Here's what's happening this month at Gloucester Rd WI.

Illustrator & Bake Off


There's a definite cake theme going on this month, starting with our speaker and ending with lots of cake eating!

We've got Bristol-based illustrator Tom Hovey coming in to talk about his work and life as an illustrator. You might have seen some of his creations on TV in the Great British Bake Off, he's the one who draws all the delicious goods!

This month's talk will be slightly shorter than usual in order for us to hold the Great Glos Rd WI Bake Off 2014! Details on that and the fantastic prize below.

We meet at Boston Tea Party at 293 Gloucester Road, next to Nevil Road. We start at 8pm but you can arrive from 7pm if you wish to get food or drinks and have a mingle beforehand. (Don't go to the one on Cheltenham Road as we won't be there!)

Bake Off and WIN!

Entries to the Bake Off are accepted in the categories as shown above. Please bring in your wonderful creations and place them on the long centre table, covered and preferably labeled, before we get started with the meeting.

After Tom's talk it'll be time to tuck in!

The voting will be done the same as last year. The idea is that you buy five voting beans for £1 and then tuck into all the cake you can handle! The proceeds raised from voting beans will be donated to St. Peters Hospice.

Then, once you've had your fill, place your voting beans on your favourite entries. The plate left with most beans in each category will be the winner.

There are rosettes up for grabs and the winner of each category will go forward for Best In Show. The crowning winner of Best In Show (as decided by our speaker, Tom) will

WIN £150 towards a Denman Course!

Denman is the WI's own college in Oxfordshire and day courses start from as little as £90, go up to £500 with about £250 for a weekend course including all meals and accommodation so the prize will really help towards having a bit of time away, learning something you might not otherwise try in a lovely environment.

So get your aprons on and get baking! We hope there'll be even more than last year which was a roaring success.

And finally...
Will GRWI exist next year?

It's up to you! There will be big changes at this year's AGM in October with all the key committee positions up for grabs and if they are not filled, there will be no GRWI next year.

We've had a look at the roles and how they've developed this year. From October, will be looking for members to fill the following positions with your own personal flair!

• President chairs the meetings
• Secretary general correspondence and Avon/National relations
• Treasurer the woman with the cheque book
• Assistant treasurer helps treasurer at meetings and when treasurer away
• Online manager in charge of website, Facebook, Twitter
• Online correspondence email and monthly mailing
• Programme co-ordinator books some speakers, meets and greets, reminds and thanks
• Meeting logistics planning set up of meetings and sorting materials
• Members at large mucking in for any of the above and anything extra

The committee meet once a month for a couple of hours in the evening, a week or so before the main meeting. It can be in a pub or someone's house, it can be anywhere you fancy.

The first thing the new committee looks at is next year's programme (from the various suggestions over the year and any extra ideas we have). It's a fun thing to get started on and get to know each other.

So please have a serious think as to whether you can spare a couple of hours a month to help on the committee. We have a maximum of 12 spaces so there's plenty to go round and share work. The three mandatory roles are president, secretary and treasurer, without which, we can't continue as a WI so please come forward and help out as these are all up for grabs. It is a commitment though so you are agreeing to be on the committee for 12 months and come to the committee and monthly meetings.

If you've got any questions, please just ask at Tuesday's meeting.

Dates for
your diary:

Sign up at the meeting. All members welcome.

19 August:
Monthly meeting 8pm BTP

28 August:
Book Club meet

2 September:
Knit & Stitch. 8pm Bristol Flyer. Bring a project and have a natter.

Events & activities with Avon Federation here for any member.

Visitors &
new members


Membership for 2014 is full – but if you're wanting to come along, all is not lost.

We do accept a few visitors, the cost is £4 per meeting. You can visit up to three times before committing to membership which opens to new members in October for 2015 and is renewed annually in January.

To find out more about the WI and what membership gets you, visit the national website.
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