SCOPE Update December 2013
Healthy Mother and Baby at Well-Child Visit

SCOPE’s first implementation project at Woleka Health Center is a success! And we intend to keep it going.

Kristen Savage, SCOPE fellow June-September, 2013, implemented SCOPE’s first Prevention of Maternal to Child Transmission project. We have known that it is entirely possible to eradicate maternal to child transmission of HIV and SCOPE’s new project at Woleka Health Center in Gondar, Ethiopia, is working to do exactly that. SCOPE trains priests and female volunteers about HIV/AIDS, stigma, and the importance of antenatal care, equipping them to enter their communities and identify pregnant women in need of care.
All pregnant women are then tested for HIV and, if positive, are treated so their babies are born HIV negative and the mothers stay healthy. Already, SCOPE’s PMTCT project has resulted in increased numbers of pregnant women receiving care at Woleka, proving this innovative faith/medicine partnership works.

Kristen with the Woleka Team

SCOPE held its annual Thank Our Donors Party, November 15, on the University of Washington Campus. This year we added a “Fund A Fellow” drive and a vacation home auction. Once again, everyone at SCOPE would like to extend our deepest gratitude to our many generous donors.

SCOPE featured in SPU's Alumni Magazine, RESPONSE.  Click here  to read the article!
SCOPE fellow Kefyalew Addis, of the University of Gondar, will continue to work with SCOPE’s PMTCT project at Woleka Health Center, insuring that the trained priests and local women volunteers have the support and encouragement necessary to continue this important work.
SCOPE fellow applicants have been interviewed and three new fellows have been selected for 2014-2015!

Emily Robinson, BSN RN, Doctorate Nurse Practitioner Candidate, University of Washington. Emily will serve at the Woleka Health Center in Gondar, Ethiopia, June-September, 2014.

Katherine Pfizenmaier, Master’s of Public Administration Candidate, University of Washington. Kate will serve in Gondar, Ethiopia, June-September, 2014.

 Laila Zomorodian, Fourth Year Medical Student, University of Washington. Laila will implement SCOPE’s second PMTCT program beginning in January 2015.

We rely on your generosity and private donations, both large and small, to continue our programs. 

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We sincerely appreciate your fully tax-deductible, charitable gift that supports our continued work to eradicate HIV-AIDS in Ethiopia.  Gifts to SCOPE are made through the University of Washington Foundation. 100% of your gift goes directly to SCOPE. 

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