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Help Needed!

Medical Emergencies

Missionary Ha Taemin's second son, Sam, had an accident involving glass at church where he had to undergo a ten-hour surgery for his arm. He has no feelings for his thumb and it hurts to move some of his other fingers in his right hand. The doctor thinks rehabilitation could take up to two years. The hospital bill came out to about $10,000. Please email me if you want to make a special donation for him. His wife is currently in Korea recovering from her own surgery that had complications.

Sameer is a young pastor in Nepal. He sent me a message asking for prayer and help for his father, quoted selectively with minor punctuation adjustments, "I have a prayer request; it's for my father. It's now his time to go to India for a followup checkup and buying medicine. Please pray that the reports are fine and his medicines are less this time. The total amount required for his medicine is US 500 dollars." Please email me if you would help a bit.

I'm thankful I haven't had to ask you for emergency donations this past year. But I did borrow $5,000 from Global Partners last year, which I'm now paying back interest free. I'll try not to talk about "need" too often but focus more on the availability of resources (Nehemiah 13:10).

Totally upgraded website, thanks to Euna and Joe at Christ Covenant Church in MD!

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  1. A check to GP USA (memo: Paul Kim ID# T17) 10582 Katella Ave, Anaheim, CA 92804
  2. Through paypal by clicking the yellow "Donate" button in our partnership page
  3. In Korea, KEB 하나은행 account # 990-090819-148 (김바울, 김은정); confirm with GP Korea 02-443-0883 
  4. Transfer to Bangkok Bank account: 206-0-75264-5 (Paul Kim). SWIFT* code BKKBTHBK

More News

We're almost done with Leviticus in our OLC.SCS Bible studies (pictured above). We were pleasantly surprised with Leviticus, which was selected by Tu, who has been studying with me for over ten years now. Here's an example in Leviticus 16 (The Day of Atonement) that blew my mind; but I'll let this webpage explain more succinctly. It's a shame I didn't study books like Leviticus more seriously growing up.

I'm helping my friends set up an organization to help missionaries like me. Their objectives are to teach and train missionaries in God’s word via Bible studies and bi-annual meetups (either in Thailand or in the US), and to do the administrative work that facilitates donors and funding. They want to establish a missions agency out of a stable church that can send a missionary rather than produce a culture of rogue missionaries. This could be the most important thing I do from now on.

General Updates

  • The Sri Lankan family is still waiting for 3 more sponsors in Canada, they have a donor who will pay for all the government fees so Candians just have to sign up.
  • My friend Phil is here and settled for a year, teaching science in a Thai school.
  • Consider making a financial donation to Global HopeHelpLive or InSearchofSanuk. HL India needs to raise $20,000 for a cafe to serve as a ministry base in Nagaland. Please also let me know if you would make a special donation for Missionary Ha or Sameer.
  • For the record, I've made it clear with my supervisors that GP oversight over my aging parents and Chonburi Center has been nonexistent, and their expectation for me to take responsibility as the son is not only devoid of mission principles but betrays Confucianist syncretism.
  • I set up a secret FB page for us, where I share more freely; but you have to give me your email address for me to add you. We already have seven members now, including me!

Please Pray that

  1. God will keep our family and friends safe, and also as the busy summer with teams and lots of travel is approaching.
  2. The new organization will be driven by the Great Commission and supported by efficient management for the benefit of the donors, locals, and missionaries.
  3. Our children (and Sarah and I) will continue to grow strong in Christ.
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