Exposure 2015 opens Saturday!
Image Seekers Urban Concept Gallery
Open Saturday & Sunday, 11:00 am – 4:00 pm, from January 31st to March 1st

Opening Reception Sunday, February 8th, 1:00 - 4:00 pm
Come in and meet both Photographers, also featuring:
Rhythm by Louis Tovar & Beat Poetry by Malcolm Mooney

You are also welcome to book a private viewing
We're in Marda Loop at 2104 – 23rd Avenue SW
Call us at 403-256-5767


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David Leech
Resident Photographer

Colours of Abandonment

Dereliction is an eye on things abandoned: ignored, forgotten, forlorn, fading away, dismissed by our modern predilection for everything new.

Following the Ghost Town Trail along obsolete railroads: from Tiny to Biggar, Eastend to Westbend, Smuts to Maidstone.

Exploring houses, stores, shops, barns, and churches left to the elements, owls, and racoons.

Capturing vignettes of abstract beauty, hidden away in stuff left behind: crackling paint, peeling wallpaper, perishing linoleum, disintegrating vinyl, rusting equipment.

Revealing a context of depression, foregone inhabitants just walked away, vanished, disappeared—or were maybe escorted away in a straightjacket.

Wondering if there was intention to return, but not enough room for one last suitcase, not to mention the piano.

Exposing the edgy side—welcome to
The Bone House…

Kim Kelln
Guest Photographer

Lines: All Sorts

Lines. Straight lines - sharp, fuzzy or soft.

Curved? They're nice too.

Crazy - all over the place lines? The kinds that make you think outside of the box.

Coloured lines, black and white ones, naturals, and contrived - all sorts of lines.

Lines that will draw you in, that will lead you into the heart of the image. They direct.

They will tell you where the important parts are instead of being distracted by the shiny bits over there. Lines are useful that way.

Line as metaphor? As metaphor for life, for thinking about life, and the universe, and about our place in that particular universe?

On the other hand, sometimes lines aren't representational, or existential, or anything like that at all. Sometimes they're just lines. 

These are all my lines.

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