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During the Christmas season, most households generate more waste than usual. SMRC Chairperson Cameron Schuster is urging residents in the Southern Metropolitan Region to Recycle Right this Christmas.


Christmas is a time of year that can generate large amounts of waste, including food waste and lots of packaging. It is important to put waste you do produce in the right bin so it can be recovered and recycled. Even better, why not try creating less waste in the first place?

Cr Schuster’s advice is “Start by making your supermarket shopping list and checking it twice to ensure you don’t over buy this Christmas. As well as saving money you will also help the environment.”

“Be sure to place packaging loosely in the yellow topped bin and avoid filling boxes with plastic and other wrapping to ensure it is recycled.” Boxes should be flattened.

Not all gifts have to be store bought so why not think of giving gifts that create minimal waste. You could support a business in your community by purchasing locally made gifts, or buy an experience such as rock climbing, a relaxing massage or a game of golf.

“Christmas is also a great time to teach children about giving to those less fortunate than ourselves. Share the Christmas spirit by recycling toys and clothing your children don’t use, by donating them to charity or putting them under a giving tree.” Cr Schuster said.

The SMRC has a great new app which tells you which bin to put your waste in as well as abundant tips for producing less waste and living more sustainably. Search Recycle Right on the App Store or Google Play Market, or use the mobile web version at

For the correct information on what goes in which bin and to recycle right this Christmas, please visit

For information about the Southern Metropolitan Regional Council please visit

  1. Give the free gift of recycling knowledge and tell people about the Recycle Right app on the App Store and Google Play Market.
  2. Give low impact gifts that create minimal waste and have a good end of life solution
  3. Be sure to place packaging loosely and separately in the yellow-topped bin. Please do not put plastic packaging inside cardboard boxes. Flatten your boxes.
  4. Use paper wrapping rather than foil or plastic and save your paper wrapping for reuse next year.
  5. If you are having a Christmas Party, make it easy for your guests to recycle by proving two labelled bins - one for general waste and the other for recyclables.
  6. Try to minimise food waste this Christmas, only buy what you need, serve smaller portions and store and use leftovers.
  7. Wrap food waste in newspaper and put it in the green-topped bin together with your garden waste so we can turn it into compost.
  8. Tinsel should not be placed in your yellow-topped bin.
  9. Visit this Christmas to find out which bin to put it in!
The recent local government elections have meant some changes to the SMRC Council. The SMRC farewells Chair Cr Tony Romano from the City of Cockburn, Cr Cliff Collinson from East Fremantle and Cr Rob Willis from the City of Melville. We greatly appreciate your commitment and support of the SMRC.

We welcome our new Chair, Cr Cameron Schuster from the City of Melville, Deputy Chair Cr Lee-Anne Smith from the City of Cockburn and Cr Michael McPhail from the Town of East Fremantle and we look forward to continue to deliver sustainable waste management solutions for the SMRC region.


Give the free gift of Recycling knowledge with the Recycle Right App

The Southern Metropolitan Regional Council has revolutionised Waste Education with Perth’s first mobile app for waste and recycling for the Southern Region of Perth.

Features of the app are:
Which Bin –
provides an explanation of what goes in which bin and what happens to the contents of the bin at the recycling facility.
Materials A-Z – a searchable A to Z which provides advice on which bin to put things in for this region, as well as great tips to re-use or recycle many different items.
Hints and Tips – tips on how to reduce packaging, reducing food waste, how to create a worm farm or how to compost and how to use real nappies and reduce junk mail, wherever you are.
Find my nearest – using GPS technology, you can find your nearest battery recycling centre, car part disposal facility, construction and demolition disposal facility, charity shop, hazardous household waste disposal site – anywhere in Perth.
Take Part – Gives great ideas on how you can take part in your community, or in nationwide initiatives and how to book a tour of the recycling facility to see what happens to your waste.
Leftover Recipes – Using leftovers is one of the best ways to save money and prevent waste. These recipes will help transform your leftovers, wherever you are.

The app is available in both mobile web and native versions.

Mobile Web App
To install the mobile web app on your apple or android smartphone or tablet, go to and add the icon to your homescreen.


