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Call for scholarships at the EuroMeSCo Academic Secretariat/IEMed

The IEMed is offering eight training grants to young candidates with higher degrees for the year 2018.

Among the selected candidates, one will join the Euro-Mediterranean Policies Department, responsible, among others, for the management of the EuroMeSCo network (the largest network of Euro-Mediterranean think tanks).

The selected candidate will be offered a hands-on experience in assisting the IEMed team in organising and coordinating the EuroMeSCo activities, as well as other tasks performed by this department.

Deadline to submit applications: Tuesday 31 October
For more information, click here  
     EuroMeSCo upcoming events     
Sahel and Security in the Mediterranean
26 October, Beirut
In the framework of the EuroMeSCo ENI Project, Carnegie Middle East Center organises a workshop, whose aim is to present and discuss with policy makers, academics, researchers and practitioners of various fields, preliminary research results of the research group on Sahel.

The workshop will examine various challenges and security issues in the Sahel which undermine the stability of the Mediterranean, i.e. the growing jihadist threat, state fragility as well as climate and demographic challenges.
Minorities in the Middle East and North Africa
1 November, Beirut
The Arab Reform Initiative in cooperation with Issam Fares Institute and the IEMed organises a workshop with the objective to discuss initial findings of the research group on minorities in the MENA region.

The workshop, gathering researchers from the network and external stakeholders, will examine issues related to minorities in North Africa and Middle East, including the origin and development of the “minority” concept, the Amazigh question in Morocco, black people in Tunisia, as well as political attitudes of Syrian Christians.

Participation to these workshops is upon invitation only.
 Upcoming events organised by EuroMeSCo institutes  
IAI – Istituto Affari Internazionali
Eastern Mediterranean Energy: Moving Forward
2 October, Nicosia
ISPI – Italian Institute for International Political Studies
Russia, the European Union and the Middle East: Different Visions? Possible Convergences?
2 October, Rome
DIIS – Danish Institute for International Relations
Governance in Rojava/Northeastern Syria: Recent Developments
5 October, Copenhagen
Security and Migration: EU-Turkey Relations under Pressure?
5 October, Copenhagen
Elcano Royal Institute
Tackling Violent Radicalisation that Leads to Terrorism in the EU
5 October, Brussels
CEPS – Center for European Policy Studies
EU ‘Take-Back’ Agreements with African Countries: A Promising Tool to Curb Irregular Migration?
10 October, Brussels
DIE – German Development Institute
Perspectives for a Renewed Partnership between Europe and the MENA
10 October, Berlin
FMES – Mediterranean Foundation for Strategic Studies
La crise au Moyen-Orient
14 October, Toulon
EGMONT – Royal institute for international Relations
The Evolution of Radicalisation and Terrorism in Europe after the Fall of the Caliphate
16 October, Brussels
Chatham House
Privilege under Pressure: The State of Men in the Arab Region
18 October, London
CEPS – Center for European Policy Studies
The External Dimensions of EU Migration Policies: Effectiveness, Fairness and Rule of Law Reconsidered
19 October, Salamanca
CERI – Centre d’études et de recherches internationales
Les crises de l’intégration européenne
19 October, Paris
Chatham House
Iraq’s Children after ISIS
20 October, London
     Articles, analyses and reports     
ARI – Arab Reform Initiative
The Evolution of Morocco’s Human Rights Movement
Mohamed Kadiri
The Cultural Map: A Tool for Development and Peacebuilding
Hassan Abbas
Carnegie Middle East Center
Will the Fatah-Hamas Reconciliation Work this Time?
Michael Young
Food for Thought
Perry Cammack
Killing the Survivors
Dalia Ghanem-Yazbeck
Where Does the Doctrine Lead?
Anouar Boukhars
Is There Any Role for the UN in a Polarised Middle East?
Michael Young
All in the Family
Nathan Brown
CASE – Centre for Social and Economic Research
EU Asylum Policy after the German Election: The Case for Flexible Solidarity among EU Member States
Matthias Luecke
CEPS – Centre for European Policy Studies
The Case for a Euro-Arab Summit
James Moran
The EU and Israel: Partnership and the Weight of History
Toby Vogel
Pathway Towards Legal Migration into the EU: Reappraising Concepts, Trajectories and Policies
Sergio Carrera, Andrew Geddes, Elspeth Guild, Marco Stefan
CERI – Centre d’études et de recherches internationales
Yémen. Fin de partie reportée pour Ali Abdallah Saleh
Laurent Bonnefoy
Chatham House
Post-ISIS Governance in Jarablus: A Turkish-led Strategy
Haid Haid
Cutting Off Civil Society Aid Will Strengthen – Not Weaken – the Armed Coalition in Idlib
Lina Khatib
Tighter Controls on Explosive Materials is Vital Factor in Response to Terrorism
Hannah Bryce
Europe’s Flawed Thinking on Mediterranean Migration
Tim Eaton, Paul Melly
CIDOB – Barcelona Centre for International Affairs
Resilient Cities. Countering Violent Extremism at Local Level
Diego Muro (Ed.)
Clingendael – Netherlands Institute for International Relations
Assad Rex? Assessing the Autonomy of Syrian Armed Groups Fighting for the Regime
Nick Grinstead
DIIS – Danish Institute for International Studies
Expanding Jihad. How al-Qaeda and Islamic State Find New Battlefields
Mona Kanwal Sheikh (Ed.)
ECFR – European Council on Foreign Relations
Iraqi Kurdish Referendum: Let the Tempest Pass
Ruth Citrin
To End a War: Europe’s Role in Bringing Peace to Syria
Julien Barnes-Dacey
Still Wanted: New Approaches to Migration for Europe
Andrew Lebovich
Issa Amro and the EU’s Palestinian Authority Problem
Saleh Hijazi, Hugh Lovatt
EGMONT – Royal Institute of International Relations
Facing the Evolving Jihadi Threat in Europe
Thomas Renard
Elcano Royal Institute
Turkey and the EU Must Stand Together for a Better Future
Ömer Çelik
The Shrinking Euro-Mediterranean Policy Space
Gonzalo Escribano

