get media attention for doing something about their home state's drought, why Patagonia is famous for their conservation and conscious consumption efforts, and why everyone has heard of TOMS. Whether you're targeting a vocal group or turning your customers into casual supporters, it's about tapping into a cause and helping people do something about it.
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