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Town of East Fremantle to ban single use plastic bags

Following the lead of the City of Fremantle, the Town of East Fremantle is moving to ban single use plastic bags. At a council meeting held on the 19th of July, the council resolved “that the Town of East Fremantle develop a local law banning single use plastic bags similar to that of the City of Fremantle”.  The move follows evidence presented in a research paper conducted by WALGA which concludes that a ban of single use plastic bags will help reduce litter in marine environments as well as reduce plastic bag contamination of the waste stream.
In 2012, a bill proposing a state wide ban on the bags was defeated and since then a growing number of local councils, including the City of Fremantle have proposed their own local laws, but have failed to pass the legislative council. The Town of East Fremantle is hopeful that the increased pressure from other councils will help the legislation to pass.

Photo: Plastic, including plastic bags washed up on the Swan River following recent storms.
Credit: Town of East Fremantle.

Onya mate!

Want to win a great gift pack from Onya?

We’re offering you and a friend, a chance to go into the draw to win a reusable onya shopping bag and a set of onya produce bags.

How to enter:
•    Simply forward our newsletter or the following link to a friend
•    When asked ‘how did you hear about us’ ask them to enter your name or email address

Both names will automatically go into the draw and at the end of August we will choose 2 Lucky winners.

A people powered reuse movement

Proudly supported by the SMRC, the Garage Sale Trail is the country’s biggest ‘reuse’ community event taking place on Saturday the 22nd of October. This event provides you with a great opportunity to declutter, sell unwanted items, find a bargain and interact with people in your community. Last year more than 13,000 garage sales took place around the country encapsulating more than 350,000 buyers and sellers.

It’s completely free to register your garage sale and if you don’t have the space or ability to host a garage sale, you can organise or get involved in a community group sale.

Registrations open on the 10th of August and for more information on the event including how to register, promote and set up your garage sale visit  

Date: 22nd of October | Time: Anytime! | Venue: Everywhere!

Sticker Up

Recycle Right, in collaboration with the City of Kwinana and the City of Fremantle has developed bin stickers aimed at helping residents gain a better understanding of what goes in the general waste and recycling bin.

City of Kwinana
For the City of Kwinana, the use of bin stickers follows on from their bin tagging program conducted last year. The program saw the City of Kwinana have the greatest increase in correct recycling rates out of the 3 local governments that participated, highlighting the importance that waste education can have on community behaviour.

The City is hoping to continue to educate residents on correct recycling and waste disposal behaviours and the stickers are already proving to be a big hit amongst residents and staff members.

Currently the City is providing 1 sticker to be placed residents recycling bins. These are being placed on all new and replacement bins, but can be collected by residents at the City of Kwinana administration building. For more information, contact the Waste Team at or phone 9439 0275.

City of Fremantle
Following on from their use of bin stickers in the past, the City of Fremantle has updated their array of stickers to help educate and assist residents. The new stickers have been produced for both waste and recycling bins and from October onwards will be placed on new and replacement bins. The stickers will also be available for collection by residents at the City of Fremantle’s administration and operations.

Problem Waste...

VHS Tapes

You may have heard that the end of this July signals the end of VCR production. Whilst many people still love and watch old VHS tapes, for many they are collecting dust and it’s time to clear out the cupboards. But how?

REUSE the cases. Print out some personalised covers and use the cases to store crafts, tackle or other odds and ends neatly in the old cases.

UPCYCLE your tapes in a crafty way. The tape itself can be used as yarn in crochet projects and video casing can be turned into a whole heap of different things, get creative!

DONATE your old VHS tapes. By donating to a charity or op-shop you are contributing a good cause and helping to extend the life of your old tapes.

DISPOSE carefully. The waste processing facilities at the Regional Resource Recovery Centre often get jammed by rolls of cassette tape, resulting in down time and additional maintenance. Save your cassette tapes for verge side collection.

Upcoming Events and Competitions

City of Cockburn Sustainable Living Events July to November

Throughout the year, the City of Cockburn are running a number of events and workshops to inspire sustainable actions and behaviours. In the coming months there is a series of events to provide you with insights into waste recovery and to get you thinking about how you can reduce, reuse and recycle.

These events include; tours of the Resource Recovery Centre and Henderson Waste Recovery Park, as well as workshops on creating green cleaning products and composting.’ For more information, including dates and time, visit to find the July – November booklet or contact 9411 3444 or email    

City of Melville Wormshed workshop

On the 17th of August, join Kevin from the Worm Shed for an interesting and informative evening on all things worm farming. For more information, call 9364 0790 or email

Date: 17th of August | Time: 6pm – 8pm
Venue: Piney Lakes Environmental Education Centre

City of Fremantle Rags Rugs

Perfect to upcycle, rags can be made into all sorts of practical and decorative things. Join Leisa at the Meeting Place in South Fremantle to learn how to turn rags into rugs. The workshops run from the 9th of August until the 23rd of August on Tuesdays 9:30am - 12:00pm and there is an associated cost. For more information, call 9432 9676 or visit /whats-on/rag-rugs.