Changements stratégiques et nouveaux enjeux: quelles politiques promouvoir en Méditerranée ?
FIIA – The Finnish Institute of International Affairs
Qatar Engulfed: Tactical Steps Raise Stakes in Protracted Crisis
Wolfgang Mühlberger
GMF – German Marshall Fund
Will the German Election Outcome Change Berlin’s Turkey Policy?
Magdalena Kirchner
Turkey and United States on Syria: Allies, Frennemies, or Worse?
Ahmet K. Han, Behlül Özkan
Merkel and Schulz Are Making a Major Strategic Mistake
Kemal Kirisci
GPoT – Global Political Trends Center
Tackling Radicalisation Among the Youths in Libya
Michael Asiedu
Regional Updates nº28: Cyprus, Egypt, Israel-Palestine, Syria and Libya
IAI – Istituto Affari Internazionali
The Security-Migration-Development Nexus in the Sahel
Luca Raineri, Alessandro Rossi
The Mediterranean Reset: Geopolitics in a New Age
MedReset Papers
Anoush Ehteshami, Daniela Huber, Maria Cristina Paciello (Eds.)
Investigating Cognitive and Normative Frames of Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Stakeholders on Migration and Mobility Issues, in Their Relations with the EU
MedReset Papers
Emanuela Roman, Ferruccio Pastore, Irene Ponzo, Nourredine Harrami, Marouan Lahmidani
Eyeing Elections, Erdoğan Doubles Down on Critics: Will the Strategy Backfire?
Sinan Ekim
Peace Economics: Opportunities and Options for a Post-Conflict Middle East
Andrea Dessi
The EU and Geopolitics in the Mediterranean
MedReset Papers
Anoush Ehteshami, Ariabarzan Mohammadi
The Key Powers’ Construction in the Mediterranean
MedReset Papers
Anoush Ehteshami, Ariabarzan Mohammadi
INSS – The Institute for National Security Studies
Closer Iran-Turkey Ties: Regional Implications and Significance for Israel
Sima Shine, Gallia Lindenstrauss
Saudi Foreign Policy: Change of Direction Required
Yoel Guzansky
Hamas: Toward Palestinian Reconciliation, or Abdication of Governmental Responsibility?
Gilead Sher, Kobi Michael, Liran Ofek
The Trump-Netanyahu Meeting: An Opportunity for Policy Coordination on Iran in Light of the North Korean Crisis
Amos Yadlin, Adner Golov
Russia in Syria: Between Iran and Israel
Zvi Magen, Udi Dekel, Sima Shine
MITVIM – The Israeli Institute for Regional Foreign Policy
The Impact of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict on Israel's Foreign Relations
Workshop Conclusions
MITVIM and Leonard Davis Institute
Israel, Kurdish Independence, and the Palestinians
Dahlia Scheindlin
The Policy Upgrade of the Israeli Peace Camp
Nimrod Goren
Happy Holidays? Not in the Middle East
Elie Podeh
US Policies Towards Israel and the Middle East 5(9)
Rebecca Bornstein (Ed.)
Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies
The Islamic State (Da’esh) after the Liberation of Mosul
Ronen Zeidel
OCP Policy Center
Towards EU-MENA Shared Prosperity
Simone Tagliapietra, Abdelhak Bassou, Marion Jansen, Yassine Msadfa, Mario Filadoro, Larabi Jaidi
PISM – The Polish Institute of International Affairs
Israel and the Kurdish Question
Michał Wojnarowicz
Contexts and Scenarios after the Referendum on Iraqi Kurdistan’s Independence
Patrycja Sasnal
Turkey’s Purchase of the S-400 System: Prospects and Consequences
Karol Wasilewski
PODEM – Center for Public Policy and Democracy Studies
Global Identities. Embedding the Middle East and North Africa Region in the Wider World
Menara Working Papers
Katerina Dalacoura, Silvia Colombo, Gülşah Dark
Challenging the State in Middle East and North Africa: the Role of Identities
Menara Working Papers
Nizar Messari, Lorenzo Kamel, Zaynep Gülöz Bakir, Djallil Lounnas, Driss Maghraoui
SWP – German Institute for International and Security Affairs
Shrinking Spaces in Israel
Muriel Asseburg
Better Migration Management
Steffen Angenendt, David Kipp
EU Defence Policy Needs Strategy
Rosa Beckmann, Ronja Kempin

