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Running into a burning building takes extraordinary courage...but making it back out takes training and the right equipment.

Help get our firefighters home safely...

May 2014 Gallery

Elfin Forest/Harmony Grove Firefighters
Elfin Forest/Harmony Grove Firefighters battling the wildfire.
Rare fire funnel
A rare fire tornado, driven by the Santa Ana winds, shared by the Elfin Forest/Harmony Grove Fire Department.
Marine helicopter dropping water on wildfire
MCAS Miramar helicopter drops water onto the flames. Photo by U.S. Marine Corps and Staff Sgt. Carl Atherton 3d MAW COMCAM.
Marine Helicopter filling up with water at Lake San Marcos
MCAS Miramar helicopter picks up water between the houses in Lake San Marcos.
Cocos Fire burning above Cal State San Marcos
Cocos Fire burning above California State University San Marcos. Photo by Samboy.
Camp Pendleton Fire plume from the Oceanside Pier
Camp Pendleton fire plume over Oceanside. Photo by Mike Newton Photography

Sempra Energy Donates $20,000 for May 2014 Fire Equipment Replacement

Please help us replace equipment damaged in the May 2014 fires   

San Diego County suffered fourteen significant wildfires in a five day period in May 2014 as the result of our drought conditions, high temperatures, and unusually early Santa Ana winds. These fires claimed 46 homes, 26,000 acres, and were an influence in two deaths, including one firefighter. 

Our fire departments also suffered equipment loss, from burned hoses, to mechanical upkeep of fire engines, to face masks clogged with smoke and other particulate matter. This equipment must be replaced immediately as we continue into this severe fire season. 

Burned fire hoses need replacementThe Fire Foundation has received $105,000 in requests for replacement equipment from fire departments; these include fire hose, firefighter protective clothing, and fire engine repairs. Sempra Energy has donated $20,000 toward that need and the Fire Foundation is seeking funds to replace the remaining $85,000 in lost and damaged equipment.  
Please, make a donation today.

Fire Foundation Recognized at the AMY Awards

The San Diego Chapter of the American Marketing Association's annual American Marketer of the Year (AMY) award ceremony was held June 26 at the W Hotel in San Diego. Their President, Shelley Callahan, invited firefighters to join them on the red carpet to raise much needed funds to replace the region's worn out firefighting equipment. “We, like so many San Diego residents, are incredibly grateful for the men and women on the front lines of the fires and would like to give back.” 

The Fire Foundation provided a fire truck for the event and the attendees filled firefighter boots with donations. Additionally, the Padres provided a suite at an upcoming game for a raffle, also benefiting San Diego's regional firefighters. 

May Fire After Action Report Review

The County of San Diego released its May 2014 Fire After Action Report reviewing the incident, how well regional services worked together, and targeting improvements for the future.
CalFire HelicopterTheir results suggest that, in general, San Diego County was well prepared for a disaster of this magnitude. For example:
  • The County had agreements in place with military and private entities to use their aircraft in a fire emergency
  • Volunteer firefighters had exceptional training and were actively deployed
  • Reverse 911 calls and social and traditional media information dissemination were effective 
The report also recommended improvements to be implemented, including:
  • Increasing the “call when needed” emergency aircraft budget from $250,000 to $750,000
  • Identify ways to increase the speed and frequency of fire perimeter map production
  • Doubling the number of County employees available to work as Disaster Service Workers
  • Increasing the ability to reach vulnerable populations with disaster information
For a summary overview of the Fire Report, check out our website. 

View the full report (PDF).
Check out the Family Disaster Plan and Personal Survival Handbook. Developed by the experts in San Diego County, the handbook is loaded with great information to help you and your family prepare for a disaster!

Alert San Diego

Sign Up For Reverse 911

It can save your life during an emergency

Alert San Diego is a county-wide emergency notification system, instituted by San Diego County, that utilizes 9-1-1 telephone databases to call the land lines of residents and businesses in an area impacted by an emergency.

Self-register cell phones and email

If you would like to be notified by Voice over IP (VoIP), cell phone, or email you must self-register with the system. Visit

Don't wait to evacuate

The Emergency Notification System is considered effective and efficient; however, you should not rely on a call for evacuation. If you think you are in danger, evacuate immediately.

We thank you for your support. Have a safe and enjoyable 4th of July!

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