Honduran Homecoming


Words can not adequately explain the powerful emotions and great joy that I felt at getting to see our beloved ministry school students graduate! It was certainly one of the most fulfilling days of my life. It was the culmination of blood, sweat, tears and more than a decade of missions work. A real dream come true! 
I had the opportunity to affirm our graduates and speak vision into their lives.
I had the opportunity to affirm our graduates, speak vision into their lives and encourage them in the call God has on each of them.
I loved getting to hear how their time in GTN's School Of Ministry changed and formed their lives. The tears and laughter flowed as both triumphs and trials were recounted and remembered. One of our graduates, Alejandra, said "These tears are not from sadness but from happiness at the marvelous things that God has done in us and the strength He has built in us". Another graduate, Joselin, said "God has done great things in our hearts, minds and lives through our instructors and the Scriptures we studied. We have learned how to bring hope to all people and have been able to reach many with the Good News of Jesus Christ. We have learned that the things of God must be part of everything we do and not just something additional we add on the side".  
The Stanleys, our friends and fellow GTN missionaries, are now running and directing the GTN school of ministry that Sara and I launched back in 2016. They are doing such a great job and we are so proud of them! The students told me that they love them and know that God sent them since they have so greatly impacted their lives. 
Wyly & Candace Gammon, GTN's Regional Directors of The Americas, were there with us to celebrate this momentous occasion! They affirmed the great amount of time and energy Sara and I put into launching the school by saying "The fruit of your labors is going to keep producing and increasing". It was so good getting to spend time with them and all the other missionaries and ministers I love and have missed so much!

Global Pathways

During my time in Honduras, I was able to participate in an incredible training that GTN offers called Global Pathways. It clearly portrays God's heart for the world as found in Scripture from Genesis to Revelations. It was powerful to see the majority of our current School of Ministry students receiving the training! The ministers who attended said they were shocked to realize that missions is not only for large well-funded churches but for every church of every size. GTN conducts Global Pathway trainings and conferences in the States as well. Contact me if you are interested in bringing Global Pathways to your area.   

House of Mercy & Aquaponics

I was overjoyed to get to be reunited with my dear friends at House of Mercy (A boys home in Chaloma, Honduras). Sara and I have so many good memories of both playing with the boys and discipling them. One of the boys, Samuel, just graduated from the School of Ministry. He told me, "Both you and Sara and the School of Ministry have greatly impacted and changed my life. Now that I have graduated, I can spend my time teaching others what I have learned".  
The Aquaponics system I helped teach them how to manage and run was flourishing more than I could have hoped for. It was literally overflowing with malanga, a nutritious and healthy root vegetable similar to a potato that Hondurans eat. Pastor Ruben said "The Aquaponics system produces lots of healthy organic food for the children to eat and continues to bless us greatly!". 
Pastors Ruben and Veronica, the directors of House of Mercy, told me that they are both planning to enroll in the School of Ministry next semester. I couldn't be happier! They are an amazing couple who have laid down their lives for God and sacrificed more than can be described to help raise these young boys and give them a hope and a future. As they learn and grow they will get to teach and impart it all to all the boys at House of Mercy! 

The Refuge

Another fun and meaningful event for me was reuniting with the boys and girls at The Refuge. So many of the children asked me about Sara and Makai and let me know they really wanted to see them too! It was so good to get to see these precious children again. Bringing great joy to their faces blessed me as much as it blessed them. 

Food Production

The "Miracle Farm" that the Gammons have in Honduras was in harvest mode while I was there. I saw shipments of food being sent out to children who desperately need it. Thanks so much to those of you who gave generously to help this dream become a reality! 

Thank You!

This was a very meaningful trip for me in so many different ways! It is so neat when God brings things full circle. We want to say thank you to each and every one of you who partner with us and make all of this possible! We are truly grateful for each of you! You are each important and together we make a great team! 
     Jesse, Sara, Makai & Amelia
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