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Framework for 2019


First newsletter in 2019, not counting the frequent updates, which have not been frequent so far in 2019, but thank you so much for supporting us in our ministries; some of you have supported us from the end of 2005 when we first announced our plans for foreign missions! I believe God has spoken and worked through you as our ministry partners to place us where we are geographically as well as in our current ministry context. Pictured above, I got to share in a Christian international school chapel.

I hope to enhance or upgrade our partnerships for any of you willing, not saying this to ask for more donations but more to declare that I am inviting for brainstorming partners as well as donors and prayer partners. I don't want to just inform you what "God told me" and pressure you to pay up or pray up; I want a two-way partnership. This means I'm open to your feedback even if it's negative or something like, "Enough already, come back and get a real job." So my (secret) ministry FB page would be a good place to start, where I share on average once a week or less about my ministry issues. Let me know and I'll add you.

Counseling in Chiangmai was great, I had three sessions over a week, the same week Sarah and Timothy attended a homeschooling education conference and I attended a board meeting fro Elijah Foundation. It was my first professional counseling sessions where we basically talked about my emotional issues, or lack thereof. Sarah and Lydia had been asking me to get counseling for years and I told them to raise money for it.

My friends heard about it and donated $200, which covered the suggested donation for the three sessions exactly in the Christian center. I didn't feel like I was pressured to open my mind to a shrink, but the counselor made it clear he was there to assist me in my journey to psychological health, as far as I wanted him to.

It felt like working out with a fitness instructor, as a physical analogy; I never actually worked out with a fitness instructor but that's how I imagine it; I've been investing more in physical fitness as I jump into the manopause stage of my life. Now if I can get my heart to be more fully in line with God's heard my spiritual fitness would also develop in an exciting way. Please look over my Projects & Budget Items to see if God compels you to support any of it, including further counseling sessions or projects like In Dew Time; you speak, I listen.

Look out for the new website coming soon, same url,

My May trip for The Charge to America is canceled. Long story short, The Charge is canceled. As I share in my prayer needs, my friends have to deal with more pressing issues at this time and they have my complete understanding and support. They're still my dear friends and supporters and webmasters. My plan B is to join another supporting agency that has minimum bureaucratic barriers. I am still wanting to be affiliated with GP as an associate member.

We decided to forget about purchasing property and look for another apartment or condo to rent. Our plan is to move before our current lease expires in November. We'll spare you the details but we saw a lot of signs the past few months that led us to this decision.

Click on this Partnership Page to Donate

  1. A check to GP USA (memo: Paul Kim ID# T17) 10582 Katella Ave, Anaheim, CA 92804
  2. Through paypal by clicking the yellow "Donate" button in our partnership page. You can use the "family/friends" option for donations under $1,000.
  3. QuickPay® with Zelle(SM) if you have Chase or BoA (
  4. In Korea, KEB 하나은행 account # 990-090819-148 (김바울, 김은정); confirm with GP Korea 02-443-0883
  5. Transfer to Bangkok Bank account: 206-0-75264-5 (Paul Kim). SWIFT* code BKKBTHBK

General Updates

  • A lot teams are coming this summer, so basically we're not inviting more teams to come.
  • SCS is looking for English volunteers, especially for this summer! Contact Karen Indehar at Pray also for a good place to meet during renovation the next few months.
  • Links: HL CK HH GH Prayer Needs Project Items secret FB page. Help us approach this sustainable level.
  • Fine Print: The list of email addresses on this official newsletter is separate from the one in my frequent updates; you can (un)subscribe (from)to this list and my frequent updates list separately. Also, see the newsletter from 07/31/2017 "Reinventing the Past" for a disclaimer about "Confucian" GP and my relationship with Chonburi Center. And let me know if you're good with MailChimp and know how to reduce the line spacing for this section :)

Prayer Items, please pray that:

  1. God will take 2019 to develop our partnership to a new level
  2. I'd find a happy supporting network or agency and stop spending all my free time fantasizing about it.
  3. We'd find a new apartment or condo to rent by this fall.
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