Okay, okay, I've never even seen The Godfather. But really - you're gonna love this.
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An exclusive offer, just for Y-O-U.

I just couldn't wait any longer, Lovely!

You probably saw my Facebook post in the B-School group on Sunday night. I stayed up waaay too late crafting it, because I wanted to make sure you knew what was coming.

I spent all day yesterday crafting the details and setting up logistics, and now it's ready to share.

Here's the deal.

You're in Week 7 of B-School. You've got these amazing products and services to share with the world. You may have even started this week's funsheets, in hopes that you could tackle this crucial step all on your own!

The truth is, you're just not confident with your copywriting skills yet. You've got some ideas and rough first drafts, but nothing you'd dare show your potential customers.

You're feeling stuck. And maybe a little (or a lot) frustrated. You've got to get something out there, and soon!

Take a deep breath.

  1. You're not alone.
  2. It's literally my (dream) job to help you with allllll that. I will transform those communication blahs into client-attracting ah-has. We can work together to get your goodness not just written, but written with style.

So. Without further ado, my dear, I proudly present the mystery offer we've all been waiting for:

The B-School Communication Makeover:
Style Your Copy, Attract Your Dream Clients.

This one-time, super-special offer includes two parts.

Part I: One 60-Minute Style Session


  • A pre-session agenda so you know exactly what to expect.
  • One goal-setting email exchange so I know exactly what you're hoping to get from the session. Tell me EVERYTHING.
  • My own pre-session brainstorming, so we can hit the ground running with ideas customized for YOU. (I have some of my best epiphanies while in the shower or doing the dishes. Let's take advantage of that.)
  • A 60-minute Skype call (video or audio - your choice!) to collaborate and craft your perfect copy. 
  • This all depends on your needs. If you've already taken a good stab at your copy, we'll make it snazzy, engaging, and perfectly YOU. If you've yet to start (creative cul-de-sac, anyone?), we'll brainstorm and draft publish-worthy new copy.
  • Ideas include:
               Creating magnetic headlines that stop (internet) traffic
               Writing a surefire sales page
               Perfecting your newsletter
               Tweaking your opt-in copy til it’s juuuust right
               Crafting key phrases for a cohesive brand message
               Drafting a bio that presents your biz in the brightest light possible
               Nailing the perfect tagline
               Developing social media genius (one Tweet/post at a time)
               Strengthening your in-person delivery skills and confidence
               Brainstorming delicious blog ideas
               â€¦.the (word) is our oyster!                                           


  • Google (or Word) documentation of our style results (for your own use, of course!).
  • A custom-created executive summary of key takeaways from our session, along with suggested next steps.
  • Super-helpful, easy-to-digest resources to keep your creative momentum going!
And now, here's where the offer gets juicy. Think you can handle it?

Here goes! In addition to the first 60-minute style session, you also get:

Part II: One FREE Bonus 30-Minute Polish Session ($100 value!) 

NOTE: This session must be booked within 30 days of your original 60-minute session to ensure the freshest results.

  • One pre-session goal-setting email exchange so I know exactly what we're polishing.
  • My own pre-session brainstorming so we can maximize this half-hour of power.


  • After you take a break and sleep on our initial ideas, the creative juices will keep flowing. You’ll see things in a new light and come up with some even juicier ideas. This session is designed to harness those yummy ideas and incorporate them in your copy!
  • A 30-minute Skype call to make any needed revisions, edits, or tweaks to the content we created during the 60-minute style session. 


  • Post-session summary email and final drafts (AKA love notes for your dream customers) via Google or Word docs.
  • A buzzworthy (possibly nerdy, definitely energizing) communication high that will last you until our next time together! ;)

Does this sound like a ridiculously fun way to make your business more profitable or what?! 

Before we go any further, it's important I say this: My philosophy is to empower my clients through teaching and encouraging. If you’re looking for someone to just do the work for you, we’re probably not a good fit.  

In order to make our collaboration successful, you've gotta bring some serious brain power to our sessions. That means thoughtful first drafts, specific goals and concerns, a solid work ethic, and most importantly - a positive attitude!

Like Marie, I believe that everyone can be a good copywriter with the right guidance and the right practice. (And yes, I also believe that I can give you the right guidance and the right practice!)

So let me tell you how to get there from here.
Any other week, this makeover package would be an investment of $300. 

But this is a special offer, baby!
When you reserve your first session before Wednesday, May 1st, you can make this brilliant investment for only $199.
Seriously. I guarantee our time together will be both fun and productive. It's not going to feel like work for either one of us!
So whattya say? Ready to do this thing?
Here’s how it works. Even though you're reserving your spot by claiming the deal this week, this offer is good for the next four months (through early August). Sorta like Groupon, but cooler.
NOTE: At this stage of the game, I book my appointments about one month in advance. Now that you’re part of the inner circle, though, you’ll always know how to find me ;)
Ready to rock 'n' roll? Have a pressing communication emergency you need to address ASAP? Here's the process.

  1. Click here to take advantage of the offer via PayPal.
  2. Muy importante: Once your payment is completed, click the "Return to Nikki Elledge Brown" link to be taken to my TimeTrade page and schedule your session.

Once you claim the deal and schedule your first session, I’ll send you another link to schedule your free bonus session.
The rest is your history waiting to be made.
I'm repeating myself, but let me reinforce this point: You don't have to actually schedule your appointment just yet. (And spots are limited anyway!) I know some of you would love to take me up on this, but you don't feel ready to craft your copy this month (or even next!).
That is totally okay. We've got time!
Once you claim your offer, make note that you'd like to be added to the summer sessions list. Then, I can let you know how to join an exclusive list to get first dibs on my 60-minute sessions each month. When the right time rolls around for you, snatch it up!
This way you can still take advantage of the bonus, BUT you don't have to rush and scramble to get your "stuff" together just yet.
No worries. 
The most important thing to do (if this offer feels right for you) is to invest in yourself today. We will make it work. Promise.
Alright, my lady. That's the scoop. Hope it makes you as excited as it makes me! As always, if you loved the contents in this email, please share with at least three of your pals who would love it too.
In the next newsletter, we'll get back to our regularly scheduled programming. I'll share the one step you CANNOT miss if you want to reach your dream clients.

In the meantime, know this:

Whether we work together now, four months from now, or even a year from now after you’ve consumed lots of juicy free content, I am SO. stinkin. excited to learn more about YOU and your business.
Your dream clients are out there waiting for you.
Let's go get 'em!



 I haven’t mentioned this yet, but it’s really important. I want you to know that 10% of all of my business income will be donated to organizations close to my heart. I plan to build a short list, but for now, there's just one: Holden Uganda. Head on over to my personal blog to learn more about it, including the story of how I turned my first car into a well!).

P.P.S. Still drafting my first blog posts and opt-in offer(s). What are some specific post or opt-in ideas that would be SUPER-helpful for you in your quest to become a more brilliant communicator? Shoot me an email - I wanna know! 
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