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Prestonwood Network Update

In this issue:
  • Influencers Who Refuse To Be Influenced by Pastor Jack Graham 
  • Being Fit For Life: Living For What Matters Most by Pastor Jack Graham
  • Lies People Believe About Managing Their Time by Dr. Chris Kouba
  • Why Genre Matters in Preaching by Dr. Steven Smith
  • Church Planter Interview: Kelly Wheat – Storyline Church (Ft. Collins, Colo.)

History bears testimony to an ebb-and-flow relationship between man and God, which impacts not just the human heart, but also entire communities, churches, cities, countries, and even continents. For instance, there was a time when Europe was an utterly pagan place. But then a wave of missionaries and evangelists brought with them the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the message of grace and acceptance and love, and Christianity swept beautifully across the land. Over time, however, the people fell away from the faith that had saved them, the culture digressed, and an entire continent fell headlong into secularism – society without any use for God. As I say, ebb, then flow, then ebb...Continue Reading.

You may remember a time when our nation’s obsession with fitness was considered a craze, just a fad. The media even used the term fitness craze to describe what was then a new trend in terms of people’s awareness about the importance of being fit and their determination to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Well, I think you’ll agree with me that America’s obsession with fitness is more than a passing fad...Continue Reading.

Time management is one of the most neglected disciplines when it comes to the ministry. Very few classes in seminary teach it; it isn’t modeled well in most internships; and the assumption is you either have the skill or you don’t. However, just like all personal disciplines (prayer, Bible reading, Scripture memorization, meditation, etc.), the discipline of time management must be worked at, pursued, and given full attention by any serious minister of the Gospel...Continue Reading.

Preaching a sermon demands a lot of thought. There is the exegesis of the text, which demands quite a bit of time and energy. Then there is the exegesis of the audience. How will the listener receive what God has said? In all of this, who has time to consider the genre in which the text was written? This is where Willie Nelson helps us…Continue Reading.

Kelly Wheat is the Lead Pastor and Founding Planter of Storyline Church in Ft. Collins, Colorado. In 2001, Kelly and his family moved to the Ft. Collins area to get involved with a ministry at Colorado State University. Following God’s direction, he helped launch two church plants in the Northern Colorado area. In February 2014, God called Kelly and his core church planting team to establish Storyline Church. Watch this quick video about Kelly and God’s call to plant a church in the Northern Colorado area...Continue Reading.
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