Silom Space!


Happy Thai New Year 2013!

Silom Space

After countless hours of meetings, discussions, dreaming, talking in my sleep, Yo, Kilang and I have finally decided to go for the six-floor building in Silom. We're calling it Silom Space for now. Sparing you the details, our business background is weak, nonexistent; so we've minimized the business component of our project. That means no cafe, no language school, no guesthouse, etc. As one friend put it, we'll be slumlords, renting out each floor to a business or individuals. Please check out our FB page (Silom Space) and click "like" to follow more frequently. Also, we just want a lot of "likes" on our FB page.

We minimized the business component of our project because we realized that we basically have to go all out, quit most of our ministry duties and devote many hours on whatever business we were thinking of doing. Yo, Kilang and I are all "church" people, having spent many years in pastoral positions. We came to a point where we wanted to focus on ministry, so even if we don't have a high income, we figure we could at least have meeting spaces for free by renting out the 2nd floor to our friend (Winz) for an after school business, where he'll pay one-third of the rent and deposit. Floors 3-5 will be dorms housing up to 3 people per floor; our location in downtown will be very appealing to a lot of our single friends and some of their friends. Yo will do most of the work as the manager of Silom Space, and also be the leader of the church meetings in our ground floor.

Please click on my partnership page to see the different ways you can support Silom Space:
1) You can write a check to GP USA (memo: missionary ID# T17). ADDRESS: GP USA, 10582 Katella Ave, Anaheim, CA 92804)
2) Or donate through my paypal page.
3) If you're in Korea, KEB account number is 990-090819-148 (김바울, 김은정); please call the GP Finance staff at 02-443-0883 to confirm.
4) Finally, you can transfer to my account in Thailand, Bangkok Bank account: 206-0-75264-5 (Paul Kim). SWIFT* code for int'l transfer: BKKBTHBK; email me for more details).

Please email me to let me know that you sent a designated donation for Silom Space, so I'll know to use it for that purpose. Please, for my regular donors, keep making regular donations; it's possible during special fundraising where the missionary will get special donations but see one's regular donations diminish.

Our timeline is as follows: Sign the contract on April 24 with a $4,500 deposit, begin renovations, open on July 1. I will probably be raising funds for the rest of 2013, since it'll take us a few months to get the ball rolling. But we're thankful for the initial pledge of $3,000 by one donor and our matching donor. Because we minimized the business component of our project, budget for renovation and furnishing has been drastically reduced. Our total fundraising goal is $30,000. We want to honor God with our time and our (your) money; please pray that God will help us make good decisions and to be wise stewards of His resources.


GP (Think Tank)

I'll be going to Chiangmai this afternoon for five days, to help be part of a brainstorming team of about 5-6 people to discuss everything/anything about the future of GP. I'm excited for this opportunity to share my ideas, but not really ready or sure if my input will be constructive. I've had a minimalist view of missions organizations, and GP has been growing in number. Please pray that I will have a good time away, but also for my family that will be alone during Songkran, the Thai New Year holiday, which is the biggest holiday week of the year. I'll be the only one from Thailand attending this meeting.


We thank our new donor who made a commitment to make large donations regularly, and then also committed to paying for Lydia's tuition this year; Lydia was encouraged, and has started catching up on her work. She has also been more open in discussing or negotiating different ways we can parent her better; my (Asian-American) position is that she can speak freely but I decide. We gave her a lot of freedom in the past, and we were willing to give her even more freedom in exchange of a signed agreement of responsibility. But she doesn't want more freedom; in fact she wants more parental control. Ironic. Anyways, it's exciting to parent a teen, I don't remember this much excitement when I was a teen, because I was always such a good boy! [wait for some laughter from my family and friends] I was busy focusing on studies and swimming in Deerfield, IL.

Mission Teams

We will have several mission teams this summer: A campus ministry group from JMU (James Madison University, Jeremiah Park) will be coming for the 2nd year, May 14 - June 6. Global Together (Dr. Lee), June 17 - 22. FHC (First Harvest Chapel, Rev. Rick Kim) for the 4th year, July 3 - 13. Kilang is planning to take some of us to lead a worship conference in Nepal on June 10 - 17; we had a great time serving in Nagaland last year. But we're praying for some funds, where each of us needs about $700 for airfare and everything.

Please pray that:

  1. Our family and our friends in Thailand will begin this new year with a fresh commitment for God's kingdom.
  2. My planning for the different events this summer will be guided by the Holy Spirit.
  3. Many of you will support Silom Space in prayer and finances.
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