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How Can I Help You?

The Irony of Giving

My friend, Poom, used to ask regularly, "How can I help you?" That is his attitude when he meets someone. The irony for me lies in being a missionary who gets income by asking people to donate, to give so I can help people. As partners I should help you to help people, and thank you for your donations in 2018. I ask for financial support for myself and also for ministry expenses. These two broad categories are sometimes misunderstood and compared to an individual salary, so I try to distinguish them clearly in my reports.

The Charge can be ready in 2019. I am so excited that my friends in MD established a 501(c)(3) organization and are willing to help me manage it. Other friends like Rev Henry have also expressed interest in partnering with us. I hope it'll be a simple and flexible organization, and it's a timely development since GP has just decided to separate the three offices (Korea, USA, Brazil) administratively. I want to be an associate member with GP, if they let me, and focus on The Charge from 2019.

Thank God for His abundant grace and love in 2018

OLC English Bible study is expanding online. And we just studied about the man born blind last Friday night in John 9 (OLC.SCS), where it turns out he's the most blessed character. The disciples and pharisees thought the blind man was cursed; but I'd rather be in his place, and I lament how Christian organizations are not generally willing to accommodate this kingdom value. We also started a second online session on Tuesday nights, with John and Cyndi from NH (Tue mornings for them). We continue to meet at SCS during our 12:15 sessions on Mondays and Fridays (and in a cafe in the evenings), but SCS needs a new building or place to meet by next spring, at least temporarily, pray for God's help in dealing with this situation.

Click on this Partnership Page to Donate

  1. A check to GP USA (memo: Paul Kim ID# T17) 10582 Katella Ave, Anaheim, CA 92804
  2. Through paypal by clicking the yellow "Donate" button in our partnership page. You can use the "family/friends" option for donations under $1,000.
  3. QuickPay® with Zelle(SM) if you have Chase or BoA (
  4. In Korea, KEB 하나은행 account # 990-090819-148 (김바울, 김은정); confirm with GP Korea 02-443-0883
  5. Transfer to Bangkok Bank account: 206-0-75264-5 (Paul Kim). SWIFT* code BKKBTHBK

General Updates

  • SCS is looking for English volunteers! Contact Karen Indehar at Pray also for a good place to meet from next spring.
  • Links: HL CK GH Prayer Items Project Needs my secret FB page. Help us approach this sustainable level.
  • Fine Print: The list of email addresses on this official newsletter is separate from the one in my frequent updates; you can (un)subscribe (from)to this list and my frequent updates list separately. Also, see the newsletter from 07/31/2017 "Reinventing the Past" for a disclaimer about "Confucian" GP and my relationship with Chonburi Center. And let me know if you're good with MailChimp and know how to reduce the line spacing for this section :)

Prayer Items, please pray that:

[same as the prayer items from my recent "frequent update"]
  1. I'd be thankful for God's abundant grace and love for us in 2018
  2. The Charge would be set up and operational by the summer of 2019
  3. Our condo lease would be up for renewal or for sale at a reasonable price in 2019
  4. English Bible study sessions would be enhanced by more online options such as FB video chat
  5. I would be a good support for my ministry partners
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