Mission trips are important to many religious organizations, but in the midst of the excitement it’s easy to overlook necessary logistic preparations. Follow these guidelines to keep your missionaries safe.

The mission: possible

Prep work key to safe missionary trips

Mission trips are exciting. Congregation members build relationships, strengthen their spirituality and help those in need. In all of the excitement, however, it can be easy to overlook necessary logistic preparations.


Don’t let hazardous materials go down the drain 

Safe disposal of hazardous materials is essential when it comes to preventing personal injury, property damage or harm to the environment. Follow these guidelines to ensure that hazardous materials at your organization are handled properly.


Churches in every area at risk for frozen pipes

With “The Old Farmer’s Almanac” predicting record-breaking cold — and more than 1,000 frozen pipe claims in just two weeks from Church Mutual customers in 2014 — we have three words of advice for churches everywhere: Protect your pipes.


Is your congregation ready for a disaster?

Risk Reporter discussed the Ready Rating™ program with Tom Heneghan of the American Red Cross®. The program includes an assessment tool backed by a variety of disaster planning resources.


Acceptable Use Policy for Wireless InternetDon’t wait for someone to get hurt before you start following workplace safety best practices. Consult these resources, including our slips-and-falls prevention video, guides for developing an early return-to-work program and safety inspection checklists, to help prevent accidents at your organization.

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