Marin County Public Health Newsletter Volume 4 - Issue 3 - March 2016
In this Issue:  Provider Portal | Mumps | Drug Diversion | Conscious Kitchen | Message from the Public Health Officer
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A message to physicians and other health care providers from Marin County's Public Health Officer.

Provider Portal

Under California law health care providers are required to report certain diseases for timely public health response. Historically, this has been accomplished through fax. The CalREDIE Provider Portal is a new web-based system managed by the state Department of Public Health that allows providers to submit communicable disease reports electronically. Enroll at our website or contact Beth Grant, PHN at (415)-473-6007 (

Mumps Is Back

Many college campuses are experiencing mumps outbreaks. Spring Break season is here and students from colleges and universities will intermingle, increasing risk for mumps transmission . Please consider mumps in college students presenting with viral syndrome and swollen glands. PCR testing of buccal swab specimens is the preferred diagnostic method for mumps. Contact the Communicable Disease Prevention and Control unit at (415) 473-7805, if you have any questions.

Drug Diversion

At least two Marin County prescribers have been arrested in the the past year for illegal use of prescription narcotics. This is a reminder that the epidemic of prescription drug abuse can effect any of us. As we work to improve care for our clients we must also tend to our own selves and our colleagues. As health advocates, we share an ethical duty to report impaired health care providers if they do not accept assistance. The California Medical Association (CMA) offers a confidential assistance line for providers (650) 756-7787.   

Conscious Kitchen

Marin County Public Health is working with the Marin City Communities of Excellence (CX3) program to transform Marin City from a Food Desert to a healthy Food Hub. Marin City has higher than average rates of childhood obesity and adult cardiovascular disease.  One local solution is Sausalito-based Conscious Kitchen, which promotes lifelong healthy eating by serving healthy, locally sourced meals to students at Bayside MLK Jr. and Willow Creek Academies. 


Message from the Public Health Officer

Marin has been ranked the healthiest county in the state again by the Robert Wood Johnson County Health Rankings. One of our highest- ranking categories is in Clinical Care. As an advocate for Public Health, I'm grateful to be serving in a community of healthcare providers that values the well being of all of our residents.  Thank you for the excellent care you provide. 
Warm Regards,
Matt Willis
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