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TERM 2 - WEEK 9 - 2020
From the Principal's Desk

Workplace Health & Safety 
I have discussed in the past that authentic education is founded in the holistic development of the individual. Amongst other things, it provides opportunities for the learner to experience and witness real world, experiential learning through which they can develop knowledge, skills and values from experiences outside traditional academic settings. Workplace Health and Safety (WHS), which is the discipline concerned with protecting the health and safety of all stakeholders in the workplace from exposure to hazards and risks resulting from work activities, is one example of how the College can model real world, workplace responsibilities with our students. As a technical College, with a major focus on students entering the workforce, ensuring that students understand their WHS rights and responsibilities is an important element of their holistic education.

One key feature of WHS is that it continuously changes. When legislation is changed by governing bodies, WHS requirements and the policies that outline rights and responsibilities in the workplace need to change to reflect the new legislative changes. One example of that for our school based educational setting is the recent changes to the Child Protection Act which requires all staff to read, understand and accept the new act as part of their employment conditions. It is also the responsibility of the College to ensure that all members of our Newman community are made aware of our Child Protection Policy and are given the opportunity to access the policy themselves. Whilst Child Protection legislation is far more than just preparing students for life post school, it is a real workplace example of an employee needing to be educated in their responsibilities related to their work environment. In the words of Saint John Henry Newman, “For why do we educate except to prepare for the world”. It is the responsibility of everyone involved in the development of young people to keep them safe now and prepare them to be so into the future.

I have included below a section of the Diocese of Lismore Child Protection policy which has been adopted by our College community. The complete document can be viewed on the College website. If you have any questions about Child Protection or related issues, please don’t hesitate to contact me at the College.
Children and young people have a fundamental right to grow, develop and feel safe in environments that are free from violence, exploitation and harm. The Catholic Schools Office Lismore has clear expectations that all students in Catholic systemic schools in the Diocese of Lismore will be protected from all forms of harm including sexual, physical and psychological harm as well as ill-treatment and neglect. The Catholic Schools Office and Catholic systemic schools in the Diocese have certain responsibilities and expectations to ensure the safety and protection of children in their care, including supporting measures to ensure that children and young people will be taught how to protect themselves, and to seek help if they are concerned about their safety. Consistent with its mission and values, and in compliance with its legislative obligations, the Catholic Schools Office Lismore strives to ensure children in its care are safe and secure. Implementing a variety of practices that reduces potential risk forms part of our strategy to build child safe communities. This policy sets out the expectations required of employees in the Catholic Schools Office and in Catholic systemic schools of the Diocese. This document is to also inform and remind employees engaged or employed in Catholic systemic schools in the Diocese of Lismore of the standards of behaviour, duties, obligations and other requirements that must be adhered to when working with children. A range of checks and undertakings are required for people who work for or provide services to Catholic Education in the Diocese of Lismore.

Semester Awards
Congratulations to all of our Year 12 students who received Semester Awards last Friday (19 June). These awards recognise the achievement and effort & application of the Year 12 students in the first semester (Term 4 2019 & Term 1 2020) of the Higher School Certificate year. The Semester One awards for Year 11 students will be presented in Term 3.
Have a great weekend.

Mark Nunan
“God has perfect timing; never early, never late. It takes a little patience and faith, but it's worth the wait.”
Assistant Principal's Message - Learning & Teaching

Since 2019, as part of the HSC, all students need to meet a minimum standard in reading, writing and numeracy. Most students achieve this requirement as part of either their Year 9 NAPLAN test or online testing conducted in Year 10.  For those students who have not achieved the required standard yet, Newman College provides them with many opportunities to complete the test.

The first of these opportunities was held this week with Year 11 students sitting a total of 145 separate test across the 3 areas.

I am pleased to report that of the students who sat the reading test, 92% achieved the minimum standard required. In the numeracy test, 66% achieved their goal.  We will have to wait 2 more weeks whilst the writing test is marked, but we are hopeful for similarly strong results.

