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Next Gen Bundaberg/Isis is happy to invite you and your friends to the next meeting

When:Thursday 30th October 2014
Time: 3:30pm
Where: Meadowvale

Thanks to Lindsay Rural for providing refreshments at the conclusion of the presentations.

Plain talk on rural debt
20 October 2014 | Colin Beetles

A new economic publication urges Canberra to immediately address the current rural debt crisis issue before too many more farmers are forced off the land. More..
Agriculture Green Paper on dams, supermarkets, investment and infrastructure
20 October 2014 | Lucy Barbour

The Federal Government's Green Paper on competitiveness in agriculture has reopened debate on whether Australia needs more dams. More..
Turnips and radishes sprouting between sugarcane to protect Barrier Reef
15 October 2014 | Kim Kleidon & Suzannah Baker

A cocktail of unlikely plant species, like sunflowers and radishes, could be one solution in preventing harmful nitrogen runoff from sugar cane farms. More..
Reef fund opens
15 October 2014 | The Newsport

The Australian Government has opened a $5 million Reef Trust Tender in an attempt to reduce impacts on Great Barrier Reef Health from farming activities on land. More..
QSL Update
24th October 2014

QSL Industry Relationship Manager, Carla Keith and Cathy Kelly have issued their latest update for week ending 24th October 2014. View..
City couple swap their Brisbane offices for the fruits of North Queensland
14 October 2014 | Charlie McKillop

"You'll never see me in an office again," says Matt Fealy, with the tangible conviction of a man who knows he's made the right decision. More..
Next Gen takes part in MOVEMBER 2014

Next Gen is looking for people to join our 2014 #Movember team! The STUBBLE SHAVERS will be supporting #Movember by helping raise awareness and funds for prostate & testicular cancer as well as mental health.

One million Aussie men live with depression or anxiety. They’re our fathers, brothers and mates and they need our help!!

To find out more, visit our website
Canegrowers call for national summit to halt power price hikes
10 October 2014 | Craig Zonca

Rural lobby group Canegrowers says a new report reinforces its argument to cut Queensland irrigation electricity tariffs by a third. More..
Young Australian women on mental health
10 October 2014 | ABC Heywire

Six young Australian women tell of their stories of managing their own mental health and coping with the mental health battles of their families. More..
Reducing Irrigation Energy Costs

Bundaberg Sugar Services, Isis Productivity Limited and the “Energy Efficiency Gains for Australian Irrigators” Project team are hosting two Energy Efficiency Information Days for Bundaberg and Isis cane growers on Tuesday 11th & Wednesday 12th November 2014.
Rabobank Sugar Quarterly Q3: Prices Dwindle under Weight of Stocks
8 October 2014 | Rabobank

Rabobank has issued a new report on the global sugar industry, forecasting a tighter market than expected based on recent supply and demand conditions. More..

Read more here:
New career research awards to grow innovation and capability in the Australian sugar industry
8 October 2014 | SRA

Sugar Research Australia Limited (SRA) is inviting applications for Early-career and Mid-career Researcher (ECR/MCR) Awards to encourage innovative research ideas, and to enhance the capability of the research sector that supports the Australian sugar industry. More..
Cairns Bulk Sugar Terminal celebrates 50 years
3 October 2014 | QSL

The Far North Queensland sugar industry marked a significant milestone today, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Cairns Bulk Sugar Terminal (BST). More..
Pre-order your copy of SRA’s 2014 Irrigation of Sugarcane Manual
In many districts irrigation is one of the key drivers to maximising productivity. Research trials have consistently shown that it is possible to grow 10 tonnes of cane for each ML of irrigation water applied.
Available in November this new industry resource provides useful information to help growers experienced in irrigation, and those new to irrigation practices, make informed decisions about irrigating to maximise on-farm yield.
The manual provides easy to follow advice on soil water; the response of sugarcane to irrigation; water quality; irrigation system and scheduling; drainage; and the economics of irrigation.
If you’d like to receive a printed copy please email
Have you checked our Case IH Step UP! 2015 website yet?

