Manitoba Fibre Festival September 30 & October 1, 2016


Hello to all our fibre festival friends and welcome to those who have joined our newsletter mailing list recently.

The big news is that the workshops are listed on the website and registration is now open! While we can never fit in all the great ideas for classes we have expanded the list and added some new ones. Knitting, spinning, crocheting, needlefelting, nalbinding, weaving, macrame, felting, embroidery, dyeing .... there are lots of choices. Classes range in time from 20 minutes to 6 hours. Our teachers include talented locals, some good neighbours from Saskatchewan, and a special guest Chad Alice Hagen from Washington state. This year some classes will run on Friday as well as Saturday. We love bringing people together to share their skills and enthusiasm. Take a look at the WORKSHOP LIST on the website and join in the fun.

Mokume / Bark Scarf: felting with resists and dyeing class with Chad Alice Hagen

Today is the start date for the Tour de Fleece, the annual spinning event that runs in tandem with the cycling Tour de France. The TDF is popular on Ravelry,where many different teams encourage each other to spin those wheels (or spindles) and show off their handiwork. The TEAM CANADA group is friendly and relaxed if you are looking for a team. 

Ready to spin: lovely Manitoba grown Rambouillet fibre dyed by Susan at Wild Wind Naturals

Of course, we would love to see your finished spinning products in our HANDSPUN SKEINS COMPETITION at the festival. See the website for details about that, and try not to knit everything you spin between now and the end of September.

Would you like to volunteer at the Festival? We're looking for a few people to help in areas like vendor set-up, fleece show, visitor welcome, and workshop support. If you're interested, please contact Margerit at for more information. We would love to have you on our team. 

Wednesday August 10
Farmers' Festival: Home Skills for the 21st Century
The Festival has been invited to take part in a new event at the St Norbert Farmers' Market on Wednesday August 10 focusing on "the skills your grandma knew". They would like some people to demonstrate fibre crafts: spinning, fibre preparation, weaving, knitting etc. The demonstrations will be scheduled between 2:00 - 8:30 and should run at least 20 minutes each. This is a wonderful opportunity to share our passion for the fibre arts and also to promote the festival. If you have the time and a gift for communicating your craft in public, please let us know. 
Thanks! Have a great summer.

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