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In this month's newsletter, we wanted to share a few notices from the SSDN network - and ask for your updates! 
  • Congrats to Maggie Ullman and the City of Asheville for winning the 2013 Mayors' Climate Protection Awards. The award "recognizes mayors for innovative practices in their cities that increase energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions." Read more about Asheville's honor here. And let the rest of the network know about your awards or accomplishments by posting details on the USDN site
  • Laurel Creech and the City of Nashville have recently launched their NashVitality app for smart phones. The app is designed to be a "mobile guide to a healthy, active and green lifestyle" in the city with interactive maps for biking, hiking, walking and other activities. Have you developed an app for your locality? Know of any other good apps to share? Please share on the USDN site
  • Peter Nierengarten was a recent guest on Fayetteville's Mayor's Corner discussing food insecurity and urban agriculture. You can view his full YouTube interview here. What resources have you used for urban agriculture in your city? What policies do you have in place to support these efforts? Please share on the USDN site

Interview with: Lori Saal

This month, we interview Lori Saal, Sustainability Coordinator for Farragut, TN. 

What are you working on right now that you are most excited about?
I just finished a month-long employee engagement event called Sustain-A-Roo. Sustain-A-Roo was a four-week program and each week employees took quizzes, participated in scavenger hunts, and submitted pictures of themselves doing sustainability-related tasks. There was an individual prize each week and at the end of four weeks one department was awarded a prize.

The image below was created for the Waste Reduction week. That week, the individual task involved finding a photo of Oscar the Grouch somewhere in the building. One of our staff used that as his inspiration for the photo, and with a little whimsy, shows that we are the source of waste and should be mindful of how we dispose of our waste by recycling and diverting waste from landfills.  

Sustain-A-Roo was really successful at engaging employees. Overall, we had 72% participation - and one department had 100% participation. It really showed that our employees are engaged and interested in sustainability. 

I got the idea from Douglas County, KS. I asked on the USDN website for suggestions about how other people had successfully engaged employees. I got a great template to use and tweaked it to work in my situation.

The next thing I'm excited about working on is creating a Sustainable Business directory for the Town of Farragut. I'm looking for businesses that have some sustainability components, including recycling programs, EnergyStar buildings, LEED certified buildings, or even those that collect rainwater. I'm planning to combine existing databases and conduct a survey of Town businesses to create the directory, which may be housed on our town's website.

What do you want to know from others in SSDN? What provocative questions do you have for your colleagues around the Southeast?
What has been your most successful community outreach event? Answer here
Has anyone had success with starting recycling programs in schools? Answer here
What incentives does your municipality offer to businesses to encourage sustainable practices? Answer here

What led you to this work?
I have taken a very non-traditional path. I've been interested in environmental sciences since middle or high school. My educational background is in stormwater and water quality. I have a Bachelors in plant and soil sciences and a Masters in geology. After school, I worked as an environmental consultant conducting wetland delineations and sampling for sites contaminated with petroleum.  I also worked as an academic researcher in soil biogeochemistry. After relocating to Knoxville from North Carolina, I took this position. Although it wasn't something I ever expected to get into, I'm learning as much as I can and liking the role more as I dive deeper into the profession.

Useful Resources: Psychology Tips

Check out “The Psychology of Sustainable Behavior: Tips for Empowering People to Take Environmentally Positive Action” published in January 2009 by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. This 32 page downloadable PDF is easy scan and read for a few new ideas. 

Question of the Month

What has been your most successful community outreach event? Click here to visit the USDN website and share your thoughts.

About SSDN

SSDN is an unaffiliated peer to peer network that is inclusive of municipal professionals working in the field of sustainability, and effective at networking, best practice sharing, and eventually collaborating together on larger priorities for the region.

We seek to become a network whose priorities are set by network members for network members. The Southeast Network strives to effectively support one another to successfully capture funding opportunities, influence sustainable policies and programs at the local and state levels, and lead the advancement of national sustainability.

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