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The USA Trip

It Was a Great Visit

Thanks to many of you hosting and supporting us in many ways, we had a very encouraging visit. I was particularly blessed by some of our conversations, where I could see God working through your lives in powerful ways. Thank you also for those of you who gave generous donations for our ministry. I'll be back in 2020, timing it with Lydia's graduation and visiting people I missed this time around. Actually, I might need to return earlier for The Charge; its registration process is complete, but now we gotta figure out how to organize it.

Timothy is working as a host in a restaurant in MD. He is living with guys from my friend's church (Rev Kenny, CCC). They also hosted most of our stay in MD as a family. We're grateful for their support and love, as I have left the States, but they continue to take care of my son. Timothy is experiencing independence from his mom and dad, but he's being well taken care of by this church of young people, getting a good amount of protein.

This is the first time that all four of us are separated from each other!

Pictured above is the OLC group with Ms Susie Lee (back row, center of three women), who visited for a wedding in our group, the very day I landed in Bangkok. She started the Bible study group 13 years ago and loved the people like a mom. We met at her hotel many times for fellowship and Bible studies.

Ryan, our first refugee friend who successfully settled in California, visited for the first time, the day Susie left, and if you've seen my FB posts you know that we met and ate many times. He is also the inspiration behind Dwight's Courageous Kitchen. So my first two weeks back in Bangkok were busy enough, where I didn't even get a chance to savour the usual recovery from jetlag. I enjoyed the benefits of technology and continued with some of the OLC Bible studies online (thru Line, like Kakao or Whatsapp) during my time in the USA.

Summer teams will start coming next week. You can see a list of the ones I'm planning to host on my webpage. CHMC and Inland churches are visiting for the first time, while LAFGC and NYPC have visited multiple times already. CHMC will visit Chonburi Center where my parents are at, teaching English and helping with neighborhood outreach. Inland will visit Phetchabun for campus ministry and then the Karen village in Suanpheung, teaching English in a high school there. LAFGC will also visit Suanpheung and later Tak Province for Help Live (Kilang, HL). NYPC will focus on campus ministry in Phetchabun Province and spend a few days in Bangkok. I will also try to visit Tak Province for the SBT team that will be there at the end of July with Kilang. I'll try to send mini-updates, so if you haven't been getting them you can subscribe here; it's a separate and shorter email list.

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General Updates

  • SCS is looking for English volunteers! For more information and application forms please contact the school director, Karen Indehar at
  • The Sri Lankan family is still waiting for 3 more sponsors in Canada; and Jay (Altamira), the husband, is seeking support for expenses related to St Monica Learning Center for refugee children.
  • My secret FB pageLet me know if u want a peak in my thoughts and feelings about missions.
  • Consider making a financial donation to Global HopeHelpLive and Courageous Kitchen.
  • Please let me know if you know of potential donors that could help us to approach this sustainable level.
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Please Pray that

  1. God would help make prayer a more significant part of our ministry.
  2. Visiting teams would have a safe and learning experience in Thailand.
  3. Timothy and Lydia will have good summer job experiences in MD and DC respectively, while Sarah stays in Socal.
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