NESA software only allows the College to email results in these tests to the students. A report for each test sat is sent directly to students school-based email accounts (  Andrew Holloway has arranged for the reading and numeracy reports to be sent, so please check with your son or daughter if you are awaiting results. Alternatively please contact Andrew Holloway or myself if you require further results or information. (  - or -

Congratulations to all Year 11 students who attempted these tests and thankyou to Mr Holloway, Mrs Dakin and other staff involved in the organisation of this process.

Such a strong success rate means that we will now be able to focus our attention on those students who may still be required to meet the minimum standards.

Andrew Banham
Assistant Principal - Learning & Teaching

Assistant Principal's Message - Mission

Save The Date
As we have been able to slowly move towards “normality” over these past weeks, it has prompted us to consider what Term 3 and 4 will look like for our community. With the changes experienced due to COVID-19 restrictions a number of events and regular College activities had to be cancelled or postponed and it is now we are starting to consider how to make some of the postponed events work. Please regard this as Save The Date information. When possible, further details will be sent home. 

YEAR 12 - TERMS 3 & 4
Weeks 1-4 (Tue 21 - Fri 14 Aug) 
In classes and preparing for Trial HSC exams
Week 5 (Mon 17 - Fri 21 Aug)
Trial HSC exams (exam timetable to be confirmed)
Week 6 (Mon 24 & Tue 25 Aug)
Trial HSC exams (exam timetable to be confirmed)
Week 6 (Wed 26 Aug)
Week 6 (Thu 27 & Fri 28 Aug)
Classes as normal
Week 7 (Mon 31 - Fri 4 Sep)
Classes as normal
Week 8 (Mon 7 – Wed 9 Sep)
Year 12 Retreat (details to be confirmed)
Week 8 (Thu 10 & Fri 11 Sep)
Classes as normal
Week 9 (Mon 14 - Fri 17 Sep)
Final full week of classes
Week 10  (Mon 21 Sep)
Final School Day
Week 10 (Tue 22 Sep)
Final Assembly (details to be confirmed)

 Tue 20 Oct
HSC Exams commence (timetable)
Fri 6 Nov
Graduation Dinner (details to be confirmed)


YEAR 11 - TERM 3
Weeks 1 – 2 (Tue 21 - Fri 31 Jul)
Classes as normal
Week 3 (Mon 3 - Fri 7 Aug)
Block Workplacement Week (5 days)
Weeks 4 – 9 (Mon 10 Oct - Fri 18 Sep)
Classes as normal
Week 10 (Mon 21 - Fri 25 Sep)
End of Semester exams (timetable to be confirmed)

YEAR 11 - TERM 4
Weeks 1 – 2 (Tue 13 - Fri 23 Oct)
Classes as normal
Week 3 (Mon 26 - Fri 30 Oct)
Block Workplacement Week (5 days)
Week 4 (Mon 2 - Fri 6 Nov)
Transition Interviews
Weeks 5 - 10 (Mon 9 Nov - Wed 16 Dec)
Classes as normal


Nicole Prior
Assistant Principal - Mission

Student Services News

Hi Newman family

I hope the week has been good for you. This week at Newman our big focus has been on raising awareness of the homeless and their need for warm clothes in this current winter climate. Outside the Student Service offices we have created a situation similar to what any homeless person might experience on a daily basis. It is cold, windy, bleak and in need of assistance. That is where you can help. By bringing in any warm clothing and blankets, simply put them into the cardboard boxes and we will ensure they are passed on to Vinnies to assist those in need. 

During the week Year 11 have been receiving their workplacement contracts. For most of Year 11 this is their first placement coming up, so we look forward to hearing about their progress. 

Have a great week everyone and as we move closer to the mid year break remember that everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made. If you want a different result, make a different choice. 

