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Storytelling, Creative Workshops and a whole school Christmas Treat offer!

Please forward to relevant colleagues in English, IT, Training and Curriculum Planning. Or to the colleague responsible for your 4D Immersive Space, if you have one.


It's back to school time I know. But isn't it a cruelty for colleagues and young people that the first thing you see in the supermarket on day one of the holiday is a whole aisle dedicated to the start of the new term! At least the stationary is half price now. Soon be time for Easter Eggs...

What perhaps it is time for is thinking about the year that lies ahead. 

Contained below are some details of the creative cultural offer from me for your setting. What can you imagine? What do you want to happen?

  • Perhaps some Storytelling. A traditional ancient art form in a Digital Immersive Space. Inspire writing, historical journeys or for the simple act of listening for the joy and wonder.
  • A whole school Christmas Treat in your Hall! Live Comedy with a Christmas Twist especially created for young people.
  • Drama Workshops to explore a topic, text or concept of your choice. 

Please get in touch if you have any questions or enquiries.

Thank you!

Gav Cross


To celebrate the new school year I am offering one school two days of Digital Storytelling for the usual price of one! 
Email me quick! 

- The two days must be consecutive
- To be taken in September
- Payable by school cheque on completion of the days
- Plus fair expenses. (35 miles from Liverpool free, beyond that 40p per mile plus overnight cost)
- Typical cost of 1 day Digital Storytelling starts at only £300
An End of Term Treat for the Whole School!

Fresh from our Monthly residency at Bluecoat Arts Centre in Liverpool. We can bring a whole show to you! 
A Christmas Treat?
A bundle of Laughs?
An interactive bundle of sketches, stories, quizzes & jokes!

Between 60 and 90 mins of Live Performance costs £380 incl VAT plus reasonable expenses for one performance.
No Coaches! No Permission Slips! Every Comedian has a DBS! (I know!!)

From the first sketch to the final joke competion, Funny Looking Kids: Comedy Club is a rag tag bag of tomfoolery and nonsense.

Chaos and cachophoney, silliness and stupidity. This club offers comedy for kids with an alternative twist.

Featuring some of Liverpool’s best character comedians and  mirth wranglers.


No Swears
No Peanuts
No Uniform
Bring Jokes
(7+ suggested but we had a 5 year old laugh so hard they fell off their chair.)

The very best way to spend the day!

From early Years to adults. Storytelling is everything we do. Everything we are.
We listen to be inspired.
We listen to be enthralled.
We listen to learn.
An ancient art and a contemporary skill for all of us.
I can be flexible with timetabling, group sizes and abilities, to meet your need. I could see most of the school in a day, or combine stories with active drama for an even richer and more memorable experience over a couple of days.
Traditional Tales with a Twist - reworking of the stories we thought we knew so well, jumpstarting a term of thinking, writing and stories.
Historical Stories - that immerse the listener in the emotional settings of some of the great moments in history.
NEW Chinese New Year Stories - Ready for February 2018 - Stories from around the world! The Nian stalks the night & The Animals of the Chinese Zodiac must race!

What stories shall we find together?
Every story session was fantastic. The children hung off every word and were captured from the start.
Literacy Lead - Liverpool Primary School 
Refugees & Asylum Seekers
Bespoke Drama Workshop

Introduce a topic with a bespoke session.
- Learn new skills
- Examine a text
- Introduce a topic

For example:

The Workshop below was commissioned by Theatre in The Quarter in Chester and toured throughout West Cheshire & Chester.


A two hour workshop targeted at year 5 & 6 (though it can be adapted for other year groups in KS2, 3 & 4). Developed in partnership with the brilliant Theatre in The Quarter, based on content and materials from City of Sanctuary, Amnesty International & The UNHCR. This is a chance to understand, experience and maybe challenge pre conceived stereotypes.

A key element is the emphasis on empathy & understanding for the displaced and persecuted of today's world.   

"The children responded amazingly. They empathised so much so they were rewarded for it.
It's been an absolutely invaluable experience for them."

The Arches Primary School
Blacon, Chester
Fabulous afternoon of storytelling with Reception. It gave us inspirational ideas for working with the children in the immersion space and the children loved the Goldilocks story cliffhanger.
Class Teacher - Liverpool Primary School 
Storytelling Training
A Practical Workshop for Teams

Up on it's feet, active and aimed at every level of confidence and skill.

With a focus on practical examples, this is a workshop to help your team communicate effectively as storytellers, in any context.

We will work on voice, movement, pace, engagement, humour and creativity. Working on confidence and easily identifiable skills. This will leave your team with a passion for this most ancient, important and also contemporary of art forms. 
Additionally - a further workshop is available looking at Digital StoryTelling. How to make simple but powerful images and video to use in your 4D Immersive Space, PopUp or just with a projector and speaker!

Recent teams trained include Storyhouse in Chester & the Chester Zoo Park Rangers

"Fantastic engaging course tutor. Really interesting with lots of great ideas."
Storyhouse Arts Centre - Chester
All the children thoroughly enjoyed their sessions. The stories were age appropriate and engaging. They were expertly delivered.
Deputy Head Teacher - Liverpool Primary School 
Training is also available for your 4D Immersive Space or PopUp.
(if you have one...)
Practical, Dynamic, Adaptable & Fun!

Refresh or introduce from the perspective of a practitioner working in spaces like this since the inception of the company.
Get in touch to discuss your teams needs - All versions and iterations of software covered.
Storytelling For Events & Festivals
All Ages

Do you have an event or a festival this year that would benefit from the inclusion of a unique, exciting, engaging, funny, silly, scary and memorable way to pass the day as a family?

All you need is an indoor space with a power socket. Big enough to PopUp and accessible!

Alternatively I can turn up to a room full of all ages and deliver up to an hour long Storytelling Show, to your crowd!

Anything is possible with a back pocket full of stories...
And if this isn't enough you can find more stories and examples of my adventures in creativity, learning & stories on my website and in my very sporadic blog...
And Finally:

Two brilliant companies that I know, rate, trust and recommend!

The Rubbish Shakespeare Company - Comedy and Physicality making Shakespeare accessible to all!

Altru Theatre - Bringing Theatre in Education to your setting!

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