Digital EMA Update

Entertainment Merchants Association

Digital EMA Update

June 2015

The Digital EMA Update keeps you abreast of EMA's activities to promote the commercial digital delivery of video and video game content to consumers through over-the-top Internet-based portals.

Digital Supply Chain Committee Formed

EMA has formed a Digital Supply Chain Committee, consisting of Amazon, Google Play, Netflix, Sony Network Entertainment, and Xbox. It will seek solutions to optimize the delivery of digital content and its associated components from the content providers through service providers and then through retailers/distributors ultimately to the consumer. Opportunities to improve and standardize the consumer experience will be explored, as will new technology to bring speed and efficiencies to this supply chain.

The Committee met for the first time in early June and identified the following priorities for digital supply chain standardization:
  1. Content Availability Metadata (Avails)
  2. EIDR Registration
  3. Media Manifest
  4. Closed Captions
  5. Image Files
  6. Mezzanine Files
 EMA is coordinating efforts on each of these initiatives.
Fundamentals of Copyright Licensing
EMA has published a whitepaper providing a broad overview of the licensing practices and issues involved in consummating licenses in the media and entertainment industry generally. It begins with providing context on the underlying intellectual property that creates a licensing opportunity, moves through material terms, and finishes with comments on important boilerplate items such as dispute resolution.
The whitepaper was authored by Jason Peterson, CEO of ContentBridge Systems, and a member of the EMA Digital Steering Committee.
The whitepaper is available here.
Closed Captions Best Practices
The EMA Closed Captions Workgroup has developed a document outlining the appropriate best practices for compliance with, the legal requirements imposed by federal law and regulation for closed captioning of Internet Protocol-delivered video programming and other best practices for the conversion of television closed caption files for transmission over the Internet. The document addresses the identification of when closed captions are not legally required (and why), closed caption file formats, and frame rates.

Best Practices for Closed Captioning of Internet Protocol-Delivered Video Programming is available here.
QC Nomenclature
An EMA work group has proposed standardization of the error code terms generated during the onboarding of video, audio, timed text, and metadata files.
Currently, there is a potential for confusion resulting from the use of a variety of terms to identify similar error terms. For instance, when the audio is out of sync with the video for a consistent duration throughout a program, one retailer notes “Audio sync – offset > 100 ms,” another flags it as “Audio Shifted,” yet another states “Audio and Video are Out of Sync,” and a fourth declares “Out of sync.”
To address this, the working group has developed a common nomenclature for 110 QC error code terms and a definition for each term.
Companies participating in the workgroup are Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, Netflix, Sony Network Entertainment, and Xbox.
The common nomenclature will be available in July.
EMA hosted a cocktail party along with FilmTrack and EIDR at the NAB Show in April and convened a meeting on closed captions in Las Vegas during the show. Approximately three dozen individuals attended the closed captions meeting, which discussed the EMA captions best practices, new visual descriptions for video, regulatory requirements, and style guides.
EMA will present another Digital EMA Forum on Tuesday, July 7, in Century City, CA. At the forum, digital executives from studios, independent content providers, service providers, and retailing will hear the latest research on EST, VOD, and SVOD, discover how retailers and content providers are streamlining the digital supply chain through common practices, learn about exciting new initiatives EMA is embarking on in the digital space, and network with one another. To attend, RSVP to
EMA’s Digital Media Pipeline – Los Angeles will be held October 14 at the Skirball Cultural Center. This year’s program will feature separate sessions on EST, SVOD, AVOD, and the digital supply chain, plus special “deep dives” on several digital supply chain issues.


For more information about these or any of the Digital EMA activities, please contact Sean Bersell:


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