A Euro-Mediterranean Network of Political and Security Studies

INESG - Institut national d'études de stratégie globale

OIIP - Austrian Institute for International Affairs

Carnegie Europe
CEPS - Centre for European Policy Studies
EGMONT - The Royal Institute for International Relations
EPC - European Policy Centre
Europees Institut
GERMAC - Groupe d'études et de recherches sur le Monde Arabe contemporain
GMF - German Marshall Fund
MEDEA - European Institute for Research on Euro-Arab Cooperation
TEPSA - Trans-European Policy Studies Association

KYKEM - Cyprus Research Centre

EMEF - Euro-Mediterranean Forum
IRMO - Institute for Development and International Relations

Czech Republic
IIR - Institute of International Relations Prague
EUROPEUM - Institute for European Policy

DIIS - Danish Institute for International Studies

ACPSS - Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies
AFA - Arab Forum for Alternatives
ECFA - Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs
Partners in Development

EVI - Estonian Foreign Policy Institute

FIIA- Finnish Institute of International Affairs
TAPRI - Tampere Peace Research Institute

ARI - Arab Reform Initiative
Association Euromed - IHEDN
CERI – Sciences Po Centre d´études et de recherches internationales
CMCI - Institut de la Méditerranée
EU ISS - European Union Institute for Security Studies
FMES – Fondation méditerranéenne d´études stratégiques
FRS - Fondation pour la Recherche Stratégique
IFRI - Institut français des relations internationales
Kedge Business School

CAP - Center for Applied Policy Research
DGAP - German Council on Foreign Relations
DIE - German Development Institute
GIGA - German Institute of Global and Area Studies
PRIF - Peace Research Institute Frankfurt
SWP - Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik
ZEI - Center for European Integration Studies

ELIAMEP - Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy

Center for Economic and Regional Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
IFAT- Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade

Institute for International Studies of the Cornivus University of Budapest

CSEPS - Centre for the Study of European Politics and Society
INSS – Institute for National Security Studies
IPCRI - Israel / Palestine Center for Research and Information
Leonard Davis Institute for International Relations
MITVIM - The Israeli Institute for Regional Foreign Policies
The Moshe Dayan Center

European University Institute
Fondazione Mediterraneo
IAI - Istituto Affari Internazionali
ISPI - Istituto per gli Studi di Politica Internazionale
ISSM- Institute of Studies on Mediterranean Societies
Jean Monnet Euro-Med Centre

CSS - Center for Strategic Studies
UJRC - Al-Urdun Al-Jadid Research Center

LIIA - Latvian Institute of International Affairs

Carnegie Middle East Centre
LCPS - Lebanese Center for Policy Studies

Institute for European Studies
MEDAC - Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies

CERSS - Centre d'études et de recherches en sciences sociales
CRESS - Centre de recherches et d'études en sciences sociales
GERM - Groupement d’études et de recherches sur la Méditerranée
IMRI - Institut marocain des relations internationales
Institut Amadeus
OCP Policy Center

Clingendael - Netherlands Institute for International Relations

Pal-Think for Strategic Studies
PASSIA - Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs

CASE - Centre for Social and Economic Research
European Neighbourhood Policy Chair, College of Europe, Natolin Campus
IPA - The Institute of Public Affairs
PISM - The Polish Institute of International Affairs

COE - North-South Centre of the Council of Europe

SFPA - Slovak Foreign Policy Association

CIR - Centre of International Relations
EMUNI - Euro-Mediterranean University

AGREEM - Asociación Grupo de Estudios Europeos y Mediterráneos
Casa Árabe - International Institute of Arab and Muslim World Studies
CEI International Affairs
CIDOB - Barcelona Centre for International Affairs
ELCANO - Real Instituto Elcano de Estudios Internacionales y Estratégicos
Fundación Alternativas
IEMed - European Institute of the Mediterranean
UNISCI - Unidad de Investigación sobre Seguridad y Cooperación Internacional

SIIA - Swedish Institute of International Affairs
SIPRI - Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

AEI - Association des études internationales
CAWTAR - Center of Arab Women for Training and Research
CEMI - Centre des études méditerranéennes et internationales
ITES - Institut tunisien des études stratégiques

CES - Centre for European Studies
CERMC - Centre for Economic Research on Mediterranean Countries
FPI - Turkish Foreign Policy Institute
GPoT - Global Political Trends Centre
IPC - Istanbul Policy Centre
ORSAM - Center for Middle Eastern Strategic Studies
PODEM - Center for Public Policy and Democracy Studies
TASAM - Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies
TESEV - Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation

United Kingdom
CIS - Centre of International Studies
Chatham House
ECFR - European Council on Foreign Relations

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