If not, jump on to check it out. The site will be updated as the program and speakers are confirmed. Stay tuned!
SRA's latest CaneClips

Catch up on Sugar Research Australia's (SRA) latest CaneClips on their website by clicking here.

QSL calls for true sugar industry competition
23 October 2014 | QSL

Queensland Sugar Limited (QSL) Chairman Mike Carroll has called for the Queensland sugar industry’s marketing arrangements to be opened to competition, stating the purpose of deregulation was to dismantle artificial monopolies and create a market dynamic, not to replace statutory marketing authorities with private monopolies. More..
Australia's largest sugar miller argues reregulation would be 'retrograde' step
23 October 2014 | Craig Zonca

Australia's largest sugar miller, Wilmar, remains resolute in its bid to market its entire sugar production from 2017. More..
More cane growers plant peanuts to improve crops and make more money
21 October 2014 | Eliza Rogers

More cane farmers in Queensland's Wide Bay region are planting peanuts to improve crops and diversify income. More..
Early career scientists trapped in 'perpetual adolescence'
16 October 2014 | Natasha Mitchell

Some of Australia's leading scientists have warned that the country will face a scientific disaster unless we do more to support early career scientists. Four young scientists joined Life Matters' Natasha Mitchell to discuss the challenges they face. More..
Katter’s Mackay Sugar plan
17 October 2014 | Ross Irby

Bob Katter wants Mackay Sugar to lead a major project opening up tens of thousands of hectares of land for cane production for ethanol. More..
Australia needs to radically rethink farm ownership if family farming is to survive well into the future
ABC Bush Telegraph | 17 October 2014

Families account for more than 90 per cent of all farms in Australia, but that is fast being challenged with most of the 'new' investment into agriculture coming from large corporates. More..
Australian sugar industry participants encouraged to apply for new travel and learning awards
30 September 2014 | SRA

Sugar Research Australia Limited (SRA) is inviting applications for its new Sugar Industry Travel and Learning Awards valued at up to $5,000 for an individual award or up to $10,000 for a group award or workshop 
event.  More..
Cane comp cuts back in time
14 October 2014 | Nth QLD Register

Before mechanical harvesters, the gangs of cane cutters were known as the gentlemen of the flashing blade. They laboured in the hot cane fields with skill and grit. More..
Empowering regional communities
14 October 2014 | QLD Country Life

The Australian Government and the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR) yesterday launched the Creating Inspiring Rural Community Leadership and Engagement (CIRCLE) programme, which will provide resources and grants to build capacity in Australia’s regions. More..
Australian tropical cyclone season outlook

The Bureau of Meteorology has released their 2014–15 Australian Tropical Cyclone Outlook, predicting an average to below-average cyclone season most likely for Australia. More..
Bundaberg grower's nutty venture
13 October 2014 | Melody Labinsky

A rotational crop of peanuts every five years has played a crucial role in keeping Bundaberg cane farmer Jason Loeskow's business viable. More..
ERGON gaming regional Queensland for record profits
10 October 2014 | ASMC

A new report examining the out of control electricity price increases in regional Queensland identifies Ergon’s extraordinary profit model as the leading cause. More..
Less chance of severe El Nino forming but event still likely: US atmospheric scientist
10 October 2014 | Sarina Locke

Global forecasting for a severe El Nino weather pattern has been downgraded, due to a large wave of cool water in the eastern Pacific Ocean in February. More..
Triple whammy sends Brazil sugar output tumbling
9 October 2014 | Agrimoney

Sugar futures touched a two-month high after data revealed a sharp slowdown in Brazil's cane harvest, further underlining ideas of a "sudden death" to crushing season thanks to a hangover from early-2014 drought. More..
Manildra Harwood Sugars celebrates 25th anniversary
7 October 2014 | Sunshine Sugar

Manildra Harwood Sugars (MHS) celebrated a major milestone with the achievement of supplying the Australian market for 25 years with a range of high quality refined sugar products. More..

Tissue culture order date reminder

RA would like to remind industry that the final date for placing 2015 spring planting tissue culture orders is 15 November.  Orders are made through QCANESelectTM on the SRA website. More..
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