Adrian Ryan 
Student Services Manager/Leader of Catechesis

Values & Ethics News

Year 12
In Values and Ethics this term Year 12 have been exploring topics based around moral and ethical decisions. Interesting topics that have been explored have been on euthanasia, pollution and global warming, cloning, stem cell research, Aboriginal deaths in custody as well as others. Having Year 12 explore their own topic has led to many engaging discussions within the classroom and the ability to recognise other people's opinions may differ from their own. Showing respect and acceptance for other people's opinions has been a valuable by-product from their research.

Year 11
Year 11 Values and Ethics have been exploring Aboriginal spirituality and how it compares to Catholicism. Aboriginal dreamtime and creation stories were explored as well as identifying what makes Aboriginal spirituality so important. Reconciliation Week celebrations tied in with the Year 11 topic which allowed for a deeper understanding of Aboriginal spirituality and the significant way in which spirituality is celebrated in people's lives. 

Adrian Ryan
Student Services Manager/Leader of Catechesis

Workplacement News

Chelsea Magann (pictured with resident Patricia) is another of our amazing Newman students who continued attending workplacement throughout the COVID-19 lockdown. Chelsea is a Human Services School-based Trainee at Maryknoll House.

Globally, the mental health of nurses has been severely challenged in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Isolation, high-risk working conditions and direct contact with infected clients have all been contributing factors to mental health problems in frontline nursing staff.

Throughout Term 2, Chelsea remained calm and level-headed as she continued to provide quality care for her clients, despite the fear and chaos that surrounded this experience. Chelsea, you are a potentially outstanding health care professional and we congratulate you on this effort. Newman is proud to walk with you on your journey.

John Henry Institute Graduate Mitchell Everingham

We congratulate ex-student, Mitchell Everingham, who became the first apprentice to complete their trade training through the John Henry Institute (JHI) engineering apprentice program and is now a fully qualified engineering tradesperson.

Mitch, apprenticed to Birdon Marine, has completed the MEM30205 Certificate III in Engineering - Mechanical Trade having excelled in all the theoretical and practical course work throughout the last 3 years. Mitch has become a highly valued member of the Birdon team and has a bright career future with this world class marine engineering enterprise. His typical work role involves him inspecting and re-building complex drive systems for marine apparatus together with associated fabrication and welding work. Mitch studied Metal & Engineering in his time at Newman completing the HSC in 2017. He was a member of our SRC and an active student in all facets of the College.

The JHI engineering apprentice program has been highly successful and has earnt the support  and involvement of many of the engineering firms operating in the Hastings region. The success of the program is largely due to the hard work and dedication of our apprentice trainer, Michael ‘Cookie’ Cook, whose passion for engineering and youth development is legendary here at the College and within the wider community. Thanks are also extended to our College Technical Assistant, Lindsay Dobell, who acted as a mentor to Mitch, passing on much of his vast technical skill and knowledge during Mitch’s time in the program.

The College would also like to extend their appreciation to Sue Watts and Jill Cummings from the Catholic Schools Office and to Ben Castles, Manager of John Henry Institute, without whose outstanding support and direction, the program would not be possible.

Tom Moriarty
Leader of Learning - VET Curriculum
The Pathways & Careers Team News

Bernadette Gammon from Charles Sturt University attended the College today to speak to Year 12 students regarding pathways. We very much thank Bernadette for her time and extensive knowledge regarding studying at Charles Sturt.

MHFA Future Leaders Program
Applications to the Mental Health Foundation Australia’s Future Leaders Program are open.

Applications are open nation-wide to all members of the community aged between 12 and 19 years who are passionate about youth mental health.

In your role as a Future Leader, you will have the opportunity to identify and discuss key issues affecting young people in mental health and contribute ideas for youth programs.

Find out more and apply here:

Online Auslan Classes
Have you ever wanted to learn sign language? Deaf Services are now holding online classes, meaning you can learn from the comfort of your own home.
The first class begins on 21 July, but there are more scheduled for throughout the year – check them out here.

Careers Event Uni Videos
Careers Event has launched a series of videos with all the information you need to know about university and skills based courses and colleges.
There are heaps of different options featured in the videos. You can take a look at them here.  

