From PPA President, Daryl Turner

Chief Reese To Retire; Assistant Chief O'Dea Appointed As New Chief

October 7th, 2014

Today, Chief Mike Reese announced his retirement effective January 2nd, 2015, ending a tenure that helped move the Portland Police Bureau in a positive direction. Chief Reese brought a personal touch to the job unlike any chief I've worked for in the past. He navigated a tough political landscape that is unique to the City of Portland. He stood his ground with the USDOJ by asserting that he did not agree that Portland Police officers had engaged in a pattern or practice of excessive force when dealing with the mentally ill. Also, Chief Reese's goal to bring a state of the art training facility to the Bureau became a reality with the opening of the new Portland Police Training Facility last month.
Personally, I want to thank Chief Reese for the many collaborative, productive, and insightful conversations we've had in resolving both major and minor issues that we've faced as leaders of our respective organizations. At times, we have disagreed about issues, sometimes vigorously. Regardless of our position on an issue, we've always ended our conversations with a handshake and a smile.
The PPA welcomes Assistant Chief Larry O'Dea as the new Chief of Police. Over the years, Chief O’Dea and I have worked on a number of issues. We look forward to working with Chief O’Dea in the same collaborative manner as we have with Chief Reese.
Labor and management should have one common goal in mind:  to make the organization the best possible workplace for its employees. Achieving this goal benefits the community by helping our members serve with dedication, integrity, and compassion. Although there is still much work to do, Chief Reese moved us closer to our common goal and I hope Chief O’Dea will continue working with us in seeking to achieve that goal.

Daryl Turner
President, Portland Police Association
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