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Muslim Women and Communities
against Gender Islamophobia in Society

Promoting inclusiveness of Muslim voices in the media

MAGIC is a project which aims to prevent gendered Islamophobia in Spain and in Belgium, in particular in media outlets, and to draw lessons useful for other European countries. It is funded by the European Commission, within the framework of the Rights, Equality and Citizenship (REC) Programme.

How does MAGIC intend to do so?

In the span of two years MAGIC will work to map gender islamophobia in Belgian and Spanish newspapers with a twofold objective: to provide Muslim communities’ leaders, Muslim women, and CSOs working on diversity with skills and tools to recognise and stand against stereotypes against Muslim women in public narratives and to promote inclusiveness of Muslim voices in the media. 
MAGIC will do so not only through training of journalists & capacity enhancement and promoting awareness campaigns but also by fostering knowledge, dialogue, and mutual cooperation among Muslim communities’ representatives, Muslim women, and CSOs and media practitioners.

What has MAGIC achieved so far?

MAGIC has gathered in a Multi-Actor Benchmarking Lab several journalists, professors of journalism, representatives of media associations, Muslim communities’ representatives, particularly women, and representatives of civil society organisations working on diversity to elaborate a detailed methodology to conduct quantitative and qualitative analyses of Spanish and Belgian newspapers.

The project is already monitoring gendered islamophobia in 3 Spanish newspapers and 3 Belgian newspapers and it will do so on the basis of the agreed methodolgy. 
Visual reporting made by German-Tunisian illustrator Tuffix of one of the key meetings so far of the project, the Multi-Actor Benchmarking Lab held on June 2021. 
During the Multi-Actor Benchmarking Lab MAGIC also addressed the activities that will involve over 180 participants  with the aim to ultimately build the MAGIC Coalition, which will play a crucial role in disseminating the project’s results as well as preventing, reporting, acting against & raising awareness of gendered Islamophobia in public narratives and in promoting inclusiveness of Muslim voices in the media beyond the geographical and time scope of the project. MAGIC Coalition is intended to become a permanent platform to address gradual Islamophobia across Europe.

The first two national cross-perception consultations of the project were held in November 2021 discussing the preliminary findings of the monitoring of 6 newspapers from Spain and Belgium. Both meetings, organised by Media Diversity Institute and Fundación Al Fanar,  counted with the participation of experts from Spain and Belgium and underlined the absence of Muslim woman voices in news and assessed that the range of topics is rather narrow, being the wearing of the hijab or job discrimination issues that are overwhelmingly addressed by newspapers. 

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The project is now gaining traction and it will start not only delivering results from the media monitoring but also producing useful information and resources and calling for participation. 

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship programme under grant agreement No. 963678.
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