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2nd Half of 2018

"Boring" Bible Study

I mean "boring" as in boring a tunnel through a mountain, got the idea from Elon Musk's Boring Company since he's been on the Thai news recently about the famous cave rescue of the Wild Boars soccer players. But I'm also aware that Bible studies can be seen as boring (not fun) in many Christian circles. It's incredible, though, how much I learn from studying the Bible with English learners who sincerely want to know what they're reading and how it applies to their lives.

They force me to dig deep into the basics; and I surprise myself, even as I explain to them in simple English, how delicious and satisfying God's truth is. I've been leading up to six Bible studies a week, and I hope to expand even more through online sessions, maybe with help from some of you. You can see we were studying James in the picture above. And pictured below, is a montage of basic items Tu bought for the children in the HL villages up north with money donated by an Indonesian man at Inland Church in Socal (Rev Daevid).

It takes a church to raise an MK, and we're so blessed brothers and sisters in CCC have been accommodating and helping Timothy in so many ways, as he completes his last week of working this summer in MD. He will join Sarah in Socal in about ten days, and then finally leave America at the end of August. I'm anxious to be reunited with them, and also to hear about all they experienced and learned in their respective summers in the States. Lydia is also working and getting ready for her 3rd year in college.

Still not sure how I accepted a donation from a homeless man..

Jay Niro Shan's SMLC continues to need support and prayer. Police came without notice to investigate the school for 25 refugee children just a couple of days ago. Everything went well, since Jay was working in partnership with the larger refugee community; it's even better now that the police have it on record as an acceptable school for refugee children. Jay started a sewing business for sustainability in the same building as the school, where several refugee women use donated cloth from hotels and the community to make clothes or bags.

Sarah and I have the honor of visiting Iba, Philippines, at the end of September to celebrate the 10th anniversary of City on a Hill Mission Church planted by Missionary Konic Moon. We had trained together in Malaysia as GP colleagues, and our children were also close to each other. Time flies, and I anticipate a good reunion and retreat with our fellow GP trainees. I also plan to visit Korea at the end of Oct and beginning of Nov.

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General Updates

  • SCS is looking for English volunteers! For more information please contact Karen Indehar at
  • Jay Niro Shan's Sri Lankan family is still waiting for 3 more sponsors in Canada; and they're seeking support for expenses related to SMLC for refugee children.
  • Links: Project Needs, my secret FB page, Global HopeHelpLive and Courageous Kitchen. Help us approach this sustainable level.
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Please Pray that

  1. God would gently encourage me to pray for lost souls before checking FB each morning.
  2. Visiting mission teams and special events would encourage our Thai friends.
  3. Lydia would have a great beginning of her 2nd half of college, and Sarah and Timothy will have safe travels at the end of August.
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