Recycle Right has undergone some exciting changes this last month! To check out the new website go to


In October and November the Regional Resource Recovery Centre featured on Greenfingers TV showing Perth that recycling does happen and just how important it is for the environment and climate change, that we make sure our waste goes in the right bin.

The shows take you inside the Waste Composting, Audit, Green Waste and Materials Recovery Facility.
At the SMRC we welcome feedback from the community about our operations at the Regional Resource Recovery Centre in Canning Vale. With your assistance, we can improve how we work and achieve our vision of delivering sustainable waste management solutions for the benefit of our communities and the environment.

The SMRC’s Community Feedback Hotline is open to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You can use the Community Feedback Hotline to:
  • Report an odour you suspect may be coming from the RRRC
  • Tell us what you think about recycling in the Southern Region of Perth
  • Give us feedback about a tour you have been to at our facility
  • Give us feedback about your waste calendar and how you would like to receive your information about recycling
Once an odour is reported to the Community Feedback Hotline, details such as the location, time and character of the odour will be immediately sent to the staff at the Regional Resource Recovery Centre, who will conduct an inspection of the Waste Composting Facility, as well as investigate the location where the odour was reported.

Incidences of odour are also immediately sent to the DER so their officers can attend to determine the source of the odour.

A call to our feedback line will receive a personal response by the next working day.
Odours reported hours or days after they have been experienced cannot be verified.

The Community Feedback Hotline, 1300 556 726, is answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.


The SMRC 2012/13 Annual Report is available to view online as an interactive document, or download in pdf format on the SMRC website at:


The Vegetable Garden at the RRRC is growing fast! The compost along with help from worm juice from the newly added worm farm is giving the plants the nutrients they need to grow like crazy!

The staff that contribute to the upkeep of the garden have been happily harvesting, herbs, tomatoes, rocket, edible flowers and spinach. Very soon the corn and the capsicum will be ready to pick – just in time for a bright, fresh Christmas salad!


Remember the cost of your Christmas Lights go beyond your electricity bill, they also drain natural resources so here are some tips to minimise the impact of your Christmas lights:
• Reduce the size of your outdoor lighting display
• Use LED lights for house and Christmas tree lighting
• Turn your lights off at bedtime


The City of Cockburn’s Environment and Waste Education Officer, Vicky Hartill recently organised a tour of the Regional Resource Recovery Centre for the Cockburn community to come and see what happens to their waste!

Recycle Right Tour Guide Emily Tomsett showing the compost produced at the SMRC from the green-topped bin.
The Cockburn community tour on their way around the Regional Resource Recovery Centre.
If you would like to tour the Regional Resource Recovery Centre please see the details below on tours.


Recycle Right Tour Guide Emily can provide your school, community group, family and friends with a fantastic tour of the Regional Resource Recovery Centre in Canning Vale. The tour takes 1.5 to 2 hours and includes a stroll through the conservation area, the Waste Composting Facility, Audit and Green Waste Facilities and finishes in our state of the art Materials Recovery Facility Education Centre.


Please call 9256 9555 or email for more information.


The Western Austrlian Christmas trees are in full bloom at the Regional Resource Recovery Centre in our treasured Banksia Woodland. The surrounding Ken Hurst Park is also in bloom and the splashes of orange around the facility are sure to brighten your day. Why not come and see for yourself!


The results of Field Ambient Odour Assessments, which are carried out independently in the area adjacent to the RRRC, are available each month on the SMRC Website at


In conjunction with the Western Australian Local Government Association and the Waste Authority, Recycle Right is currently being expanded to include information for the yellow-topped bin for the whole of Perth.

Go to ‘find out more about recycling in your area’ on


Community Advisory Group

The Community Advisory Group appointed a new chair at the November Meeting. Congratulations to Norm who is the new Chair of the Group for the next 12 months and Durga  who is Deputy Chair. Welcome also to Delphine, Louis and Cliff who are new members of the group.

If you would like to join the CAG or learn more about what they do please contact them on the details below.

Please email or write to them at SMRC Community Advisory Group, PO Box 1501, Booragoon WA 6154.

Like us on facebook at RecycleRight NOW with SMRC CAG.
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