Date: 9th, 15th, 23th of August
Time: 9:30am – 12:00pm
Cost: $86.25 + $45 material fee
Venue: The Meeting Place, South Fremantle

Bin Thinking

Every year we conduct a phone survey to measure waste attitudes and behaviour in the community. The survey helps us to gain an understanding about some of the common misconceptions surrounding the use of the different bins and how people dispose of their waste.

This year the questions centred around the disposal of broken glass, electronics, disposable nappies, bottles and jars, non-rinsed items and the disposal of recyclables in plastic bags and returned mixed results. Some of the results include:

• 4% of resident’s dispose of nappies in the recycling bin, up 2% from last year. Always dispose of nappies in your general waste bin.

• 20% of resident’s place broken glass in their weekly rubbish bin, down 3% from 2015 and 12% from 2014. Always place broken glass in your recycling bin.

• 35% of resident’s do not remove the lids of bottles and jars either all, or some of the time. Always remove lids from bottles and jars before placing them in your recycling bin.

• 38% of residents are utilising local phone or battery collection bins, up 2% from 2015 and 13% from 2014. Always dispose of phones, e-waste and batteries at the appropriate collection point.

• 53% of resident’s place non rinsed items in the recycling bin, meaning people are either not rinsing all of their recyclables or are not sure where to dispose of unrinsed items. Always rinse containers before placing them in your recycling bin.

A Virtual Reality

Even with the increased exposure and education around waste and recycling, many people still don’t have a great understanding about how their waste is processed and recovered. If you haven’t already checked out our virtual tours, you’ll find they are a great way to experience the realities of resource recovery, from the comfort of your home, classroom or office.

The virtual tours provide an insight into the processing and recovery of general waste, recycling and green waste and are suitable for people of all ages. If you like what you see, why not forward them on to a family member, friend, neighbour or colleague!

To find out more, visit

Upcoming verge collections

Junk and Whitegoods

City of Cockburn
Junk and whitegoods collections have commenced for City of Cockburn residents from the 4th of July to the 19th of September. Go to to find your collection area, or call 9411 3444 for more information.

City of Fremantle
Junk and whitegoods collections commence in the City of Fremantle on the 5th of September. Go to to find your collection area, or call 9432 9999 for more information.

City of Kwinana
Junk and whitegoods collections commence in the City of Kwinana on the 5th of September. Go to to find your collection area, or call 1300 867 166 for more information.

City of Melville
Junk and whitegoods collections commence in the City of Melville on the 12th of September. Go to to find your collection area, or call 1300 635 845.

Green Waste

Town of East Fremantle
Green waste collections commence  to find your collection area, or call 9339 9339.

City of Kwinana
Green waste collections commence in the Town of East Fremantle on the 8th of August. Go to to find your collection area, or call 1300 867 166 for more information.

City of Melville
Green waste collections have commenced for City of Cockburn residents from the 20th of June to the 5thh of September. Go to to find your collection area, or call 1300 635 845.

Clean Schools PL Workshops

Do you have a litter problem in your school? Keep Australia Beautiful through the Clean Schools program is providing a free Professional Learning session and webinar for primary and secondary schools wanting to change littering behaviour at their school. Keep Australia Beautiful is offering a half-day teacher relief subsidy for up to 2 teachers per school. To register, or for more information, call 6467 5123 or email

Date: Thursday 11th of August
Time: 1.00pm to 4.00pm
Venue: Ellenbrook Place Office, Ellenbrook

Glyde-In and Recycle Right

With a number of councils around Perth moving towards a three bin system, things can often get a little confusing. Where do we put rubbish that is neither? Must plastic be clean, lid-free? Plastic bags? How is our recycling recycled?

Joining the speakers unlimited program running July through to September at the Glyde-In Community Learning Centre in East Fremantle, Emma Baker will be giving a talk to provide you with clarity on just what goes where. You can enrol in person at the Glyde-In centre or book online at

Date:    26th of August
Time:    10:00am-11:00am
Cost:     $12 for the general public, $8 for Glyde-In members
Venue:  Glyde-In Community Learning Centre, East Fremantle

Tours of the Regional Resource Recovery Centre

If you’d like to organise a visit to find out what happens to your waste, call Emma on 9256 9528 or via email

The next community tour date open to families and individuals is:

• Saturday 03 August 2016

Other dates can be arranged for groups. To discuss your tour requirements, please contact Emma Baker on: 9256 9528 or

To discuss your tour requirements, please contact Emma Baker on the contact details given above.

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