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It's The Funny Looking Mailing List #3

Perhaps you gave us your address an age ago. Perhaps you have bought a ticket for one of our gigs. Either way here we are and we hope we are a welcome edition to your inbox.

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What we have on offer for you in this the third mail out: 

  • Meet Michael J Dolan & come watch him smash Tories with us!
  • How to stay in contact with Chris Coltrane
  • Exclusive reveal of the first Funny Looking Summer Season champion!
  • Links to limited freebies and special offers.
  • Find Us & Stalk us.

March though. What a bit of fun! That Top Joe brought a mystery guest - Babba G and then proceeded to actually make a profit from the gig with illegal merchandise featuring my face...

Chris was a stonking guest and see below to links that will let you know how you can stay in contact with his work.

As usual big love to Rob Doyle for taking the pics - you can look at a selection over on the Facebook group, squeeze a follow?:

So see you on April the 7th? 7.30pm for Michael J Dolan?
You really should... He is magnificent!


Until we meet at Valhalla or the next gig.

0151 528 3575 - Skype: funnylookingpod

Michael J Dolan: The Most Villainous Michael J Dolan

Comedy's bleak philosopher is back asking the questions nobody else will. When did I last go outside? Am I already dead? How are you meant to maintain a happy marriage in the face of the unstoppable decay of everything that exists? Stand-up comedy for people who are too tired to get angry. 'Skilful humour from the very dark side' ★★★★ (Sunday Times). 'Inherently funny' ★★★★ ( 'A very, very funny man' ★★★★ (Skinny).

"see him now before you see him on the news" - Chortle

Elevating misery to to an absolute art form, Michael J Dolan is the man that made be laugh to loudest and the longest when I saw him in Edinburgh 3 years ago. Laughing ecstatically at how terrible everything is in his and indeed my life.

There are two free tickets for the fastest fingered Mailing Lister.
Limited 2-4-1's
Or it's only £7 in advance for MJD and the chaos that is the chat show/podcast to follow.

Tell and bring all your friends!
This is Michael.
Watch Michael.
Watch Michael speak.

Chris Coltrane: 

What a treat to have Chris join us. And we want him to be out bestest pal forever. FOREVER...

You can stay his pal too - subscribe to his Lolitics gig & podcast (with some of THE best contributors about today) subscribe to his YouTube channel and watch his essential News Explainer, The News for Idiots, plus hours of free shows on his website, as he mentioned. Then pop over to his Patreon page and feel good about yourself for support the kinda art we need in this bleak world. 

Follow Chris on Twitter - chris_coltrane
Check out his website -


Funny Looking Presents...
Summer Season 2016!

Expect a special Mail out soon confirming the full season but I could not resist giving you the news first!

May 5th - 7.30pm we have...

Seymour Mac - Niche as Fuck

More detail to follow soon but here is the blurb I stole from The Mach Comedy Fest 2016 website. (See you there right?)


Seymour Mace Niche as Fuck. Here’s my hundred words, well ninety one now, make that eighty seven, bugger! Eighty three! Eighty! Phew, shit! Seventy nine! Eight! Seventy two! 

Space, ninja, chicken, skellington, gravy, frog, fruit, super, fantastic, circus, strange, journey, monster, mystery, ghost, caravan, clown, death, electric, chaos, potato, balloon, poopy, nipple, elephant, chocolate, beans, fudge, laser, dimensional, fart, rocket, jam, henlike, crazy, golf, juggernaut, sausage, farmyard, toast, Elvis, werewolf, slurp, eggbox, plastic, emotion, titbox, wagon, pirates, shitpants, dead dog, fatty, plop, plop, cheesecake, cheesecake, birthday murder.....niche as fuck! 

***** Times, ***** Gigglebeats, **** Mirror, **** Chortle, **** List, **** Fest, **** Skinny, **** One4Review. 

“Made me completely lose myself to laughter” Alex Hardy, The Times

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