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I Am Not an ATM Machine

You might feel this way when I write for help. But this is also how I feel when people in need ask me for help. Stop reading if you have donor fatigue or are in financial trouble. So a couple of poor leaders who help their fellow poor people have shared specific needs. I didn't want to keep bothering you but i told them i can at least inform you. So i made a Google Sheets file to keep a list, and I'll refer to this list in the future. 

More Details:
1) Gloria is the leader of Udomsuk village, formerly known as Safe Haven, the first hilltribe village started helping. Her daughter studied well in high school and actually qualified to enter nursing school in Bangkok. But she needs about $2,000 for the 1st semester. She actually needed it last week. She'd be the first one in her Karen hilltribe family and village to go to college.

2) Jay (Niro Shan) is a Sri Lankan refugee that started a small school to help refugee students. During the last break he started a sewing business for the refugee women, using the tables and chairs from school. School started last Monday so they can't use the furniture for work. He needs a little over $200 to buy 2 tables and some chairs. Heactually asked me for help over a week ago and I said I'd let you know.

Email me at if you're interested in helping or want more info or have suggestions for responding to requests like these. Thank you. 

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