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Reinventing the Past

CRC Team Sixth Year in a Row

Rev Henry brought the CRC team (LAFGC) to Thailand for the 6th year in a row this summer to serve different people groups in need. See them praying in the pic above for this man who had worked in the fields of Chonburi Center before it became a ministry center, and see more pics in my nice FB account. it's good to have teams that make return visits, not only for me but for my local friends, and in some cases they develop friendships through FB, continuing to keep in touch and even organizing video chat sessions as a church group. Organizing and executing ministry activities for a better future has the effect of reinventing the past. Invite me as a friend if you're on FB.

You can read about the other teams this year from my past frequent updates this year, which you can subscribe to if you want more emails from me. It's a different subscription list from this official newsletter.

The Charge 

The new missions agency is called The Charge. Please pray for wisdom and guidance as we take it one step at a time, that it'd be driven by the Great Commission and supported by efficient management for the benefit of the donors, locals, and missionaries. I'd love for us to reinvent missions for the new generation in an increasingly connected and sensitive global community. Who knows how God would lead you to be a part of The Charge?

I'm planning a trip back to the USA for fundraising and to meet my friends for The Charge. Please let me know if you or your church or small group would be interested in meeting me or hearing more about my ministries. I'm hoping to visit next spring. I'm also hoping to take Timothy to help him find a summer job somewhere in the United States. I'll begin my third term as a GP missionary this week; I've asked to change my status to an associate membership but my repeated requests have been ignored by all three levels of directors above me. I will ignore GP from now on and see how that works out in reinventing the past.

Please pray for my friends, Rev Jae and Annette, who lost their son in an accident

Click on this Partnership Page to Donate

  1. A check to GP USA (memo: Paul Kim ID# T17) 10582 Katella Ave, Anaheim, CA 92804
  2. Through paypal by clicking the yellow "Donate" button in our partnership page
  3. In Korea, KEB 하나은행 account # 990-090819-148 (김바울, 김은정); confirm with GP Korea 02-443-0883 
  4. Transfer to Bangkok Bank account: 206-0-75264-5 (Paul Kim). SWIFT* code BKKBTHBK


Sarah has been leading the Rahab and OLC.SCS Bible studies on Fridays, while I continue to lead Friday evenings and Thursdays. Friends like Phil sub for me when they can, but I often cancel when on trips or out of town with mission teams. There's also demand for studies in other locations and even online. Please take just a minute to ask God if or how He would want you to help out, either online or even by moving to Bangkok! Different friends in Bangkok have helped me over the past ten years; I myself got involved by helping Santosh out once a week after he got sick working overtime.

General Updates

  • Thanks to two donors who donated for Sam, Missionary Ha's son. He went to Korea for rehab in a friendly hospital, because rehab in Thailand would've cost too much.
  • My secret FB page now has ten members! Give me your email address for me to add you if you want to understand my inner thoughts.
  • Consider making a financial donation to Global HopeHelpLive or Courageous Kitchen (InSearchofSanuk). HL India needs to raise $20,000 for a café to serve as a ministry base in Nagaland, and we will share a plan for a hostel/café in Bangkok soon.
  • Phil has been a big help for me here, subbing for my Bible studies once in a while and being my sounding board as I share ministry issues.
  • The Sri Lankan family is still waiting for 3 more sponsors in Canada, but the good news for now is that Jay, the husband, found a casual job with a Canadian NGO in Bangkok.
  • For the record, GP and GP directors are responsible for supervising the senior missionaries in Chonburi Center, including all or none of the responses to their annual reports (ministry, budget, health), if any. Citing Confucian principles to neglect these duties will not excuse administrative negligence or irresponsibility. I make this statement because I’m aware of how Koreans can shift blame to others citing Confucian principles; I’m declaring that I have no administrative authority for oversight for the senior missionaries in Chonburi Mission Center, and I will not accept Confucian blame for any accident or its consequences or other ministry issues in Chonburi Center.

Please Pray that

  1. We will not lose sight of God's guiding hand as we open up the possibility of reinventing the past, restarting missions over the next year.
  2. Thailand will remain stable as we transition to the new king and hopefully into a newly elected democratic government.
  3. Our family will continue to grow strong in Christ.
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