Kylie Ham
Pathways & Careers Team Leader

Year 11 Workplace Learning Calendar 2020
Year 12 Workplace Learning Calendar 2020

Newman College Job Board

Available now
Full-time/Casual: Front of house, Hospitality
Full-time: Business Admin/Customer Service
Full-time: Office All Rounder
Full-time Apprenticeship: IT Industry
Full-time Traineeship: Retail/Hospitality
Casual: Care Support Employee
Casual: Community Support Worker
Full-time: Client Service Officer
Casual: Bartender 
Full-time/Part-time: Customer Contact Officer
Casual: Receptionist
Full-time Apprenticeship: Automotive 'Electrical'
and many more...

Head over to the Newman College Job board on our website to view all of the latest jobs.
Our College counsellor can now resume face to face appointments as needed. For students who have previously seen the counsellor please email or go to the counsellors office to make an appointment.

For students who feel they would like some support please follow the procedure for referral.

Students are able to fill out a referral form or your teacher can help you with this and the counsellor will make contact with you. The referral form is located on the Newman Moodle website (see link below).

Newman Moodle page - Wellbeing - Student Referral Form

Counselling is a process of talking about and working through what is on your mind or what is going on in your life. Through talking and getting things out, you are often able to find some clarity for your concerns. In this current situation it may be helpful to talk about what is happening for you.

Everything in the counselling session is kept private and confidential, however if we believe you are going to cause harm to yourself, or someone else or could be involved in a highly illegal activity, our counsellor or teachers are mandated to report.
Our College counsellor, Linda McGuire is located upstairs in the Futures Hub – Pathways and Careers area.


Monday 9.00am - 3.00pm
Tuesday 9.00am - 3.00pm
Thursday 9.00am - 3.00pm
Friday 9.00am - 3.00pm

Tips for Parents returning to school
Counselling Brochure
Student Wellbeing
Stressed About Study During Covid

Online support options and information
This current environment may bring more challenges so please reach out if you need assistance. I have added some useful links and information below including 24hr supports.

Local Essential Services
Mental health access line 
1800 011 511
Suicide call back service 1300 659 467
Beyond Blue  1300 22 4636
Lifeline 13 11 14
Kids helpline 1800 55 1800
Parent line
Raising children
Head to health
Smiling mind
Reachout tools and apps 

Any Questions? You can call Linda McGuire on 6580 3800 or email

Stay safe and take care.
CSNSW School Sport Cancellations
With the news that Term 3 Sport from CSNSW-Sport and the Department of Education and Training, School Sport Unit  has been cancelled and the present restrictions governing sport and in consultation with Assistant Director, Michele McDonald  it has been decided that to cancel Diocesan Secondary Diocesan Athletics, and Junior basketball, both pathway sports.

Also cancelled is Diocesan secondary touch football and netball in term 3.

In cancelling these events the health and wellbeing of students and teachers involved is most important. I thank everyone for their commitment to sport in the Lismore Diocese.
There is no doubt that Year 12 will be one of the most difficult periods of your child's schooling life. Not only is this a stressful time for our sons and daughters, but parents also tend to ride a roller coaster of emotions during this time.

This guide will outline some research and strategies on how you can provide emotional support to your child. It will also include practical suggestions that have been tested and endorsed by psychologists, counsellors, teachers and parents alike.

Click here to read the guide.
Introducing Newfit. Our College gym has a new look and is now known as ‘newfit’. See Mrs Taggart or Arcadia for gym signups. #newmanfitness
We'd like to congratulate those students who have recently finished their formal schooling to take up full-time work. #skilledworkers #hsclikenoother
Today students planted a sea of hands on the oval in an act of recognition - of identities, cultures and history for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.
Check out these creative mocktails made by the Year 12 Hospitality class. #adifferentclass #hcslikenoother #frontofhouse
Dates for your Diary

Year 11 Activities Afternoon
Wed 01 Jul

Last Day of Term 2
Fri 03 Jul

Pupil Free Day
Mon 20 Jul

Term 3 Commences
Tue 21 Jul


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