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Household Hazardous Waste can be harmful to staff and machinery at the Regional Resource Recovery Centre. It is important that you take the time to dispose of items listed above responsibly so they don’t end up in your bins, or the environment.

We thank you for taking the time to collect hazardous items in your home and bring them to the temporary collection day at the City of Melville Operations Centre, 13 Bramanti Road, Murdoch 6150.

SMRC receives 2 Waterwise Awards

On Tuesday the 19th of April the SMRC was recognised as Waterwise Champions, for achieving improvement in water efficiency at the Regional Resource Recovery Centre in Canning Vale of at least 35 per cent for two consecutive years.

At the Water Corporation’s Waterwise Business Forum Awards Ceremony, the SMRC was one of 89 businesses recognised for collectively saving 14 billion litres of water in 2014-15.

The SMRC received a Gold Award for achieving 35-50% improvement in water efficiency and a Waterwise Champions Award.

‘As well as water saving measures being integrated into upgrades on site, the staff have implemented other initiatives such as water saving shower heads and have been educated on how to use less water’ SMRC Chair Cr Cameron Schuster said.

‘The SMRC is delighted to have received these awards, and is committed to operating as a sustainable organisation’

Water saving initiatives on site included switching from scheme to ground water for the biofilters and installation of a waste water treatment plant.

International Composting Awareness Week 2-8 May 2016

Better Soil, Better Life, Better Future

May 2nd to 8th marks International Composting Awareness Week in Australia. This is a week during which Australians are invited to pay closer attention to what they put in their bin and consider that often about half of that could be composted.

The week is also about Australians understanding that organic waste in landfill contributes to climate change.

If you live in Fremantle, East Fremantle, Cockburn or Melville then your green-topped bin is composted at the Regional Resource Recovery Centre. Please do not put any glass in your green-topped bin. Download the Recycle Right app from your app store for a searchable list of what goes in which bin.

Below are different things you can do with your organic and garden waste:
•    Make your own compost heap at home
•    Make a worm farm
•    Put it in your green bin to be composted at the RRRC
•    If you live in an apartment, get a Bokashi Bin

Compost at the Regional Resource Recovery Centre in Canning Vale

Many people believe that the items they place in their ‘rubbish bin’ are destined for landfill. At the SMRC’s Regional Resource Recovery Centre we do something pretty amazing with the waste from your green-topped bin.

Organic waste, such as food and garden waste, makes up a large percentage of the contents of the green-topped bin. Rather than sending this nutrient rich rubbish to landfill, where it rots and produces green-house gases such as methane that contribute to global warming, the trucks bring household waste to the Regional Resource Recovery Centre’s Waste Composting Facility.

After being processed by one of the Facility’s four digesters, where intense heat and microbes break down the organic material, the compost is laid out in rows on the maturation floor. Conditions are carefully controlled in this massive room, so that the composting microbes have the right temperature, moisture and access to oxygen. This allows the SMRC to produce a lab-monitored compost in four to six weeks.

Screening processes remove inorganic material at various stages throughout the composting process. The compost is then transported via truck to NutraRich in Brookton, where it is blended for compost and used in farming and landscaping projects. So, instead of sending your organic waste to landfill, the SMRC provides agriculture with a soil enriching product that helps above ground crops to grow.

For your chance to win a cubic metre of compost from our compost partners at NutraRich, simply watch the virtual tour of our Waste Composting Facility,, and tell us how we’re able to use state of the art technology to remove odour from the air. Send your response to by Friday 20th May to be in the draw.

For great Hints and Tips about reducing your waste, as well as worm faming and composting, download the app or check out the recycle right website –

Problem Waste...

Nappies In The News – Melville Times

In case you missed it, see the link below for a story about nappies coming into the Materials Recovery Facility in the yellow topped bin on the front page of the Melville Times on the 13th of April.

East Freo residents to revitalise their gardens

Residents of East Fremantle will be able to purchase native plants from APACE Nursery for half price, thanks to the Council’s generous contribution. Native plants are a waterwise choice, but can also help combat salinity, support native wildlife and can create a green corridor between existing areas of remnant bushland.

APACE in North Fremantle will offer the native plants for $1.50 each, with a limit of 20 plants per person. Residents will have to provide proof of residency in East Fremantle to claim the subsidy.

The native plant subsidy scheme runs from 2 to 28 May, between 8am-3pm Monday to Friday and 9am-12pm on Saturdays.

For more information, you can visit the APACE website

Bokashi Workshop in the City of Cockburn

‘Bokashi’, is Japanese for ‘fermented organic matter’, and is a convenient and cost effective method of turning home organic waste into a nutrient rich liquid soil conditioner. You will discover how to effectively compost with a Bokashi bin at home, complete with a hands-on demonstration. For more information about how you can join this FREE workshop about recycling organic waste at home or to find out where you can pick up your own Bokashi Bin at a subsidised rate, visit

Melville Living Smart Course

Starting Tuesday 17th May, Living Smart is a multi award winning behaviour change program, which runs over a period of seven weeks. The course provides participants with the skills and knowledge to take action in their own homes to improve their quality of life and reduce their environmental impact.

The course is designed with the needs of participants in mind and includes topic such as Waste, Living Simply, Power, Water, Gardening… and more. This course will be facilitated by Shani Graham and Tim Darby, the most experienced facilitators in Australia.

The course is principally funded by City of Melville and held at the sustainably designed Piney Lakes Environmental Education Centre.

For more information and to book, visit

Castaways Sculpture Awards - Entries Open

Castaways successfully melds the themes of recycling and environmental awareness with the creative re-use of materials and innovative arts practice to create a truly unique art event.

Entries are invited from local artists, community and educational groups for the 2016 Awards, closing Friday 3rd June. For more information visit


Keep and eye on your letter box for your new Recycle Right waste calendar and information booklet. It is a great resource you can keep on your fridge for easy reference.

You can also find your calendar on the Recycle Right website –

Waste Management Review

The SMRC’s Chairman, Cameron Schuster was interviewed by Annmarie Unwin about his insights on issues around regional waste management and resource recovery.
RRRC Tour Dates...

The next community tour dates open to families and individuals are:

• Saturday 07 May 2016

• Saturday 11 June 2016

• Saturday 02 July 2016

Other dates can be arranged for groups. To discuss your tour requirements, please contact Emma Baker on: 9256 9528 or

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