Towards a Sustainable 2030 

A Word from the CEO

Now that the true “post-2015” world is upon us, the global development community must continue to maintain our momentum towards a sustainable 2030. Key to this goal will be further collaboration with governments, organizations, and citizens around the world to ensure the success of a “Data Revolution” for development.

This collaboration can — and will — take many forms. As we have learned from our own experience, one of the keys to effective cooperation is open communication between stakeholders, from both similar and diverse backgrounds. Only by breaking down self-made "silos" can we encourage new ideas and solutions to shared problems. 

Organizationally, DG will continue to co-create tools for impactful outcomes. Our new partnership with the EITI Secretariat seeks to improve public understanding of extractives data for better accountability and action; work with the Government of Vietnam and World Bank will improve contracting transparency and cost effectiveness; and the Results Data Initiative will continue to delve deeper into the qualitative and quantitative environments needed to make data more useful.

As we look ahead to 2016, we're also looking towards a sustainable 2030 â€” putting in place the right tools and programs to help individuals use data to build a better world.

Jean-Louis Sarbib, CEO

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