Marin County Public Health Newsletter Volume 4 - Issue 5 - May 2016
In this Issue: Medical Exemptions | Flu | Penicillin Shortage | EMS Award | Message from the Public Health Officer
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A message to physicians and other health care providers from Marin County's Public Health Officer.

SB 277 - Medical Exemptions and You

In the summer, pediatric patients visit their doctors for health examinations for school entry and pre-participation physical examinations.  These are opportunities to discuss both required and recommended vaccinations (e.g. HPV, meningitis).  With the introduction of SB277, parents may be seeking temporary and/or permanent medical exemptions for required vaccinations. Visit our Immunization Program website for forms and guidance on medical exemptions or call (415 473 3078) or email ( Danielle Hiser, RN, PHN, Immunization Coordinator, with any questions.


Flu Season Comes to an End

Marin County Health and Human Services is conducting a short survey to determine how providers and other public health personnel use our Influenza Surveillance Update reports to inform practice and to solicit suggestions for how to improve the reports.  Your responses to the survey are anonymous Please take five minutes to respond to our Influenza Surveillance Update Survey.  


Penicillin Shortage

On April 29, 2016, a Bicillin® L-A (penicillin G benzathine suspension) drug shortage was announced by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). California is in the midst of very significant increases in syphilis, including syphilis in pregnant women and congenital syphilis in infants. Benzathine penicillin G is the recommended treatment for syphilis, and the only recommended treatment for pregnant women with syphilis. Please report any shortage of Bicillin® L-A affecting patient care to Marin County HHS Communicable Disease Unit (415 473 4163)


Emergency Medical Services Awarded for Cardiac Event Response

Marin County EMS Agency achieved the highest level of recognition offered by the American Heart Association with a 2016 Mission: Lifeline Award for response to ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI).  STEMI is among the most critical emergencies that Emergency Medical Services routinely respond to. Timely and well-coordinated response between all members of the response system is critical for survival. To learn more about this award and about STEMI click here.  To see the award certificate, click here.

Message from the Public Health Officer

Matthew Willis Marin County PHO HeadshotThe recent and well-publicized findings that life expectancy for middle-aged whites in America is decreasing has been connected to prescription opioid overdoses. This is just one example of the strong influence of standard clinical practices on population-wide health and wellbeing. The intent of this newsletter is to link the clinical and public health perspectives on our collective practice.  As usual, thank you for your high standard of care and please continue to send in topics of potential interest.
Warm Regards,
Matt Willis
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