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Social Marking Campaigns Webinar 

Join Laurel Creech (City of Nashville) and Tobin Freid (Durham City and County) for a discussion of two innovative social marketing campaigns. Laurel will discuss the Mayor's Workplace Challenge and the Mayor’s Neighborhood Challenge, two campaigns to get workplaces and neighborhoods to be more involved in the community, increase their environmental responsibility, and promote a healthy lifestyle. Tobin will discuss Charge Ahead Durhama social marketing program encouraging Durhamites to take small steps in their everyday lives to improve the environment. The project is focused on energy, water, waste, and nature.

Time: Tuesday, September 24th from 2 pm to 3 pm EST
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Fall SSDN Webinar Planning

We need your help planning our final 2013 webinar. Please take five minutes today to fill out this short survey on topics and times for our next webinar.

Interview with: Peter Nierengarten

This month, we interview Peter Nierengarten, the Director of Sustainability & Strategic Planning for the City of Fayetteville, Arkansas.

What are you working on right now that you are most excited about?
I'm excited about two projects right now. One is developing a PACE district (Property Assessed Clean Energy district) for the City of Fayetteville. PACE is a financing mechanism for weatherization, energy efficiency, and renewable energy. It allows property owners to borrow money to make clean energy improvements to lower utility bills. Repayment of the loan is tied to property taxes, which is a very secure way of repayment and ensures a low interest rate. The legislation to allow PACE districts was passed this April and ours would be the first in the state.

I'm also excited about the work we are doing to support urban agriculture through changes to the city code. We are planning to increase the number of chickens allowed in the city, allow bees, support the ability for citizens to sell what they grow on their property, and potentially allow medium sized animals like goats.

What do you want to know from others in SSDN? What provocative questions do you have for your colleagues around the Southeast?
I've been surprised by the unlikely internal partners for sustainability in Fayetteville, like the Fire Department. I'm curious to know, what's been other's biggest surprise in terms of creating an internal city alliance? Is there a department that you wouldn't expect who came forward to help with a project? Answer here

What led you to this work?
I think my story started as a 10 year-old who collected and recycled aluminum cans for money. When I got into college and moved to bigger town, the town offered curbside recycling, which was a natural next step for me. My exposure to sustainability blew up when I moved to Oregon in 2003. The move opened my eyes to all types of sustainability, including urban agriculture, bike transportation, public transportation, walkability, local foods, energy management, and water conservation. You name it, I was bombarded with it. I lived there for 9 years, and when the opportunity to return to my home state and make a living doing sustainability came up, I took it.  

Useful Resources: Communication Planning

Creating communications plans can be a complicated and difficult task. Smart Chart 3.0 is a free online tool that seeks to simplify the process. The tool walks you through a series of questions and creates a succinct, one-page plan to use with your team. 

Question of the Month

What has been your biggest surprise in creating internal government alliances? Click here to visit the USDN website and share your thoughts.

About SSDN

SSDN is an unaffiliated peer to peer network that is inclusive of municipal professionals working in the field of sustainability, and effective at networking, best practice sharing, and eventually collaborating together on larger priorities for the region.

We seek to become a network whose priorities are set by network members for network members. The Southeast Network strives to effectively support one another to successfully capture funding opportunities, influence sustainable policies and programs at the local and state levels, and lead the advancement of national sustainability.

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