Marin County Public Health Newsletter Volume 4 - Issue 6 - July 2017
In this Issue: Hep A | Tdap | Foster Care | Syphilis | Message from the Deputy Public Health Officer
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A message to physicians and other health care providers from Marin County's Public Health Officer.

Hepatitis A Outbreak 

Outbreaks of hepatitis A disease are currently ongoing in San Diego County and Santa Cruz County in persons who are homeless and/or using illicit drugs.  Transmission is presumed to occur person-to-person; no commercial product has been identified as being contaminated.  The California Department of Public Health recommends offering HAV vaccine to persons who are homeless or might be using illicit injection or non-injection drugs.

Tdap in Pregnancy 

Last year, there were 1,830 cases of pertussis.  108 cases were hospitalized; 47% of hospitalized patients were infants.  Prevention of severe disease and death among infants has become the top priority in pertussis control.  ACIP, ACOG and AAFP recommend Tdap vaccine during each pregnancy, preferably in the third trimester, between, 27 - 36 weeks gestation, regardless of the mother's Tdap vaccination history.   Please remember to stock and recommend pertussis vaccination to protect our most vulnerable patients.

Foster Community, Foster Hope, Foster Our Future 

Our community needs exceptional people who can provide loving, temporary homes to children in foster care.  Individuals with medical experience, those who can welcome siblings together, and those who are Spanish-speaking are especially needed.  Attend an orientation with a social worker and an experienced foster parent to learn more.  Visit or call 415-473-2200 for more information.

Syphilis 2016:  Return of the Great Masquerader

The California Prevention Training Center (CAPTC) is offering a valuable one-hour online course on syphilis.  Syphilis is a growing public health concern as manifest by the 19% increase in cases nationally from 2014 to 2015.  Many people with syphilis go undiagnosed and untreated for years, putting others at risk.   This course offers an easy and inexpensive opportunity to learn the latest information regarding syphilis epidemiology, screening, diagnosis, and treatment.   You can find out more about this course here.

Message from the Deputy Public Health Officer

The Marin County Board of Supervisors is recognizing National Health Center Week, August 13 - 19.  Coastal Health Alliance, Marin City Health and Wellness Center, Marin Community Clinics and Ritter Center provide high quality, cost effective primary care to tens of thousands of Marin County residents.  Our community health center partners' mission is to provide healthcare to Marin County residents, regardless of ability to pay.  Amidst the ongoing healthcare debate, I am thankful for their ongoing commitment and service to our community.
Warm Regards,
Lisa Santora
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